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RE Classic Desert Storm Review

RE Classic Desert Storm - Click above for high resolution picture gallery

Bike Tested:2012 Royal Enfield Classic 500 Desert Storm

Price OTR Mumbai: Rs. 1,58,000/-

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If you are an automotive enthusiast, which most probably you are considering the fact that you are reading this review on our website, a brand called ‘Royal Enfield’ needs no introduction. So, without trying to weave tasteful phrases about the history of a brand which almost everybody seems to be knowing, we dvelve straight into the subject. Royal Enfield right now is in an enviable situation in which almost all its models are sold out for months together in advance. The Classic twins, launched in 350 and 500 variants, has been a phenomenal success and the waiting list to own one is still around 5 to 6 months.

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Recently, the company launched two new variants of the Classic 500 – Classic Chrome and Desert Storm. As the names suggest, these are just cosmetic tweaks with the former sporting an overdose of ‘chrome’ and the latter wearing a stunning pre-war era ‘sand’ paint job. As only Royal Enfield can fathom, the launch of merely two variants of an already well-established product has created quite a flutter in the industry and amongst the public. We drive one of them and find out what has actually changed.


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Enough has been said already about the styling of the Classic many a time. But, given a chance, words don’t stop coming out to describe this truly one-of-a-kind motorcycle. The industry might be moving forward with modern and aerodynamic designs taking over, but the Classic retains its typical old-world charm and is unashamedly ‘classic’. The round lights all around including the twin tiny pilot lamps, the mighty fuel tank with the perfectly placed knee rests, the magnificent wheel arches, the long exhaust pipe and the chrome embellishments in the mirrors and indicators combine well together to create a stunning retro motorcycle. The pre-war era sand paint job sans the glossy finish of modern motorcycles only adds to the overall visual appeal of the bike.

[singlepic id=10163 w=540 h=400 float=center]

The amount of eyeballs the Classic 500 Desert Storm attracted during our test drive was incredible and you don’t have to dig deep for an answer. Just look at the magnificent design and the awesome ‘sand’ paint job that the bike possesses. It immediately brings in a sense of nostalgia to your mind that sends you into a tizzy. Having said that, the build quality is still not upto the mark in a few places which is quite disappointing given the price that you pay to own one. The blisters in the surface, the irregular joints and the rusty metal and chrome parts in a hardly 2000 km old bike isn’t something that can be easily excused.

Instrument Cluster and Switch Gear:

[singlepic id=10164 w=540 h=400 float=center]

While we appreciate the retro effect that the Clasic brings upon in most aspects, one thing which is not particularly commendable is the age old design of the cluster. As we have said before, there is nothing snazzy and digital here with a large circular speedometer dominating the proceedings. The speedo also houses bare minimal tell tale lights and is flanked on either sides by the key slot and a fuel cum engine warning indicator. The low fuel warning light glowing on is the only indicator and unavailability of a fuel gauge is a glaring omission by Royal Enfield. The switchgear, in contrast, matches up to the present day standards and also looks and feels better to operate as it is made of better quality materials that feels built to last.

Performance and Gearbox:

[singlepic id=10165 w=540 h=400 float=center]

Just like the regular Classic 500, the Desert Storm is powered by a single-cylinder, twin-spark 499cc engine with Electronic Fuel Injection system that pumps out, or rather, thumps out 27.2 bhp of raw power. This Unit Construction Engine in which the engine and gearbox are enclosed in a single casing thereby reducing the transmission losses is soon becoming a staple powertrain for many Royal Enfield models with the recently unveiled Thunderbird 500 also sporting the same. Crank the engine up and the royal thumps fill the surroundings isolating you from other disturbing noises around. The bike is pretty quick and accelerates briskly to reach a top speed of around 130 kph. The most interesting thing is that you just don’t realize the speeds that you are doing until you look at the speedo.

[singlepic id=10166 w=540 h=400 float=center]

The 5-speed constant mesh gearbox is smooth shifting with the universal 1-down 4-up shift pattern. The gear ratios are nicely placed and the Classic doesn’t feel out of breath in any gear. Particularly impressive is the abundant torque available at lower end of the rev range. As a result, the Classic 500 Desert Storm is pretty comfortable to drive inside the city limits too, unabated by the sheer bulk it carries. Probably, one of the most irritating negative aspects of the Classic is that the vibration levels coming out of the engine leaves a lot to be desired. By that, we mean so much vibrations that you can hardly see anything in the rear-view mirrors as speeds build up. Royal Enfield needs to seriously look into this issue.

