Royal Enfield motorcycles are three times more expensive overseas compared to their Indian prices.

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Royal Enfield motorcycles which are sold overseas are almost three times more expensive than their Indian counterparts. There are a few reasons for it, let’s find out what are the differences in the overseas models.

The company makes different kinds of changes for overseas models compared to the Indian spec motorcycles. For starters, they get a higher grade material used in it while exporting to New Zealand and Australia. Earlier, the retro street range of Royal Enfield bikes used to get a tubular frame swingarm, exactly what we get in the Indian models. But now they get a box shaped swingarm from the Himalayan which is known for its ruggedness.

Other parts like the foot-pegs and fuel lid are superior when compared to the Indian spec motorcycles. New Zealand runs on Euro 4 fuel emission standards, so they get a little fatter exhaust which muffles the sound. There is a slight difference in the exhaust note of these models, they sound little quiet compared to the Indian motorcycles.

These models come with a side-stand sensor as standard because of New Zealand norms. They also get a good quality paint job with multiple layers. In colour options, the overseas model gets all the colours which the Indian models along with the Desert Storm Battle Green colour, which is one of the best sellers in the New Zealand market.

Royal Enfield motorcycles which go overseas are built differently and that’s the reason they are priced almost three times higher than the Indian models. With all the shipping charges and other taxes, it gets more expensive and better equipped.

Why Royal Enfield Bikes Are More Expensive Overseas?

– They get higher quality paint job and higher grade materials
– They get better quality parts like the foot-pegs and fuel lid
– There is a side-stand sensor as standard across the models

Royal Enfield Classic 500 Battle Green Front
The Desert Storm Battle Green colour is the best selling colour in New Zealand
Royal Enfield Classic 350 Gunmetal Grey
Overseas RE motorcycles come with a lot of cosmetic as well as material changes