Maruti Espaco Trademark
At least three new cars are coming to our market from Maruti Suzuki

Trademarks of upcoming cars from Maruti Suzuki have been leaked and the names that the top auto firm has applied for are – Espaco, Libertas and Solido.

As can be seen from the images, the trademarks were applied on the same day, 13th August 2020, by Maruti Suzuki India Limited.

We reckon that these trademarks will be used for the next generation Alto, Celerio and Wagon R or models related to them such as their electric-only alternative, for example.

Do not hold us up to the trademark names that correspond to the exact hatchbacks, since it is not yet clear as to which model will be named what.

However, since Suzuki sells a car derived from the Wagon R, named the Solio, overseas, we can suspect that it might be launched as the premium version of the Wagon R or even become its EV sibling and be called the Solido.

A new product from Maruti is always something to be excited about, since, for decades, the automaker has known the pulse of the Indian market and for many, their products are the preferred choice to get into 4-wheeled motoring.

These upcoming Maruti Suzuki cars can be expected to do well in India like several cars in the manufacturer’s range, since, barring a few instances, the automaker has got the product and the launch timing right.

Upcoming Maruti Suzuki Cars

  • Trademark applications of upcoming Maruti Suzuki cars leaked
  • The names trademarked by Maruti are – Espaco, Libertas and Solido
  • These three names could be used on upcoming Alto, Celerio & Wagon R
Maruti Libertas Trademark
The proposed launch timing of the three cars, the names for which were filed, is not known
Upcoming Maruti Suzuki Cars
The Solido might be an electric or a premium version of the Wagon R