Ride Handling and Braking:

[singlepic id=10167 w=540 h=540 float=center]

Get astride the Classic Desert Storm and the high and comfortable seating position and the massive bulk at your disposal invariably gives you the feeling that you are king of the road. And the ride just reinstates this point as the Classic continues unfazed by bumps, potholes and other road undulations that would make other motorcycles unsettled. The ride is absorbent enough and you just don’t feel the irregularities in the road as the telescopic dampers up front and the gas-charged shocks at the rear gobbles and spits them out. Be it smooth tarmac, muddy patches, gravel stretches or literally no roads, you can trust the Classic to take you across. High speed stability is superb and the feeling that you get while cruising at 100 kph in an open highway on this bike is surreal and needs to be experienced.

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As much as the Desert Storm scores in open highways with its amazing composure and ride, it isn’t as nimble as you would like in the city traffic. Given that the bike is incredibly heavy, we kind of expected the city handling characteristics to be compromised and we were proved right. But, the torquey nature of the engine more than makes up for this and ensures that you don’t end up disappointed. Braking is average and is not on par with bikes like TVS Apache RTR180 ABS and Honda CBR 250R. Just for the sake of thousands of loyalists, Royal Enfield should go to the next step and introduce the much-needed ABS technology in their motorcycles, given that they come with abundance of power and torque and compete in the premium segment of the market.


[singlepic id=10152 w=540 h=400 float=center]

Royal Enfields are still not the most reliable motorcycles around and you might end up stranded somewhere just when you don’t want to. The build quality is still not on par with the competition and special care and attention needs to be given to ensure that the chrome and metal parts do not rust. The engine vibrations gives your palms and shoulders a jerky feeling sometimes. Despite all these inherent flaws, the Classic 500 is a great motorcycle with unbeatable highway characteristics and the Sand Storm variant is no different. If you are in the market with a fat budget, you can close your eyes and go for it and rest assured that you will not be disappointed. We at MotorBeam are not the only ones here. All the owners out there are no different. They love their machines and swear by a Royal Enfield anyday anytime and anywhere. As most of you would agree, the sun never really sets on a Royal Enfield.

Whats Cool:

* Timeless Retro Looks
* Excellent high-speed Stability
* Composed Ride Quality
* Torquey and Powerful Engine
* Stunning matt-finish ‘Sand’ Paint Job

Whats Not So Cool:

* Basic Instrument Cluster
* Inconsistent Fit and Finish

[singlepic id=10153 w=540 h=400 float=center]

Royal Enfield Classic 500 Desert Storm Specifications:

* Engine – 499cc, Single Cylinder, 4 Stroke, OHV, SI Engine, Air cooled
* Fuel Delivery – Fuel Injected
* Maximum Power – 27.2 bhp @ 5250 rpm
* Maximum Torque – 41.3 Nm @ 4000 rpm
* Transmission – 5-speed Manual
* Top Speed – 130 kmph
* Fuel Type: Petrol
* Suspension – Telescopic Hydraulic Dampers (Front), Swing Arm With Gas Shock Absorbers (Rear)
* Tyres – 90/90/19 (Front), 120/80/18 (Rear)
* Brakes – 280mm Hydraulic Disc Brake (Front), 153 mm Single Lead Internal Expanding (Rear)

Royal Enfield Classic 500 Desert Storm Dimensions:
* Overall Length x Width x Height: 2130 mm X 800 mm X 1050 mm
* Wheelbase: 1370 mm
* Ground Clearance: 140 mm
* Fuel Tank Capacity: 13.5 liters
* Kerb Weight: 187 kg

Text: Aravind Ramesh
Photography: Arun Varadarajan & Aravind Ramesh

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  • sunil

    FAS ,

    Any idea about the fuel efficiency of both C350 and C500 variants ?

    • Aravind

      Hi sunil – I have driven the C500 quite extensively and a close pal owns one too. On all occasions, the C500 has consistently returned 32-34 km/l.

    • abhisek

      I think CBR250R return 27kmpl in City and so the 500cc bullet might be slightly more FE than it even having double the engine size and an old school engine. Thats amazing Bullet FE.

