MotorBeam Marathon Runners

Its a Sunday, a day when we at MotorBeam will be getting up at 4 AM, to run. Yes, the day has arrived and its the Mumbai Marathon. The three of us will be running in the half marathon category, which is 21.097 kms long. BMW is the official car partner for the event and the BMW X1 will be the lead car in the half marathon category. Now the question is, who amongst us will finish first? Here are some stats –

Faisal Ali Khan (left most)
0 – 100 meters – 13 seconds
Top Speed – 21 kmph

Dr. Javeid Khan (right most)
0 – 100 meters – 14.5 seconds
Top Speed – 17 kmph

Dr. Sanah Sopariwala (center)
0 – 100 meters – 18 seconds
Top Speed – 12 kmph

But this is not about speed, its about endurance and reliability is the only thing that matters. Due to confidential reasons, we can’t disclose the power to weight ratio of each of us. But weight does matter and so does aerodynamics and due to the different horse power of each one of us, it becomes difficult to judge, who is most likely to win this 21 km race!

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Update – Sanah was the fastest of the three, finishing the marathon in 3:06, I came in second at 3:15, with Javeid coming in third at 3:31. Sanah says that power and speed is not everything and mileage plays a key role in an endurance race. I think otherwise and have challenged her for a quarter mile drag race to prove my point!

MotorBeam Marathon Completion 2012

MotorBeam Marathon Runners