Fischer Motorcycle has imported two units of the MRX 150 for R&D purpose and with the model currently under development.

Fischer MRX 650
Fischer only sells one bike at present that is the MRX 650

You may have never heard about Fischer Motorcycle in India and that is because the bike maker is still a small company retailing only a 650cc super sports offering in the US. However, it now seems the US based Fischer Motor Company plans to expand to other markets as well across Asia and could commence international operations from India in the future. Fischer has imported two units of its upcoming MRX 150 motorcycle in the country for R&D purposes.

Imported at a declared value of Rs. 76,636/-, the Fischer MRX 150 is currently under development and hasn’t seen a production run globally. Fischer actually retails the MRX 650 in the US and the upcoming MRX 150 would be its most affordable offering that makes it perfect for cost-friendly markets like ours. The Fischer MRX 150 is powered by a 149.5cc engine while the styling will be derived from the MRX 650 with full-faired design, twin headlamps and aggressive lines.

Very little is known at this point of time on Fischer’s plans for India. If its Indian operations do get a green signal, the American bike maker is likely to bring the MRX 150 via the CKD route to keep prices in check and will be competing against the Yamaha R15, Honda CBR150R and the likes in the segment. If the Indian market does accept the MRX 150, the company will eventually also launch the bigger MRX 650 twin-cylinder in the country. More details are expected to be revealed in the following months.

Fischer MRX 650 US
The upcoming MRX 150 will be close to the MRX 650 in terms of aesthetics

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