    • Faisal

      Abhisek, we have to factor in power and torque figures too. Just because CBR250R returns 27 kmpl, does not mean a 1000 cc bike will return 6 kmpl ;p

    • Faisal

      Sunil, the C350 is marginally more efficient. Expect 35 kmpl from it.

    • Hi Sunil,

      I own a Desert Storm and clocked 5000 km till date. In city (Delhi) it returns a constant 32 kmpl (I stick to 70 on odometer) and on highways where my speed hovers around 90-100 kmph it returns 36 kmpl.

      Hope this helps

    • kousik

      k is too early to judge dude.wait a lil more and u ll know what a bad bike u re having.ive had one for 5 yrs and repent to have had one.good design wit shit r & d engrs workin in the company.

    • kousik

      5000too early to judge dude.wait a lil more and u ll know what a bad bike u re having.ive had one for 5 yrs and repent to have had one.good design wit shit r & d engrs workin in the company.

    • Sorry to hear about your rough experience with the bike, my friend. It is almost a year now that the RE desert storm is with me. Odometer says that we clocked 20,000 km together and I have been to some far flung areas on the bike. Till date she has not given any trouble to me … none!

      But you have more experience with RE than me.. I hope that my faith is still strong for the bike, after 5 years..

    • prasanna

      Hi Ayush,

      I am planning to buy 500 desert storm or classic 500 (looks like green), Is that 500c is Vibrating? I did the test drive and the test drive bike was so vibration. Please advise

    • Prasanna, yes some vibrations are there but if you use Motul oil, that should get resolved.

    • Firaaz

      Dont…..u will be in the sellers list in a year.

  • Anand

    Nice review Aravind!

    • Aravind

      Thanks Anand

  • Nice review…..initially I thought it’s some new bike till I read its just the colour. So to sum it up its a Classic 500 with a new colour. I guess every bike manufacturer should give a new term to its bikes in each colour. Hero Motocorp would be awarded a gold medal in this ;)

    • Aravind

      Deepak, though you are partly right, this isn’t any ordinary color. The matt-finish ‘sand’ paint job is outstanding when you get to see it in flesh.

  • robin yates

    sadly the excessive vibration and single seat make the bike a no no for me. Also the finish seems poor

    • Aravind

      We agree robin. Those two negative factors are deal-breakers for many.

    • Faisal

      Robin, you can always add a pillion seat.

  • nibin

    see the second picture of styling. it already began to rust… it is one of the negative quality of R.E., that steel plating are not of that quality. I owns a RE bullet STD 2005 model. the same complaint was there with that too.

    and talking about other qualities the Bike is supeb and i love Royal Enfield more that any other bike. my father is a user of R.E. for more than 35 years. i have been riding it for the last 4-5 years and i do not like any other bike in the way I like R.E. bullet…..

    • Aravind

      Nibin, your experience pretty much sums up our review, isn’t it? The bike has its flaws but still the owners and the onlookers love it. And that’s what is keeping Royal Enfield going.

  • robin yates

    when I passed a comment I was in a hurry so now I have more time I can add to my last comment. The Royal Enfield is a fine bike but it is spoiled by poor basic design problems. The engine vibration was evident when I was a 16 year old in the UK,.Surely a basically fine motorcycle can be redesigned to get rid of the bad vibrations ? As for rust appearing this has to be down to a weak quality control. I would buy one of these bikes but for the reasons shown I shall go with a more modern Japanese bike which is a great shame considering the desireability of the Enfield. Cure the vibration problem and the rust issues and I will buy an Indian bike

    • Faisal

      Robin, I agree with what ever you said. However the whole point of the Enfield is the classic and retro design, due to which some problems are inherent. If they go about curing the design problems, they no longer would retain their USP. Still Royal Enfield has improved drastically from what it was earlier, quality still might not be right up there with Japanese motorcycles, but has improved vastly.

    • kousik

      Thi is not an excuse for the competition around dude.For the the heriage RE has, they should ve been NO:1 by now.Never say they loose the USP if they changed the design.The vibration and other flwascould still be cured without affecting the basic design.This is due purely ignoring what the riders need.RE wants us to ride what they to us..Shameless company.

