UM Motorcycles Sport range consists of eight motorcycles, let’s have a look at the Falcon, Razor, Max and Venus bikes from the company.

Falcon – The Falcon comes with the same specifications as that of Nitrox but the design is quite distinctive. The headlight-doom combination gives a robust look and we should admit that traces of ‘café racer’ can be found in the design. Alloy wheels give a special look and the graphics are fair enough. We feel that United Motors could have got better graphics for this model. Engine options are 125cc and 150cc.

UM 2014 Falcon Side

UM 2014 Falcon Rear

UM 2014 Falcon Front

UM 2014 Falcon

Razor – United Motors Razor is available only in one variant and the engine capacity is 150cc (12.45 HP, 10.84 Nm). The company says that this vehicle has good amount of torque which is optimum for city riding. The Razor tyres are pre-filled with a sealant that avoids punctures while commuting. That avoids unnecessary expenditure and time spent of repairing of flat tyres. The Razor has got decent graphics and is available in vibrant colours. This bike comes with a brake combination of disc-drum. The Razor is also equipped with a blind-spot mirror which would be handy for daily commuters. This bike is a spot on for the 150cc segment.

UM 2014 Razor Side

UM 2014 Razor Rear

UM 2014 Razor Front

UM 2014 Razor

Max – The Max is equipped with the same engine specifications as that of Nitrox and Falcon. First look tells that this is an age old design just like the Bajaj Boxer. It would be interesting to see if this vehicle is launched because it can still attract some customers from rural background. The headlight design looks fair enough. Graphics serve the purpose but we really doubt if it can state its presence in the 125cc and 150cc segment.

UM 2014 Max N 125 Side

UM 2014 Max N 125 Headlight

UM 2014 Max 125 Side

UM 2014 Max 125 Front

UM 2014 Max TT 125 Side

UM 2014 Max N 125 Top

Venus – The name reminds me the book “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”. And yes Venus has a female-centric design; the basket in the front says it all. Powered by a 107cc engine, the Venus is actually a scooter but the company has placed it in the sport segment. The bike is definitely stylish and the disc-drum brake combination ensures better braking.

UM 2014 Venus Front

UM 2014 Venus Rear

UM 2014 Venus Headlight

UM 2014 Venus Side