The new 2.0-litre TDI engine will be the most powerful 4-cylinder diesel to have come from Volkswagen, paired to the newly developed 10-speed gearbox.

Volkswagen 2.0-Litre TDI Diesel Engine 270 PS
The new TDI engine produces 270 PS of power, while torque is expected over 500 Nm

Volkswagen has surely been at the forefront of new innovations and technologies for the automotive world varying from fuel saving techniques to more powerful engine options, and even now the German auto giant is charting out more innovations than ever that will soon find their way in the upcoming products from the Volkswagen Group. At the 2014 Innovation Workshop held in Wolfsburg Germany, the automaker showcased a new high performance four-cylinder diesel engine as well as a 10-speed dual-clutch transmission unit.

Volkswagen introduced the new 2.0-litre 4-cylinder TDI diesel engine with 240 PS of power for the new generation Passat and the new engine is essentially a high performance variant of the same. With the help of an electric booster, the automaker has now tuned the same engine to produce 270 PS of power. While the torque figures have not been disclosed as yet, expect the number to be well over 500 Nm along with improved throttle response and lesser turbo lag. In perspective, the newly tuned engine produces more power than the 3.0-litre V6 TDI engine that powers a range of Audi models; however, from just four cylinders.

In addition to the newly tuned diesel engine, Volkswagen also showcased the new 10-speed dual-clutch transmission that has been developed to handle up to 550 Nm of torque and could well be used in collaboration with the new high performance diesel motor. The company however, has not put in a word yet on the production timeline for the new transmission unit. The event also showcased some other impressive technologies including a smarter start-stop system, a motorsport derived light-weight sandwich body panel construction and a new navigation system that learns your driving habits.

2015 Volkswagen Passat
The engine is a retuned version of the 2.0-litre TDI motor seen on the new gen Passat