    • Kousik, they can’t be number 1 as their minimum capacity is 350 cc, while most bikes which sell are between 100 to 150 cc.

    • digvijay

      lolz the vibrations are the part a sign of this bike … its not a silent bike and thats why its called enfield and rest are rest

  • robin yates

    I owned a Bullet 350 when I was 17, made in the UK, it did vibrate but no rust so it appears as I said quality control is poor in India

    • Faisal

      Robin, I guess vibrations have gone down in the Indian bullet but rust has increased instead.

  • @Fas: Already seen one in flesh :)

    • Faisal

      Deepak, where? Did you see the Classic Chrome on the roads yet?

  • sunil kumar

    Hi Fas,

    Iam planning to buy either RE C350 , or the RE thunderbird .

    Which one is better among the two ? Considering city and occasional high way long drives .

    • Faisal

      Sunil, for long rides, the Thunderbird is an excellent option, better than the C350.

  • vatsal

    Fisal,but the firing of the thunderbird is not good.i’ll advice to buy C350.

  • saurabh

    I want to know the fuel efficiency of C350 and Classic Desert Storm.

    • Faisal

      Saurabh, the C350 will give you around 35 km/l, while the C500 will give you around 30 km/l.

    • Imran noorani

      Battery of my bike(desert storm) is not responding from day the time of delivery it was is much painful to kick start the bull in monsoon.wat should i do plz rep

  • Raakesh

    Hi Faisal, it was you who mentioned the fuel efficiency does not go down as it compensated by power and torgue capacities. Are you sure Classic 500 gives only 30 KMPL ?

    • Faisal

      Raakesh, yes you won’t get more than 30 km/l with the C500.

    • subodh

      C500 2011 model. It never gave me more than 30Km/l. Mr. Ayush do u really own a desert storm

    • Faisal Khan

      Subodh, 30 km/l is good considering the weight and power.

  • mohammad anas

    i just bought a classic 500 4 days back with that wavy exhaust and i could hear my bike misfiring continuously is that a problem because of the exhaust or it’s okay with that sound coming?

    • Mohammad, that sound seems fine and should go after first service.

  • vaibhav

    Hello All,
    Please help me with your suggestions on this one. I own a Karizma (2007 model) and due to excessive vibrations at high speeds I am thinking of switching to Desert storm 500cc assuming it has lesser vibrations at high speeds. The review mentions vibrations for this model. How bad are the vibrations? annoying? do you feel the vibrations in hands and legs after a 100 plus km highway drive?

    When I drive my Karizma for around 150 km on highways my hands and legs feel the springy sensation for long time after halt. Its terrible and painful.

    • Vaibhav, if you want a vibes free bike, get the Honda CBR250R or the Yamaha R15 (not suited for long rides).

  • I am planing to buy this bike probably next week. should i bike this bike?????

    • Abhshek, yes you should if you like it.

    • kousik

      NO , dont buy .. even if you like it.RE should attend a basic deign and cosmetic engineering course aborad coz they ve no idea what they re making..

    • T

      Why are you so negative? You may have got an especially bad piece.

  • Hi friends
    I was driving RE in my college life say 1998. At present I have 4 cars and I dont have any bike. I love to drive RE but once in a week around 3-4 km in a week (on Sunday). Can any suggest me to buy this bike. Is this a same as Standard or Electra.

  • One more thing
    One thing more shall I buy a second hand electra or new classic 350 or 500.


  • pradeep

    I would like to know the desert storm is available for emi and the minimum downpayment.

  • Olly42

    Been with the Deset Bull for 200 KMS … vibrations are part and parcel of this bike and Im sure it would reduce as i clock more miles, timely service and use of high quality engine oil and plugs. IMHO if you are looking for a 500 cc bike and expecting great mileage you need to think again. Never bought this bike for mileage… this bike will stick around in my stable for a long long time.. and if I ever get bitten by upgradititus then it can be only a Harley. All bikes have their pros and cons and it depends on individual preferences. Royal Enfield folks need to focus on quality control and there is absolutely no scope for any excuses. These are my 2 cents but then each to his own. Have fun and ride safe with which ever 2 wheeler you all ride.

    • Samuel D

      RE is taking advantage of the fact that there is no heavy tourer or a cruiser bike in the market to compete with it….So Indians have to bear with the bad quality poor performance white elephants…The moment other manufactures bring up cheaper good quality bikes in this category..RE will realise its mistake of taking Indians for granted.

