UM Motorcycles has a certain edge over others with integration of car ergonomics with motorbikes. Integration of what? The features that are available in cars are now available with bikes which include keyless ignition, hands-free calls via Bluetooth, blind-spot mirror, GPS and a common feature USB charging slot. The bikes are integrated with LED lights on all sides; this will help the outside world to spot the bike easily. These features will definitely buy the company some market and we expect the vehicles to be loaded with these features in India; else UM bikes would be nothing but another set of common ones. United Motors has divided its portfolio into 4 segments namely Sport, Scooters, Cruisers and Dual Purpose.

Let’s have a look into their Sport range. Well actually Sport variants aren’t actually sporty by performance as the bikes lie in the sub 250cc segment. This segment contains 8 models with sporty names XTREET, FASTWIND, NITROX, FALCON, RAZOR, MAX, VENUS and HYPERSPORT. Remember, all their bikes use a single-cylinder engine.

Xtreet – The Xtreet is available in 3 variants of 175cc (14.5 HP, 11.65 Nm), 200cc (16.1 HP, 13.96 Nm) and 225cc (18 HP, 15.55 Nm) engines. The first look gives an impression that it looks like a Yamaha FZ but slowly you will learn that this bike has got its own styling such as the exhaust. The exhaust is placed below the seat which is generally found in superbikes. Now that a sporty look. The LED’s are well placed and the bike looks quite decent. Both front and rear brakes are discs. The front suspension is telescopic and rear is a monoshock which is common nowadays. In India Xtreet can be expected in 1 variant or maximum in a couple of variants.

UM 2014 Xtreet Side

UM 2014 Xtreet Taillight

UM 2014 Xtreet Wallpaper

UM 2014 Xtreet Front

UM 2014 Xtreet Rear

Fastwind – The Fastwind is available in two variants which again contain the 175cc and 200cc engines. First impression is that the bike looks like a hybrid of 100cc and 200cc bikes; but ends up in a sub 150cc one. Apart from the overall design, the Fastwind has definitely got one of the best slip-on exhausts in terms of looks, alloys are stylish and so is the tail lamp. Colour combination goes well with the bike. The Fastwind is equipped with disc brakes on both ends. The front suspension is telescopic and the rear is again a monoshock.

UM 2014 Fastwind Wallpaper

UM 2014 Fastwind Side

UM 2014 Fastwind Rear

UM 2014 Fastwind Front

Nitrox – The Nitrox shelters two variants which includes 125cc (7 HP, 8.6 Nm) and 150cc (8.5 HP, 10 Nm) engines. This bike looks pretty much like a conventional sub 150cc and eventually it is one. Equipped with standard features with a disc-drum brake combination, this bike would be competing in one of the most important segments in the country. The add-ons like blind-spot mirrors and USB charging slot would be on the cards. Graphics merge well with the bike.

UM 2014 Nitrox Front

UM 2014 Nitrox Headlight

UM 2014 Nitrox Rear

UM 2014 Nitrox Side