Volkswagen is rejoicing over the success of the Polo. The company has confirmed bookings of 5,000 units of the Polo, with 500 units already delivered. As usual there has to be some demand supply miss match to create over-demand (read success) situation to the public. Keeping that in mind, the Volkswagen Polo is having a waiting period of about three-four months currently and Volkswagen India are ramping up the production to meet the demand accordingly.

The Polo is just a small car, it has received 5,000 confirmed bookings in 45 days which is really not much considering the Ford Figo received more than 10,000 bookings in less than a months time. But then, Volkswagen has a very poor dealership network and the deliveries of the diesel variant will only commence next month. Add to that, the company had announced a price hike within just 10 days of launch due to the increase in excise duty post Union budget.