  • what is the mileage of royal enfield classic 500…?

    • Hi prince, the Classic 500 is good for around 30 km/l.

  • Keerthi.K

    I am 6.3 in height does this bike sets me or shld i try any other

  • Nitin

    It’s looking cool,
    which colour is this of 500 Desert Storm on RE web site it’s looking Brown and here it’s looking ‘khaki’ greenish brown.

  • swapnil

    guys i am planing to buy re standard 350…after that i came to know that they stopped manufacturing, so i am planning to buy re 350 twin spark or shd i go for classic 350 new model…please suggest me ..damn confused..

  • Virendra Kedia


    I booked Desert Storm 500cc yesterday. Now counting days to own this machine. I want user review who already have this bike about maintenance, servicing, speed limit till first service, how often does it need maintenance?

    Its my first RE.

    Virendra Kedia – (Royal Person from Land of Royals, now buying Royal Enfield) ;)

    • Reeto

      Congrats…….ab shuru hua aapke Royal Enfield ka Safar (Suffer)

  • Rav

    RE Desert storm is better than the new RE Thunderbird anytime.The RE Thunderbird 500 design seems to be totally messed up compared to the earlier thunderbird twinspark.RE lost an opportunity in designing the new TB500.They shoud have gone for a standard Harley type cruiser design, but instead gave us a bike that looks like Yamaha RD 350.

  • Joe

    Just spent 1100 KM on a RE Desert Storm 500 in the Philippines. 35/KM per Liter is accurate. The bike is a 2012 and is starting to rust in places. Top speed was 120 kilometers an hour, but the bike had a serious front end wobble at that speed. It liked 100-108 a lot better with no wobble. I would also experience a false nuetral at times when up shifting between 2nd and 3rd. I would then have to downshift and start over. I had this bike as a loaner and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. That being said, I think that the bike is priced to high for the quality of a bike that you get. The engineering may be sound, but the quality control is not there to justify the price.

    • You are right Joe. Royal Enfield still has to go a long way in terms of Quality Control. But, drive the new Thunderbird 500 and you will be surprised. It is much improved compared to other models of Royal Enfield.

    • Reeto

      Its true quality of a RE is disgustingly bad

  • Abhishek Katare

    I bought desert strom n the feel I get while riding is just f***ing assum. Pick up, speed, power, feel, handling, grip on the road and the color is just brilient.

    • Abhishek, congrats on your new bike. What mileage are you getting.

  • abhinav

    my height is 5 feet 6 inches . isThunderbird comfortable for me to ride?

  • Sandip Gaikwad

    Can anyone let me know what is the on-road price of the RE desert storm 500? Also in Bangalore which is the best place to service?

    • Sandip, Desert Storm around Rs. 1.6 lakhs. Best place for servicing is RE factory owned outlets.

  • Neelkanth

    Nice Reivew Arvind…

    I would like to add some more pointers here..
    1. My Uncle owns this bike from 1979, and I have use it N no of times…
    If u r talking abt (not arvind , we all …!! ) vibrations, so it is but obvious that 500 cc or 350 cc is quite bulky engine, and main thing is, the firing genreated by RE bikesis unique… Do u prefer 500 cc bull with firing of 150 cc pulsar like a goat… :)
    2. Desert storm is just colour variant is compeltely agree… , but it reminds u war era as arvind meniotned…
    3. When u r buying a bull, r u goin to care abt how it is eating?? RE bikes are startting from 1.3 L to 1.8 L.
    So when u r purchasing such a gem , by default some of the cos come with it… isnt it?
    4. Some poor areas where design and quality needs to be up to the mark… : Completely agree…

    these are my views and opinions, dont want to hurt any please… :)
    Happy writing..

    • Thanks for pitching in with your view points, Neelkanth. But, we would still stick with our statement that RE needs to do something to bring down the vibration levels.

  • chaitanya

    well well well, read all the comments above and we come to the conclusion that whatever the cons may be(vibrations,reliability,fit n finish,mileage), this iconic machine comes out winning each time. The company however shall look into it and should resolve these minor issues,as it carries a huge reputation. And not to forget, the bullet merchandise available on it’s website is superb. ride safe……enjoy!!

