Yamaha R15 vs TVS Apache

Motorcycle licence rules are not new in European countries. Till the age of 19 years, you can ride a 125cc or a bike with not more than 33 BHP. UK websites now report that there is a new rule which only allows 125cc motorcycles and the 33 BHP option is also now discontinued to boost economy, environment and safety of young riders. Reports are coming in that this idea by the government has backfired dramatically.

The Institute of Advanced Motorists has said that there is a massive decline in under 19 youngsters taking a test and also because of this, deaths have risen by 1% since the new licence rules were introduced. Before the rule change, they could get a licence for a bigger sports bike by taking a test and proving that they could ride, thereby getting a 2-wheeler licence. The figures in the UK show that in the year 2012-2013, 3333 18-year-olds completed the practical motorcycle test while in 2013-2014 only 216 applied for the licence.

The huge fault is because the new rules are not suiting the minds of youngsters as that little freedom of riding a 33 BHP bike is also gone despite them being able prove that they can ride safely. Anyways, a country which spends 20 million euros on modifying their bikes and cars, isn’t riding stock vehicles anyways. What is the point of the government levying this dumb rule. After looking at this safety rule backfiring, may be the old rule or a modified new rule will come into action soon.

Meanwhile in India, in the interest of fuel economy and tight budget, a 19-year old chooses a small bike on his own to keep the cost of running and owning as low as possible. While its all about POWER in Europe and USA, here it’s all about style. Regardless of what the bike offers in terms of performance, the 19-year old will choose the best looking bike. After sometime, if he can afford a big bike, he will get the quarter-litre faired bike and choose to live with it for the rest of his life. Still, we in India can start riding the world’s most powerful bike since age 18 itself but we obviously can’t afford to get hold of it at that time.

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