The omission of certain features may be very minute, but does come as shocking for a car that is already under-equipped compared to competition.

2015 Volkswagen Polo GT TSI Interior
The Polo GT TSI misses on leather-wrapped handbrake leaver and fabric on the door pads

Without a doubt, the Volkswagen Polo GT TSI is one of the most fun to drive hatchbacks available in India. With the turbocharged 1.2-litre motor paired to a 7-speed DSG gearbox, there is very little to complain about the overwhelming performance of the hatchback. The performance though does come with a steep price tag of Rs. 10 lakhs (on-road, Mumbai) and that surely isn’t cheap for a hatchback. However, Volkswagen seems to think otherwise and has resorted to cost-cutting measures on the GT TSI version, omitting certain features.

With all the 2015 Polo GT TSI models, Volkswagen has silently removed the leather-wrapped handbrake lever and fabric on the door pads as part of cost cutting measures. The biggest omission though are the cheaper MRF ZVTV or JK Tyres now available on the GT TSI that have replaced the former and more premium Apollo tyres. For a small car worth Rs. 10 lakhs that already feels under-equipped in terms of features, the omission certainly does not go down well. Surprisingly, the automaker has still not updated its brochure which continues to show the leather-wrapped handbrake lever as a standard feature.

This isn’t the first time Volkswagen has silently removed several features from a car for cutting costs. Back in 2011, features like one-touch up/down power windows, anti-theft motion sensors, leather-wrapped steering wheel and gear lever chrome accents had been silently removed from the Vento sedan. Even the initial batch of the Jetta D-segment sedan came with cruise control as a standard feature on the Comfortline variant but was later removed from the list. We suspect the feature omissions to extend to the Polo GT TDI as well.

2015 Volkswagen Polo GT TSI
The fun Apollo tyres have been replaced by the inferior MRFs or JK Tyres for saving costs

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