    • Reeto

      The so-called iconic machine is a winner only with attention seeking creatures, the rest are happy riding a Duke or a CBR

  • sarath

    y RE not launching classic 500 with matte black..??this matte black will give this machine an alien robust loook.,can any one tell?.how anD from where i can repaint ma RE C500 WITH matte black..plz

    • Given that the Thunderbird 500 is available in matte black, it should be fairly easy for them to do that with the Classic 500 too. But, believe us, its a pain to maintain on our dusty conditions.

    • Reeto

      Any RE service station will do the job for u

  • sarath

    Thank u Aravind,,but the thing is that, i am mad on this matte black colour and at the same time i didnt like the design of thunderbird,.so i need a classic 500 in matte black..i contacted showrooms, but they informed matte black is not avilable in wot i shuld do to get a matte black c 500????

    • I am not sure whether you are mad about ‘matte’ finish or the ‘black’ colour. If its the former, try the Desert Storm, the finish resembles a matte finish. But if you like black, there is not much luck. You have to go for aftermarket modifications.

  • Surya

    Harley davidson vibrates a lot. We can see Its mudguard, silencer and handle vibrating even if it is idle. But americans likes vibration for them smooth engine is boring.
    I want to buy a bike with zero vibration, fuel efficient and most relible. Please suggest me a bike.

    • Hasan

      Go for Honda Street 97cc.

  • harsh

    hey i own a cbr 250 r and after i saw this bike in the showroom i booked it immediately. I dont know anything, weather its about its viberation problems or rust issues, pics cant do justice to its looks, c it in person and you will definately like…..One thing is for sure….any damn true biker at heart will definately fall in love with this piece of art

    • shriharry

      hey everybody
      can u please let me know the best bike in re except for thunderbirds
      and does re battle green and ds 500 comes with 2 seats or a single one and also ive heard about re highway is it a better options

    • Divyesh

      faisal why there is no review of royal enfield electra on motorbeam ?

    • Because RE didn’t give us bikes yet.

  • Harmininder Singh

    I am planning to buy a desert storm, I don’t have a budget problem, Actually I am looking for some machine to enable me to take up long rides, which I love a lot, recently I rode around the whole country on a 150 cc bike, Loved it, but power was a problem. Should I opt for it fuel wise or do I have 350cc variants to think of too? Is there any 350cc variant of desrt storm, same color and all?

    • Nope, no 350cc variant of Desert Storm.


      Buy the Thunderbird 500 instead… its a tad better quality bike than desert storm.

    • D S

      Buy a Japanese bike..u can sleep peacfully at night..RE is running a racket by selling such sub-stanndard products which we need to maintain with blood money.

    • Reeto

      True true

    • D Sumroo

      Its on its way..RE is releasing a desert storm 350……checkout with ur dealer..will have to wait a bit….

    • Reeto

      Pls stay away from a RE, it will only cause u problems in the long run

  • Desmond Fernandez

    RE Desert storm..a over estimated bike ….Bad engineering ..bad build quality…..shrunk in size compared to genuine Royal enfield bikes…bad mileage , and heavy maintenance issues..
    Its a white elephant which needs continuous costly maintenance.
    Eicher coud have produced better bikes than RE Desert storm and thunderbird 500 but they screwed up the bikes design to save money and get max profit.The current price of both is so huge and is unjustified .With that kind of price u can get a Hyosung GV250 soon. I think Hero Honda higher end bikes are much better with consisitent quality and performance.
    I think the correct price of the current RE Desert storm and Thunderbird 500 cc models should be not more than 1.5 lakhs. The moment a Japanese manufacture brings out a tourer bike in 1.5 to 1.75 lakhs REs market will shrink tremendously.
    Its time for RE to either bring new original RE quality models or correct the humongous price they ask for those poor quality white elephants.

    • Reeto

      I totally agree with u

  • Sam H

    RE is taking advantage of the fact that there is no heavy tourer or a cruiser bike in the market to compete with it….So Indians have to bear with the bad quality poor performance white elephants…The moment other manufactures bring up cheaper good quality bikes in this category..RE will realise its mistake of taking Indians for granted.

