White continues to be the most popular choice with car customers opting for it globally followed by black in the second spot, while silver declined in customer preference.

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The colour white was preferred by 28% of customers globally, up by 3% from last year

One of the most difficult decisions to make during a car buying process is choosing the right colour for your car. While it may be easier to shortlist the vehicle of your dreams, getting the most appropriate colour that pleases you, your family, friends and even your dog can sometimes be a big hassle. Then, there is also that bit of extra resale value that you want five years down the line, isn’t it? Well, if you agree to each one of those points; be proud, you are an elite member of the white colour community, also the most popular colour for cars in the world.

In paint supplier PPG Industries’ annual survey, white once again emerged to be the most popular colour choice globally with 28 percent customers choosing for it, up from 3 percent last year. Following up to white was the second most popular colour ‘black’ that was the choice of 18 percent customers, while silver and grey tied for the third spot at 15 percent each. Silver however, has been seeing sharp decline in preference and dropped by 7 percent in the past couple of years. In addition to the usual colour options, the survey pointed out that natural colours are also being a more common choice among customers.

Colours such as gold, beige, yellow, orange and brown are gaining momentum slowly, especially across Europe where these colours accounted for a 12 percent share, while it was only 10 percent in North America. The choice of colours also differed depending on the class of vehicles. The luxury segment saw a major inclination towards black and white, while grey came in second, while compact cars are mostly painted in different shades of green, red and blue.

Trucks and SUVs on the other hand are mostly preferred in white, while metallic black and solid paint schemes are also seen as a favourable choice. In the more niche segments like sports cars, the vehicles came in more radical choices like red, blue and green, rather than the usual white, grey and silver. Lastly, the survey highlighted unconventional choices like matte finish saw limited takers, while two-tone paint schemes work for fewer cars like the MINI or Fiat 500.

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Natural colours like brown, orange, yellow are also catching on slowly