Volkswagen Polo IPL Edition 2

The German automobile giant, Volkswagen who sometime ago voiced out its aggressive aim of becoming the Number 1 car maker in the world might not be able to do so that quickly. A major part of realizing that dream was to capture the emerging markets like India and China. Although in China it is continuing to sell its products, in the Indian market seems to have become a concern for the company.

Volkswagen commented that they are analyzing the situation after being concerned with its sales hitting a roadblock since the beginning of this year in India. Neeraj Garg, Volkswagen Group Sales India member of board told today that this year, the company is trying to consolidate and sit and see if they are doing all the things right. The company has to see if it is having qualitative sales. In the month of January, 2012 the sales of the company stood at 5789 units, up by 3.38% compared to last year.

But surprisingly it fell by 7.77% in February to 6529 units and again regained by 2.85%. Mr. Garg also mentioned that the company doesn’t want to grow at this pace. Last year the company had seen a tremendous growth and wants to maintain that this year too. For this, Volkswagen is aiming at customer satisfaction. According to Mr. Garg, nobody in the automotive business has given 100% customer satisfaction. There is certainly a gap and Volkswagen is targeting that gap.

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