    • Reeto

      Yes very true. Once the Avenger comes with a bigger engine RE will pay a price for taking Indians for granted

  • prasanna

    Hi All

    I am planning to buy 500 desert storm or classic 500 (looks like green), Is that 500c is Vibrating? I did the test drive and the test drive bike was so vibration. Please advise

    • Kalia

      buy a Hero Honda instead…u will sleep peacfully at night.

  • Imran noorani

    I want sale my new desert storm still untouched if u wish contact me 9765871514

    • Imran, put your bike for sale in our classifieds.

    • Mashroof

      I am sure ….u are taking a correct decision keep on repairing these bikes all along to keep them moving takes a toll on your mental stability….

  • Imran noorani

    Wat is solution to save the bike from rust,i don’t want apply rust paint plz reply

    • Imran, cover it after use.

    • R Pasha

      Bad decision to cover a wet bike with a cover…..if u dont want RE bikes to rust..dont drive them in rainy season..or accept it as collateral damage for your obsession of this bike.

  • Imran noorani

    Battery of My bike(desert storm) is not responding from day 2.while delivery it was fine,it is painful to kick start the bull in monsoon.plz reply

  • N Ram

    Its time to repent for buying this bike….In order to keep it moving you need to make a RE mechanic a part of your family.

  • Priyank sharma

    I booked ds 500 two days back i want to replace orignal silencer with the optional diffrent with a band which looks good but someone who worked in re told me to do not do that before 10000 km .

    But i really want to that on 1st day any genuine advice is it gng to harm engine

  • manjit singh

    Main b REDS lena chahta hun kia j sahi bike hai plzz all frnds sahi slah dena

  • Ankur Bhuyan


    I got a Desert storm one month back, nice feel and thumping…Yes the kick start is an issue. Also the misfire issue is due to the electronically controlled injector unit. Sudden race could not be sensed and i believe is the reason for misfiring. Start the bike and idle it for 2 min at the starting of the day. Sudden acceleration is not recommended. Also, those who are aiming at 30KMPL average they should look for other options. My bike is very thirsty for gasoline and consumes a litre at every 23/25 KM. Doesn’t matter. Enfield has the attitude..

    • Ankur, your mileage will increase after first service.

    • sanjay panwar, uttrakhand

      sir, do u have carbon problem on ur spark plug…as mine is not in any mood to start @ night…

  • Debojit

    M going to book DS 500 today so plz suggest last tym should i go for classic 500 or desert storm.
    I heard that its spring seat has a backpain problem for long rides is it so and what is the solution for rust .

    • Debojit, get the Desert Storm.

      Solution for rust is to keep oiling it.

    • Debojit

      Thanxz Faisal Khan . So what about the backpain

    • That’s a given, opt for Thunderbird otherwise.

  • deepak sharma

    is it good touring bike,i want to buy desert storm for long touring like 2500-3000 km for a tour and is its seat comfortable enough for long tour for 6 feet guy,but i want a cruzer bike,what do you suggest

  • Harish Kumar

    Hi Faisal,

    I am very much interested in bikes and was in planning to opt RE as the first bike in my life and I was thinking to buy Classic 350cc or DS 500. Please suggest me whether to opt RE or not if yes, which variant is better in the mentioned.

    Harish Kumar V

  • deepak sharma

    please tell me is DS good for 6 fit guy and also for touring like 2000-2500 km. in one go.plz plz suggest me.


    i am planning to but 350cc bike but i wanted DS color in 350cc classic dat i am not getting it from company, company guy told me dat u can get same color from outside market …sud i go with dat or not …..
    or sud i buy 500cc DS my running will be 50km in week and one more thing id there any maintenance different between 350cc,500cc please guide me ….
    Thank you…


    and one more thing i wanted to ask …dat RE company guy told me dat new DS bike coming with 20ltr tank ..
    any body know abt it..

    • Reeto

      The Thunderbird comes with a 20 liter tank

  • sanjay panwar, uttrakhand

    plzz guys don’t even think of buying it…it sucks it sucks and sucks…
    i have wasted valuable money, time in it….only drove 600km..
    I agree wen u r buying RE.we don’t care about fuel but the problem i facin are as follows:
    a:spark plug
    d:stops middle of nowhere..
    and last and not the least its dies after 1st service… and u don’t knw were to complain..
    i waited almost 2yrs to get RE..dis is wat i got…so go for 350..

