Yamaha India brought out another round of Racing Ride Tech Challenge exclusively for its customers on the 21st June, 2009, where Yamaha bike owners zoomed on the tracks of India Expo Mart, Greater Noida Expressway. This initiative by Yamaha has drawn a platform for all the potential users to show off their spectacular steeds.

“Motor Sports is an integral part of our Brand Image. It has always been Yamaha’s endeavor to promote motor sports along with safe biking. As a part of our Brand image we want to promote local club level races like Racing Ride Tech. There are thousands of our customers who want to participate in these events for the love of the sport & thrill. This also gives us the opportunity to come closer to our consumers. The event has been extremely successful and this can be seen from the huge participation of the bike enthusiasts,” Sanjay Tripathi, Division Head, Product Planning & Brand Management said.

Yamaha’s corporate culture has always given a special importance to bike racing in India as well as way of expressing the ‘spirit of challenge’ that it values so highly. The R15 Championship is also one of the biggest initiatives by Yamaha to take racing culture to new heights in India as also to keep the biking enthusiasts’ adrenaline pumping. The Racing Ride Tech Challenge proved to be very successful in their aim of inculcating the rider’s spirit as well promote safe biking culture in the country along with the zooming experience of the extensive array of bikes they have.