VW Polo Carbon

IDE Autoworks, a Gurgaon based design studio has come up with a unique exterior modification on the Volkswagen Polo, which is named as Carbon Edition. The design studio specialises in vehicle graphics, vehicle wrapping and personalised design solutions for customers. The Polo Carbon Edition design theme focuses on exteriors finished with black carbon touch along with red accents. The Polo has a base white colour body with a contrasting carbon fibre black roof finish, which is a textured vinyl material used with thin red strips running along the edges.

The Polo Carbon Edition also gets a unique full length racing stripe aligned on the passenger side. On the white body surface, the racing stripe is finished in dark grey, while on the carbon black roof, the stripe is treated in white colour for a neat contrast. The broad stripe also consists of a bar code with the chassis number of the car stamped on it to give an exclusive identity to the owner of the Polo Carbon Edition. On the lower side of the car, another stripe runs to the rear with a fade out design and VW branding.

The OVRMs are also finished in similar colour tone as the roof, which features black carbon fibre vinyl with red accents for a sporty touch. Up front, the Polo Carbon gets a black VW GTI grille outlined in red along with a lower black grille hinted with chrome. The VW logo on the grille is turned into matte black with red accenting. The headlamps are derived from the Euro-spec Polo featuring matte black, silver and red elements. The wheels are given a gunmetal colour and the front brake callipers are painted in red. The tail lamp cluster is also Euro-spec. There are no performance upgrades in the Polo Carbon Edition. Do you like the changes?

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VW Polo Carbon Edition

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