Deliveries of the Polo hatchback has been put on hold with immediate effect by Volkswagen India due to technical reasons that are currently under evaluation.

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Volkswagen Polo deliveries have been temporarily stopped in India

Volkswagen India has issued a letter to all the dealerships pan India saying “We request, not to physically deliver any Polo vehicle (All variants) with immediate effect till further notice from VW.” This comes at a time when the German automaker is facing big troubles from their diesel emission scandal. However, company claims that the suspension of Polo deliveries in India has nothing to do with the Volkswagen scandal.

Since the deliveries for the Vento sedan haven’t been suspended, it is believable that this case has got nothing to do with the VW scandal because both of them share most of the mechanical elements. It’s not only the diesel variants of the Polo being suspended but all the variants including petrol versions. Though the big question remains unanswered that why has Volkswagen India stopped the deliveries of the Polo hatchback.

The letter has been issued to all the Volkswagen dealer partners in India by Ashish Gupta, Head of After Sales Operations and Pankaj Sharma, Head of Sales Operations, Volkswagen Passenger Cars. We have received an official statement from VW India spokesperson saying that the company has confirmed a temporary hold on deliveries of the Polo due to a technical reason which is currently under evaluation.

The German automaker has further claimed that this concerns a limited number of cars out of a specific production period and the deliveries for the non-impacted Polo range continues as per the schedule. VW India has clarified that the temporary hold on deliveries is not related to the ongoing EA 189 diesel engine topic. This moves would leave the existing and prospective Volkswagen customers in doubt about the reliability of their cars. Definitely a bad phase for the German automaker during the ongoing festive season.

Update – Our sources inform us that there is an issue with the brakes of a certain batch of the Polo and hence the deliveries have been suspended with immediate effect.

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Volkswagen claims this case has got nothing to do with the diesel engine scandal