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Fiat Upgrading Ground Clearance For A Cost

2012 Fiat Linea Ground Clearance

FIAT is offering owners of the pre-2012 Grande Punto and Linea an option to upgrade their cars ground clearance to that of the recently launched 2012 models. The company has commenced this exercise at the dealer for a nominal cost. The Italian automaker has made kits, wherein you can also update features of the 2012 FIATs on your old Punto or Linea. FIAT says this is part of their efforts to remember old customers and give them good service. Remember, FIAT forgot Uno customer when they launched Palio, then they forgot Palio customers when they launched Linea but hopefully they don’t forget any of their customers anymore.

FIAT India upgraded the ground clearance of the 2012 Linea and Grande Punto to 185 mm. The Punto 1.2 petrol has an even higher ground clearance of 195 mm. The old Grande Punto Diesel variants have a ground clearance of 171 mm, while the petrol variants have a ground clearance of 173 mm. The Linea has a ground clearance of 170 mm. Many FIAT owners have complained that their cars scrape speed-breakers and hence the ground clearance was raised by the company factoring in customer feedback.

Thanks Mohit Soni for the tip.

Fiat Punto 2012 Ground Clerance

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  • pulsarboy

    Looks like Fiat is finally headed in right direction, this is a good move.

  • Rajan

    I like the idea of the kits to upgrade to 2012. I always felt that companies should provde such options to their old customers.

  • kedar

    Nominal cost???

    • Faisal

      Kedar, yes they say so!

  • Sushrut

    FIAT shud at least bring a 16V 1.2 ltr engine which is also fuel efficient. There are many hatches which weigh more than Punto but are still efficient.

  • ravindra

    its realy good but will it affect suspension?wt about price?

    • Faisal

      Ravindra, prices are not yet disclosed. We will update you as soon as we get more information.

  • Ninu

    i dont think many people complained about less ground clearance in linea & punto, its the Figo which ford should revise its ground clearance.

  • kedar

    I am happy ground clearance of my Punto 90HP. I am not going to upgrade my Punto :-).

    Ninu any update about the price for this upgrade.

  • asif aziz

    kindly let me know what will be the total cost of upgrading the G.C of my linea bought in dec2011….and will it be possible in J&k.

    • Faisal

      Asif, cost is around Rs. 11,000/- and is possible at any Fiat dealer in India.

  • asif aziz

    in addition to G.C will it be possible to tweak the diesel engine to better efficiency

    • Faisal

      Asif, Fiat is not tuning the engine yet.

  • Bibin

    Linea Ground Clearance Kit – INR 10899.60
    Punto Petrol Ground Clearance Kit – INR 11900.30
    Punto Diesel Ground Clearance Kit – INR 10899.60

    The above is the cost of the parts kit reqd to do the modification for ground clearance. Labour charges will be in addition to the parts cost. Any other misc cost, may also be applicable in addition to the above costs if reqd.

    Note: Above mentioned cost may vary or change without any prior intimation. The ground clearance upgrade kit will have to be ordered specially by the service centers

  • Johar singh

    As per your advice I am considering buying Figo titanium diesel or Tata Vista vx diesel. Figo has laden Gc problems, less fe, and no power windows in the rear. And Tata suffers from bad a.s.s., niggles and reputation.
    Suggest the best alternative out of two. Can I increase gc figo.

    • Faisal Khan

      Johar, Figo a better car overall. Yes you can increase GC but there is no need to do so, if you drive it carefully over speed-breakers.

  • jits

    I just got my linea GC increased today. even by the looks it seems like the car wont scrape now. but it cost me a 23k price. lets see now whether it scraps or not……

    • Faisal Khan

      Jits, how much time did they take to increase the GC?

  • jits

    The original GC as per the Enggr was 158mm but now they how increased it to 182mm, quite a difference. And the difference is visible the car hasn’t scrapped since increasing GC.

    • Faisal Khan

      Jits, original GC is 170 mm.

  • Ayush Rastogi

    awesome info….i am the owner of Fiat Linea….facing the same problem of GC…..please suggest me which dealer provides best service…i am reside near Karol Bagh…..and if anyone know the exact cost of that kit…please inform me.

    • Faisal Khan

      Ayush, around Rs. 13,000/-

  • Sukesh Kaul

    A local mechanic has told me that he can do this for 5k. Not sure if I should go ahead. However the cost of getting it fitted through fiat is 4 times

    • Faisal Khan

      Sukesh, yes Fiat will obviously charge more.

  • AK Chaudhary

    Dear Mr Faisal,
    Why should FIAT charge for GC. In fact its a design flaw which necceiated FIAT to upgrade the GC. It was designed as per Italian road conditipons not considring indian road consitions. FIAT should infact recall all its Customers pre-2012 and fit it free of cost as it is techincal design fault. FIAT upgraded the air conditiong system without any charges as it was not cooling by relacing the cooling module which was also design flaw as it was underdeisgned. Upgrading GC is not a part of part of product development. What your advice?

    • Faisal Khan

      AK, they are charging due to labour cost although the upgrade should be done for free.

    • AK Chaudhary

      But they are asking money for upgrade and are not specifying that it is labour cost only, rather they are chraging for the GC kit which is totally unfair and unjustified and FIAT is following unfaior trade pratice. In fact thay are stating that since it is a part of regular product development, it does not qualify for kit without charge. What your suggestion ? Is is correct

    • Faisal Khan

      AK, can’t say much as its not compulsory to get the kit. Also Linea performs better without the increased GC.

  • Rajeev

    I am planning to increase the GC of my punto diesel bought in 2010. I am not sure if the GC of 2012 punto is enough? and how the stability is, wuld it impact to a greater margin(Ex:- Like the movement tat we know in Scorpio on a long drive).
    Its confirmed that the cost will be Rs:- 14,800.
    Please suggest me the pros and cons of the same.


    1.u do not have to get tensed evert tym u approach a speed breaker.
    2.u will be more focussing on rather than on the speedbreakers.
    3.u won’t be doing anymore touch-ups to the undercarriage and front bumper of ur car. 185mm GC to 170mm GC of ur punto.
    5.u can sail over speebreakers while fully loaded without breaking a sweat.

    and now the
    1.low slung stance of the punto will be altered :(
    2.bit of body roll comparatively (but will be still tracking its line like it did)

    so here u go AK ,u have 5 PROS n 2 CONS….now u make ur pick..all the best ;)


    *errata (ooops!!!!!)
    2. u will be focussing on the road rather than on the speedbreakers.


    my reply was meant for RAJEEV’s query by mistake i typed AK…….

  • Rajeev

    @SPITFIRE:- Thankyou for your valuable 7 points.

    1. Would you suggest me to increase the GC with Fiat Services or outside of it. The rate is 3-4 times the actual price.
    2. From your points i guess you should be either a 2012 model fiat owner or must have increased the GC of the old model.Can you share you experience, weather you feel the GC is enough, or at any instances you have hit the bottom part.

  • zahoorahmad576

    Faisal I m thinking to buy Chevrolet beat diesel Ls or lt car plz give me suggestion shall I buy or not

    • Faisal Khan

      What exactly are your requirements from the car?

  • tariq

    Planning deisel hatchback ..
    Confused between punto and beat
    Sujjest a better for rural as well for highway

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