August has all of a sudden turned into the month of car launches. With ample amount of vehicles set to be unleashed onto Indian roads, we tend to forget the awesome deals which await us. Volkswagen will launch the new Jetta on the 17 of August. In order to clear stock of the old model, the company is offering a cash discount of upto Rs. 75,000/-. Sure this is very tempting but waiting for the new model makes more sense, as not only does the new Jetta look and drive better, it will also return a better resale value as well. Dealers are very keen of getting rid of the Jettas which they have stocked with them and are encouraging buyers to go for the old Jetta.

Now Rs. 75,000/- is no cheap amount mind you but when your paying close to Rs. 14 lakhs for a car, you wouldn’t want to end up with a old and outdated model. Thus waiting for the new model is the best option. Furthermore, we are completely spoilt for choice and can shift to better alternatives in the D-segment. The Indian car scene is rapidly improving every day and we have such a massive choice, that no more do we need to sacrifice on price or performance. The new Jetta looks like a worthy competitor in the segment, but most pass if off as a bigger Vento. We reserve our comments till we get behind the wheel of one.