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Even though the fuel prices might be heading sky wards, enthusiasts are never satisfied with the power of their bikes. Currently no motorcycle manufacturer in India offers you a way of boosting power, except of-course Yamaha. The Japanese automaker launched the Daytona kits for the R15 and FZ-Series in 2010 but we haven’t heard much about them since. The kits are still available and you can order them at your nearest Yamaha dealership. They are however not street legal, which is quite confusing since there are just three tracks in India.

The racing kit for the FZ gives it a significant boost. FZ and Fazer owners will agree with me, that these bikes only lack power and have a chassis which can very well carry much more power and torque. The Daytona kit includes high lift cams, full exhaust system, alloy sprockets, bigger petal disc brake, stainless steel hose, master cylinder and a race ECU. There are two racing kits, one is the muffler kit (sports exhaust), which is priced at Rs. 16,000/- while the other is the body kit which is priced at Rs. 20,000/-. The pricing is on the higher side but Yamaha claim that the quality is top notch and the kit is developed using their experience in MotoGP and WSBK.

Yamaha”s Daytona kit is a good option for those looking to use it on a closed circuit but for the majority, Yamaha should consider offering another solution. Performance parts have not caught the fancy of many in India yet, so its best if the Japanese automaker can bring in a 250cc motorcycle. Sales of existing 200cc + motorcycles show that there is a market for such bikes. Yamaha does have 250cc engines in its international line-up. The company also has the expertise to dominate the 250cc segment, but what is Yamaha waiting for?

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