Electric US Military Stealth Motorcycle

The armed forces play an important role and are considered as the backbone for any nation. US military is considered as one of the largest and most powerful armed forces in the world and it is far ahead of other nations in using advanced technology in its military operations. Recently, US military has approved the project for the development of a stealth based hybrid electric motorcycle and this project will be funded by the US armed forces.

Stealth based hybrid electric motorcycles will provide an additional convenience for the armed forces to drive for long periods of time on different types of terrestrial conditions without emitting any kind of engine noise and smoke. This project is being supervised by the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. These hybrid electric vehicles will be developed by the Virginia based Logos Technologies in collaboration with San Francisco based electric vehicle manufacturer BRD.

Logos Technologies has been assigned the task of developing a multi-fuel hybrid electric power system that can be run in a silent electric mode and this system will be deployed in a specially designed off-road platform which is being developed by the well acclaimed electric motorcycle manufacturer, BRD. Stealth based hybrid electric motorcycles will run by a two-wheel drive, multi-fuel hybrid electric powertrain which has been integrated into a full size off-road motorcycle.

The provision of an all wheel drive capability at an extended range in a lightweight, rugged, single track vehicle could support the successful operations of US armed forces in extreme terrain conditions and contested environment. Besides being silent, the electric drive system will give an added convenience to the armed forces to travel longer distances than they could by using conventional fuel alone. The hybrid drive system can also be used to power other devices in the war field as it is equipped with a storage battery. Let us hope that this project will come to reality very soon as it has several advantages.

Hybrid US Military Stealth Motorcycle

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