Yamaha FZ Test Ride Review
The Yamaha FZ is one of the few bikes in the mass market segment appealing both to the heart and head

Yamaha FZ-S Long Term

Bike Tested: Yamaha FZ-S
Kms Done: 2280 kms
Test Started at: 4990 kms
Test Concluded at: 7270 kms
Fuel Cost: Rs. 3850/-
Liters: 50
Mileage: Highway: 46.8 km/l, City: 42 km/l, Worst: 34 km/l, Overall: 42 km/l
Service Costs: 1210/-

The Yamaha FZ-S is a superlative thoroughbred with all-round abilities.

The Yamaha FZ-S does not need any introduction. It is Yamaha’s bread and butter in the Indian market. Enthusiasts in this segment love bread and butter and this is the reason why the FZ has become the best selling breakfast *ahem* bike to be sold by Yamaha. Spawned 6 years ago, the FZ still continues to raise the bar and increase Yamaha’s stake in the sports segment. The sole reason behind the success has been the package which is being offered here. The scaled down aesthetics, dynamics and Yamaha DNA which promises quality and fun at the same time. The FZ-S scores high in every department but there are some things that do need replacement over time despite the product looking fresh even with age. Thanks to colour schemes and limited editions, Yamaha has kept the market excited and happy to an extent. We did spend time with the FZ earlier but we called the Yamaha FZ-S again because we were missing the sheer bliss it provides. Meanwhile we examine what is cool and what is uncool. This is going to be a two part story, so you will have an interval in this movie story.

Yamaha FZ Road Test
The Yamaha FZ flaunts macho style which is sort of timeless in visual appeal

What is cool then? Styling surely is. Macho and sporty go hand in hand when it comes to FZ’s aesthetics. Use of colour combinations, fat tyres and suspension combined with a muscular fuel tank makes the entire motorcycle look purposeful. The macho theme gels so well that people call it the fibre Royal Enfield. Simple boxy tail light further accentuates the nickname.

Yamaha FZ Handling
A very fun to ride motorcycle, the FZ loves corners where it outshines its rivals

The dynamics are cool, super cool. One of the many reason why the FZ is such a competent package. First things first, the steering on this motorcycle is just spot on, literally, spot on! Fast, weightless and restless. Keep on turning into corners and it will put a smile on your face. Perfect rake and trail setup makes it even more fun to ride hard on demanding twisty roads. What is equally good is the grip. Enormous amount of grip from the 140 section rear tyre and 100 section front tyre. The tyre at the rear is radial, giving the best in class grip and feel, while also aiding in returning an excellent mileage on a long run. Downside is, that it’s prone to punctures and fishtailing results in an instant puff of smoke. Take it to any favorite twisty road and you will feel that it was meant for this road. The truth is, the Yamaha FZ is meant for any twisty road out there and was designed to dominate it.

Yamaha FZ Performance
Fantastic balance of the chassis enables you to get the best of both worlds

The FZ’s chassis is stiff and immaculately balanced. This is a result of stiff suspension on both ends. Ride quality is good but not comfortably plush, but then again which motorcycle is fun to ride and not a back breaker at the same time? Our bike had the suspension set on #2 and the balance on the very limit of cornering and taking sweepers was rock stable. Handlebars are wide but not that wide. Lane splitting is easy and breezy on the FZ because the rear view mirrors aren’t that wide either. People who wear a jacket and are heavyweight champions may seek an upgrade.

Yamaha FZ Stability
The 153cc engine is very refined and devoid of vibrations, lacks top-end

The engine now, the 153cc motor outputs 14 PS and 13.6 Nm.. Throughout the rev range, even on the redline, it is not coarse or vibey. The engine note is sporty and throaty at the same time. Tons of low-end torque and mid-range pull makes the Yamaha FZ-S an excellent street friendly bike. 0-100 km/hr is done in 19 seconds due to the close ratio gearbox. Top end is not the forte of the engine. The motorcycle struggles to reach its top speed of 109 km/hr (VBOX verified).

Yamaha FZ Tank
One can sit very comfortable on the FZ and can ride long without fatigue

Ergonomics on the Yamaha FZ are beautifully crafted. Upright and comfortable. Wide handlebars give good leverage for mid corner correction. Seat comfort is spot on for the rider and in the new updated version, the seat is made wider for the pillion and new improved grab rails are bolted on too. Seat height is ridiculously low. Anybody can get their feet down easily. The illumination and spread of the headlight is superb! Yamaha has always scored full marks in every segment when it comes to practicality in the lights department. The tail light makes way for a number plate light as well. Seen on almost every Japanese motorcycle/scooter.

Yamaha FZ Cluster
Backlit console is cool but needs an update in size and features

Talking about the stop light, it looks downright cheap and tasteless now. Indicators follow the same league, ugly and quality is not upto the mark. The short, stubby exhaust is a bit of trouble when in really tight parking spaces and is prone to scratches in traffic to. Build quality is spot on but it’s only the fuel filler cap which is devoid of flap mechanism. Horn is good for a stock unit. Ground clearance may not be much but with stiff suspension it does not scrape on big speed-breakers even with a pillion on board. Fuel economy is lower than any other 150cc motorcycle out there. Highway mileage is certainly low. A 6-speed gearbox or taller fifth gear would be a great idea in the next upgrade. The kick lever has replaced the spring loaded foot peg on the right side. The instrument cluster did not attract at first sight and after all these years, it needs to display more information and requires an analog tachometer and overall, a larger instrument cluster.

Yamaha FZ Headlight
Headlight illumination is excellent and build quality is top notch

It’s been 6 years and there is no doubt that the Yamaha FZ is still the best 150cc motorcycle out there for everybody. Let it be the enthusiast, daily commuter, weekend rider or the poser. It a machine made for everybody and that statement sums up everything. Any product from Yamaha is almost spot on. However, like any other machine, it does need subtle updates in some departments. We hope those changes come soon as 6 years is a long span to stay without any major updates in this fiercely competitive motorcycle market.

The Yamaha FZ conquers the heart and head at the same time and despite six years of existence, it still is a no brainer in the segment.

Yamaha FZ Test Ride
Even without any mechanical update since 6 years, the FZ continues to impress

Yamaha FZ Cost Of Service

* Paid service – Rs. 375/-
* Engine oil – Rs. 315/-
* Spark Plug – Rs. 115/-
* Oil Filter – 40/-
* Air filter – Rs. 215/-
* Chain Lube – Rs. 100/-
* Front disc pad – Rs. 145/-
* Rear shoe pad – Rs. 300/-
* Front Brake Master Cylinder – 190/-
* Front Brake/Clutch Lever – 95/-

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