Yamaha is prepping up for electric mobility in partnership with Gogoro.

Yamaha EC 05 Electric Scooter
Yamaha EC-05 in association with Gogoro will soon make a global debut

We might soon witness EVs (Electric Vehicles) in abundance as the majority of automakers have accepted the electric mobility with open arms. Yamaha – a globally recognised brand, has done no different. Yamaha and a Taiwanese company that develops and sells electric scooters and battery swapping infrastructure, Gogoro, have come together for Yamaha’s electric bike.

Gogoro was launched back in 2011 and has sold more than 1,50,000 electric bikes since then. Motorcyclists travelling for long distances need more juice in their bikes to avoid hindrances in munching miles, Gogoro caught the right wave. The company based its battery swap stations all over the home market and made it convenient for people opting for electric bikes.

Initiated by a formal contract, both the brands will work in conjunction, where Yamaha will design a fully functional model and Gogoro will develop the heart of the matter. Both the brands have already concocted the EC-05 electric-scooter that was put on display back in June 2019.

Yamaha’s money game has seen some fluctuations from the past decade and the company sees a stable future with the backing of electric bike sales. Moreover, the constant hike in fuel price is another concrete reason for customers switching to electric vehicles.

Other factors like after-sales service, maintenance, and spares availability is of concern while purchasing a gasoline-powered vehicle. Few of these factors are eliminated when it comes to electric bike reliability. The future beholds electric vehicles selling like hotcakes, and the majority of manufacturers are already on a run for it.

Electric scooter sales can cross the $4.5 billion mark by 2024. Of this huge chunk, more than 50% will come from the Asian market. This will be a result of the amalgamation of multiple brands co-working, sharing tech and building something off the ground.

With Gogoro’s noticeable success at the battery swap system, the company can develop future business with relative brands and supply batteries and other electronics for a smooth flow of electric mobility.

Yamaha’s Electric Bike

– The electric bike will be designed by Yamaha
– The electric bike will run on Gogoro’s battery
– Gogoro also has a battery swapping system overseas

Yamaha EC 05 Electric Scooter
Gogoro’s battery swap stations are an easy way for long distance travellers