Volvo Concept Recharge Front
Unlike Volvo’s first generation of EVs, future models will have a flat floor

The Concept Recharge also reveals that future Volvo cars will come with LiDAR-based autonomous tech

Here we have the Concept Recharge from Volvo, a pure-electric concept which will transform into the company’s first SUV on a new electric-only technology base.

Volvo has been known to produce some of the most beautiful luxury road cars of late. However, going fully electric has also warranted a change in the firm’s design language.

Volvo Concept Recharge Rear
The electric SUV has short overhangs

This new styling theme will, as seen on the Volvo Concept Recharge, result in much sharper, angrier and sportier cars from the brand known for putting the onus on safety.

Electric vehicles do not need a large grille and hence, the Concept Recharge does not have one. Also, the SUV has a lowered bonnet, shorter overhangs, extended wheelbase and large wheels.

The Thor’s Hammer headlight design has been tweaked, while also featuring the latest HD technology-enabled pure graphic which open at night to reveal the main lamps.

There is a large storage area between the front seats. that have been repositioned

At the back, the tail lamps are much smaller, while there are also a set of wings that extend at high speeds to improve the vehicle’s aero balance.

Inside, thanks to the flat floor (under which the battery pack resides), Volvo’s designers have been able to free up more space in comparison to a combustion engine-powered SUV.

Top Angle
Volvo claims to have extensively used sustainable and natural materials inside the cabin

At the centre of the rather minimalist dashboard is a 15-inch touchscreen that comes with the next-generation connected infotainment system, while there is also a digital instrument cluster behind the old-fashioned steering wheel.

Of course, the safety tech offered on future Volvo EVs will also be advanced. The Volvo Concept Recharge, for example, features a LiDAR sensor (on the roof) which is a critical part of the brand’s forthcoming advanced autonomous drive technology.

Volvo Concept Recharge
In the near future, almost every car is likely to come with large wheels such as these, as standard