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Mahindra Launches Scorpio Extreme

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Mahindra Scorpio Extreme Concept is built on the Scorpio platform. The Mahindra Scorpio is available in 2WD and the 4WD variants. You can select any of the Scorpio variants as per your needs and post registration and Mahindra will customize the same to the “Scorpio Extreme” Concept. The “Scorpio Extreme” Concept is also available to Customers who already are proud owners of the Mahindra Scorpio vehicle. The Customized component would remain the same for these vehicles as well. The company would only need to run a check on the condition of the vehicle as regards the bodyline and the mechanicals and the necessary upgrades for refurbishing would be at an extra cost.

Exteriors : –

• Custom built front guard in powder coated black

• Winch mounted on front guard

• Custom made inset side scoops with mesh

• Restyled wheel arches with studs

• Motorized glass sunroof

• Window line blackening

• Modified body shell and re-paneling between “C” & “D” pillar

• Body shell in Custom paint combination

• Cargo bay with lid

• Straps on cargo tray on roll cage

• Re-styled rear number plate bezel

• Jerry cans on tail gate

• Mounting frame for jerry cans with straps

• S.S. exhaust tail end in twin pipe

• “C” pillar bezel with mesh

• Side guards in pipe section

• Custom built rear roll cage in powder coated black

• 2 tier roll cage cargo tray in pipe section

• Roof mounted frame for mounting awning scopes

• Auxiliary lamp pod on roof mounted frame

• Telescopic awning scopes mounted on roof frame

• Bicycle stands with mountain bikes

• Portable slide on awning

Interiors : –

• Color co-ordinated interiors

• Upholstery in leather

• Custom floor carpeting & floor mats

• Customized roof lining

• Custom made pillar trims

• Custom painted interiors

• Reverse camera with sensors

• Checkered plate in cargo area

• 2DIN DVD with touch screen with built in GPS & ipod connectivity

• Active vehicle tracking system

• Compressor driven fridge

• Compressor driven 18ltr fridge

Total Cost – Rs. 5,00,000/- + 12.5% tax (this is post registration & over and above the cost of the vehicle).

The following is the Order Flow : –

• Customer registers & insures the Mahindra Scorpio (any version) from the Local Dealership

• Customer would pay a DD favoring M/s. NBS International Ltd, Mumbai for the Customization component

• Post registration & insurance, the vehicle is sent to Mahindra Towers, Worli, Mumbai for the Customization to be carried out

• The Customization process would take approximately 45 to 60 working days from the time we receive the base vehicle at Mahindra Towers

• Post Customization, the Customized vehicle will be sent back to the AO for final delivery to the Customer

Kindly note the following key elements as well : –

• Pricing does not include the movement of the registered & insured vehicle to and fro from the Customer / Dealer Location

· Any incidence during the transit would be borne by the Customer

• Pricing does not include the transit insurance of the same. This is to be borne by the Customer

• There is no technical change in the vehicle – hence, the same vehicle warranty would stand

• Customization has been done to the effect of only aesthetic changes and we will provide a 6 month manufacturing warranty for the same

• All concepts are hand crafted and could vary from variant to variant

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  • Adi

    Any idea abt the price ?

    • fas

      Guys, I will get back to you with the pricing shortly.

  • Rajan

    Adi.. Thats not going to come cheap, well over 11.5 lakhs. I read somewher long time.. i may be wrong on the amount.

  • Tata Fan Boy

    more details please.

  • Tata Fan Boy

    @motorbeam – Isn’t it a bit sad that you Watermark pictures that aren’t even yours? Do you need a lesson on Watermarking?

    • fas

      Dear Tata Fan Boy, I don’t know what your problem is and why you pass such immature comments occasionally. The above pictures have been send to us by Mahindra themselves and they have given us full rights to modify, watermark and edit them as per our wish. Passing such comments instead of appreciating free information just shows how kiddish you can be sometimes. We work day in and night to ensure you get the best experience of the Indian auto world and in return you just have to make such lame remarks. Why don’t you join us and we will see how good you are!



  • Tata Fan Boy

    @Fas, Sunil and the other losers –
    As much as I appreciate your efforts to provide info on the Indian Automobile scene, you need to realize basic ground rules.

    These pictures were provided not only to you but to anyone who has emailed Mahindra for details of the Scorpio extreme. These images provided to you for distribution does not give you the right to copyright them/watermark it. Please readup on Watermarking 101 – mainly, why watermarking came into the picture.

    As to me joining your phorum – I’d leave this to expertz such as urselph and continue being an avid reader of your news.

    • fas

      Firstly Tata Fan Boy, you need not be policing around here, we know better about we need to do. Secondly Mahindra sent us the pictures and they have given us permission to modify, watermark and do what ever we want with the pictures, we have permission from Mahindra so you shouldn’t be bothered much.

      Reason for watermarking is simple – Mahindra has given us exclusive rights to use the pictures, not to everyone, so when we publish without watermark, many times the pictures have been used by other sites without giving due credit. That is the reason why the server runs a script which automatically watermarks all pictures on its own.

  • Tata Fan Boy

    Just incase you don’t have the time to google around for Watermarking –
    “Watermarking photos that aren’t yours, even if you have permission to distribute them amounts to plagiarism.”

    In case you are wondering what plagiarism is –
    From google – “the wrongful appropriation, close imitation, or purloining and publication, of another author’s language, thoughts, ideas, or expressions …”

    Cheers Fas!

    • fas

      TFB, you forgot to add “the wrongful appropriation, close imitation, or purloining and publication, of another author’s language, thoughts, ideas, or expressions … without their permission

  • Tata Fan Boy

    Fas, stop acting like a retard while trying to justify yourself.

    • fas

      Thank you for your warm comments TFB, real appreciate them. Your last comment has made me realise there is no point arguing with you, you can continue your online policing.

  • rahul tana tara

    sir,, can u modify any suv’s like scorpio xtreme??

  • Akhil

    Really? Instead of discussin about the damn car like why havnt they used a bigger turbo in the engine or added a lift kit, mr tata fan boy wants to talk about water marking?? Of all the websites I hav visited lately motorbeam is the only place u get most of the info u want about a particular car. And that requires quite a lot of hardwork. but people will still find a way to nit pick. U need tread marks on ur face tata fan boy

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