Having got inside information from our sources in TATA Motors, we got to know that  the much awaited Fiat Linea had reached the dealerships. So we gave the Tata-Fiat dealership a call, inquired about having a look and we were told  to come down anytime. Not wasting mush time, the staff at Motorbeam went to Tata-Fiat to have a look at the Fiat Linea. What happened ahead is totally unexpected and shocking from a company of TATA’S repute.

Our photographer started to click pictures of the Fiat Linea and he was stopped from doing so. After informing the dealership that we were from Motorbeam, we were spoken to rudely and denied permission to click any pictures. However, we continued to do our job, so that the readers of Motorbeam can check out the pictures asap.

One salesman comes up saying  – “This is my premise, you can’t take pictures. This is my car, you can’t take pictures”

Such arrogance and poor behaviour is not expected from a dealership, which is supposedly the best and only dealership in Navi Mumbai,  and is selling products of a company as big as the TATA’S. If the best dealer behaves this way, we can only imagine what the others will be like.

Reasons for pictures not to be taken – Fiat has not launched the car yet. So you cant take pictures.

Our question to Fiat – If you have not launched the car just yet, then why do you deck it all up and park it in the showroom. Why does the salesman ask us to come down to check the car out when you are so hide hide about the car?

Our advice to Fiat – If this is the attitude of your dealerships then trust us, not many would want to buy your car. Whats wrong with taking pictures? If  we were the owners of Fiat, we would write there “Take as many pictures as you want”.  Reason is simple. Someone is taking pictures of my car, and spreading the word for free. What else does a company want. But its sad that Fiat India’s management has remained stale since the days of the Sienna and will continue to be so. As for me, i wont buy a Fiat car. Don’t get me wrong, i love Fiat cars, they are extremely value for money, but they lack two things which is very very important. One is resale and the other is after sales service.

Our advice to all of you – If your buying a Fiat car, think twice, maybe thrice but make sure you get service. Because a product without good service is like a car without fuel. You can’t drive it, you can just admire it.