Vardenchi Motorcycles Review
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We often come across modified Bullets which look like the Choppers inspired from Harley Davidson motorcycles. If the job done is shabby, then it must be some local ‘modifier’ who tried to make it look like some super bike which he saw in some newspaper or a magazine. However, if the job done can make you awestruck, then it has to be the work by Vardenchi! Vardenchi is a company which HAND-CRAFTS Royal Enfields into awesome looking choppers. I will not call it modify because that would be too simple a word.

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In 2005, Akshai Varde started Vardenchi. A company based in Mumbai, is a forerunner in manufacturing personalized chopper motorcycles for customers across India. This was started by re-branding ‘Mumbai Motorcycle Company’ as ‘Vardenchi Motorcycles’ to reflect the image of the founder, Akshai Varde. Started as a hobby, it has now turned into a business. At Vardenchi, every motorcycle is more than just engineering; it is a perfect work of art. Each motorcycle is hand crafted and built with great precision.

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The company offers an entire range of custom motorcycle building solutions including sheet metal fabrication, structural fabrication, in-house painting, conceptual sketching, 3D designing of parts and assembly unit. A team of 25 experts ensure that each of the machines not only look out of the box but also rides and sounds uniquely.

It takes 45 days to build each motorcycle. Customers walk in with a budget and are advised accordingly with the type. But no two motorcycles resemble each other in any way. Each bike is made to suit the customer’s personality, because it’s a lifestyle product. All you have to do is bring in a Royal Enfield 500 or a 350 in good condition and they will customize it.

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Everything is done in-house. Raw materials are bought locally (mostly steel) and then each and every part like fender, covers, tank, handle bar (according to customer requirement) is made. CNC is the technique that is used to cut the alloys to give a unique shape, and same process is used to modify the chassis as well and then the chassis is painted with color which the customer demands. Forks are normal telescopic ones but they can be mistaken for inverted forks because even the exposed part of the fork is covered with a plate which is mostly chrome or matte black in color. Rear suspension is lifted from the Honda unicorn and some bikes use two Mono-Suspensions to handle bulk of the bike! Front brake parts like Disc, Calipers, Braided Lines, Master Cylinder come from the Bajaj Pulsar 220 and rear brakes are Royal Enfield Pricol disc brakes.

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Performance is best termed as adequate because Vardenchi does not modify the engine for power. The added weight and the humungous rear tire hampers the performance of the original bike. But if a motorcycle looks like this, I don’t think anyone would care about the performance. All though, there is enough power for quick overtakes in the city and riders can cruise at 90-100 km/h, after a while the engine feels stressed. Brakes, gearbox and the riding position are excellent.

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There are four types of motorcycles you can choose from (click above picture for detailed specifications)

Type 1: No longer in production
Type 2: Rs. 180,000+
Type 3: Rs. 250,000+
Type 4: Rs. 350,000+

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Vardenchi’s latest offering is the Dragster, which is a monster in terms of its styling. Featuring a 300 section 18-inch rear tyre and 21″ front tyre, the Dragster features a one of a kind head light with angel lights. High beam features white halogens, while the low beam features a HID projector set up. The Dragster features billet Aluminum CNC machined wheels which look extremely eye catchy when in motion or even standing still. The Dragster also features bar end indicators, triple function rear indicators and a matte black heat wrap on the short exhaust. Finished in white, the motorcycle also features racing stripes which give it a retro muscle bike feel. The Dragster is the most popular motorcycles at Vardenchi and is priced at Rs. 5.5 lakhs.

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And if you think where was Vardenchi till now, then let me tell you that they have been participating in many events including the Delhi Auto Expo. They had showcased their bikes at the 2010 Expo as well. They have designed bikes for corporate events such as Cloud 9, Hot Wheels, Sunburn Festival, and made a special bike for the promotion of the movie, Ghost Rider, here in Mumbai. If you want a unique motorcycle, which will turn heads, then Vardenchi is the place to go. The icing on the cake is the craftsmanship, which will blow your mind!

– Mohit Soni