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SUVs and soft roaders are selling like hot cakes. There is a good reason for it. As famously advertised by Audi, India is fast becoming a Quattaro land. Indian obsession with SUVs is not new. In the late 90s and early 2000s, SUVs were for real car enthusiasts, who like to drive in style any where and everywhere. There were less options to choose from, Tata Motors and Mahindra being leaders in the era.

Now SUVs have become the choice for everyday drivers all over India. Following are the important checkboxes, SUVs check for people in a car. Choosing SUVs over any other car is justified by these fairly simple but important factors.

Practical : Monthly shopping to nearest shopping mall, long drive on weekends, ferrying guests and friends, SUV does it all.

Road Presence: SUV is here for road presence. In a city with reckless cab drivers and rickshaw drivers, smaller hatchbacks cutting between lines, bikes overtaking you from left and right, an SUV makes your presence felt and how.

Affordable Fuel: Favourite fuel for Indians – Diesel, is the main blood running in the viens of SUVs, making them an affordable choice for day to day activities and weekend long drives. With diesel quality and engines getting better and better with time, it is the optimal choice to choose a diesel SUV, for its unmatchable torque delivery.

Ground Clearance: Except for very few roads, we generally have bad and potholed roads everywhere. With SUVs you will never have to worry for car’s belly taking a beating. We just float over them, instead of trying to escape them, Thanks to the high ground clearance and better approach and departing angles.

Boot Space: Want to take your favourite cycle/ golf kit/ bean bag every where you go. This is really working in favor for those frequent travellers. Trips to airports, with thier internation baggage and trips to your parents home, with lots of gifts is much more easy.

Leg Space and No of Seats: Some SUVs/ Softroaders ferry upto 7 passengers easily, and none of them have to fight for the space available. We could sit back, relax and enjoy the trip. Keeping the whole family together, happy all the way.

For lot of us SUV is by shape and not by functionality. Difference between a 4 wheel drive SUV and 2-wheel drive softroader is almost like a mirror image, except for the real off-road enthusiasts. More and more people are going for the practical choice. With SUV, it’s like having multiple personality, and we dont need to issue any magic spell to unlock it.

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