    • Reeto

      Sorry to hear that, best to stay away from RE

  • kumar

    i have shortlisted two bikes frm RE


    i am confused btw two.
    plz suggest me in choosing one and why

    and plz enlighten me abt EFI VS CARB.

    thank you..

    • Reeto

      Don’t go for either, if u want a good tourer try the Karizma ZMR or Honda CBR250R

  • Aditya Deshpande

    Hi guys,

    Thanks for your detail reviews about storm. I have booked one in the beginning of this month and I will be getting it delivered up to march.
    After going through all the reviews above your experience, I am feeling better that the cost which I am planning to invest for a pleasure ride on Storm 500 is correct decision..
    Once again thank you. I just wanted to know about your experience related to battery. Does storm 500 having a battery problem? Please share if anyone had faced this issue.


    • jayant

      Hi Aditya
      Have U recieved your DS 500. Please share your experience as i want book the same.
      Jayant Halgekar.

  • bull

    how to ride bull fo getting nice mileage..

  • Sridhar Prasad Rao Nalli

    hello friends,
    Great have the information. Lots of views. Great! I just made payment and waiting for delivery i.e. on 1st April. I am concerned about the battery issue. any one have experienced the battery issues… pls share if any

    • Reeto

      Once u buy a RE, u will get familiar with not just battery but all other associated issues

  • Alex Harrington

    Hi Sridhar,
    When did you book for DS? What was your waiting period?

  • Vishakh

    Is desert storm and battle green are available in C350?

  • shubhojeet

    i am in dilema, i will be purchasing a byk in upcoming month……now after reading this blog i am stuck wether it’s a good idea to buy 500cc RE… i am an occasional traveller by byk (now when i say occasional i mean it but the rides are crazy as hell) …i am also weighing option of going for avenger …… i discussed the technical glitches mentioned in ur blog with one of my friend, he listened to me carefully and then concluded if u don’t hv a RE, u don’t have RE (taking cue from the iphone add)…… now i am really confused to my core…need suggestions……. any1 up for solution

    • Reeto

      Go for the new Karizma ZMR

  • jayant

    Hello friends,
    Great to have all this information.I want to book DS 5000cc. Please guide more about its Vibration & battery issues . Thanking you.

  • rajat sharma

    @ faisal sir , my height is 5 ft 6 in. Will dis bike suit me? Please rply .

    • Yes, it will suit you, don’t worry, go for it.

  • Ram verma

    Hi guys I want to buy ‘RE desert storm is there any rusting problem pls suggest me to buy this or not

    • Reeto

      Do not buy it, its not a reliable machine. Better buy a Karizma

  • Naveenchandra Kumar

    Having known all those issues about RE bikes, one still dies to have one Bullet bike. Why? No one knows. I don’t know why I love my bike (RE Classic DS 500) so much despite the fact that I am in the service station at least twice in a month. I have tried two other bikes from bajaj(caliber and avenger), my love with those bikes were only limited to honeymoon, even though both are great value for the every penny paid. Those who are very practical in life, should never buy RE bikes, because it is for adventurous people. Yes, there are problems with my bike, let me be upfront about it, But, I can’t think about having those plastic bikes again.

  • Naveenchandra Kumar

    Someone asked about rusting problem. It is not specific problem of RE DS 500, it is a common problem in all the Bullets due to ill maintenance. Bull requires almost everyday attention, please. Have a spanner set, cleaning kit, polishing sprays and enjoy everyday workout with your life partner.

  • Naveenchandra Kumar

    Among all the Bullets, which one is the best? I feel “Bullet 500”, Don’t book any other RE bikes before trying this wonderful, smooth, powerful, old fashioned, cool to ride at 40kph speed bike. RE DS 500 is little on the higher speed, it is sweet to ride it between 60 and 80, and of-course above 80, it is even sweeter.

  • Jithin

    Hi All,

    I am planning to buy DS 500 this month.
    I read a few review from that and i got that the bike is not that cool.
    I just want anyone to make a clear picture which RE bike should i buy?????
    I am gonna buy RE bike only.
    Just gime some advice.

  • Anand

    Hi Folks,

    I am just a fresher for Desert Storm 500. As i m seeing lot of posts were post 1 years and ago, so i hope you ppl have better knowledge about DS5.
    Please share me how to take care DS5.

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