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Bajaj Pulsar To Yamaha R15 In Rs. 15,000/-

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Pulsar R15 Front

The Bajaj Pulsar is undoubtedly the most famous motorcycle in India. With so many Pulsars on the road, owners want to do something different, probably change the color or add a full fairing to their machines. On the other end, stands the Yamaha R15, which is by far acclaimed as the most stunning motorcycle in India. The R15 does not come cheap and the aggressive riding position makes many not consider it. But can you get the best of both worlds? A Pulsar which looks like the R15? Yes you definitely can.

Sundhar Vamsi mailed us these pictures and claims he can modify your Pulsar to look like an R15. The cost for this job is Rs. 15,000/- and includes painting (any color) and two piece handle bar. What you will essentially get is the R15’s front with the twin-headlights and full fairing. We can’t judge the quality of the work by looking at these pictures, we are just letting our readers know about it as we get repeated emails asking how to turn their Pulsar to look like an R15. Interested people can contact Sundhar at wsundhar at gmail dot com.

What do you think of this? Would you turn your Pulsar into the R15 or would you rather spend that money on performance parts?

Pulsar To R15 Modification

Pulsar R15 Fairing

Pulsar Full Fairing

Pulsar Modified R15 Lookalike

Twin Headlights Pulsar

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  • Ysak

    shud hav a meaty silencr as tat of p220..

    n abt the fairings..heat cud b a big tym prob here as itz an aircooled machine..

  • George

    I had rather buy a R15 be the original

  • Definitely the R15.. at the end with looks what matters is the performance.. and yes.. there is a special attachment to R15.. rather shell out that 1.2 L on r15 than settling on anything lesser.

  • Srikanth

    Foolery….get some performance parts with that money and make it run smoother and better. Its looking more like a ‘tapeon’ work.

  • Viky

    It is better to sell this crap nd buy a new R15

  • Viky

    Front looks like a pure R1 Superbike while rear looks like bad

  • Well well my planing is to buy new pulsar 200NS and then i wud go for this job on dat … Dat wud b gud i think… Perfomence plus style. Isn’t a good idea guys ??

    • Hunky

      Service in Authorized service center wont be welcome and forget about warranty !! No insurance also.. Secondly, I dont think its RTO authorized so may be some hassle from there, though that’s rare !!!

      Apart from that, yes, some people do like it, that’s why I do see many modified their RTR and Pulsar like this from local modification shops, here in Kolkata..

  • balak

    dear bike lover,
    i would like to appreciate “Sundhar Vamsi” for his innovation job.
    people who have already pulsar bike, may follow this design but after consider technical details.

    but one thing i would like to say to “Sundhar Vamsi ” please modified pulsar NS , and write the technical details. because the photo always silent about technical .

    Why PULSAR NS ?
    1. Displacement 199.5 cc
    2. Max Power 23.52 PS @ 9500
    3. Max Torque 18.3 Nm @ 8000
    4.Fuel system Carburettor, UCD 33
    Front Dia 280 mm Disc
    Rear Dia 230 mm Disc
    Front 100/80 – 17, 52 P, Tubeless
    Rear 130/70 – 17, 61 P, Tubeless

    pulsar NS= 1 00 000 (on road)
    modified cost = 15 000
    total = 1,15,000

    So new bike would be PULSAR R200 having
    1. great power and torque (which is needed for R15)
    2. style (as yamaha have)
    3. pillon safety (as new r15 pillon unsafe, feed back got from people)
    OFF COURSE PRICE 1,15,000
    if new YAMAHA would LAUNCHED with the 200 CC would not be price less than 1,30,000.

  • vijay

    awesomly ‘modified pulsar ‘ good job man!!

  • Hunky

    What’s so special about it ???

    RTR 180 / 160 with R15 cowl
    P200 / P220 DTSi with R15 cowl

    This modifications are pretty common for last couple of years now..

    I have even seen P135 with R15 cowl..

    Are they justified, sorry guys, this is an invalid question !! Modifications are always personal choice and everything is justified if the owner him self like it !!

    Now personally, yes, i agree, R15 is for Balance, breaking and power delivery smoothness !!! Cowl can’t replicate that, so personally, I will always select original !!

  • Somes

    i’d rather go for Yamaha ..modifying pulsar will only worse its driving economics …. as a stock pulsar is always a neat handling machine …. & adding these cowls , i’m not sure if it would last longer …
    if anything it to go by i ‘d choose to spend ma money on performance parts ….
    but these factors depend on owners …

  • Ruban

    i hav also want to do my pulsar like tat can u do it for me?????????
    plz contact me Ruban 9095103986

    • sundhar

      s i can mod ur bike like that
      my number is 8098985828

  • Shubham

    Really awsome work man it can’t posible cauze r15 is 1,35,000 nd yu r modifing pulsar at just 15,000 gud

  • Shaique faraz

    Kindly suggest me i want to modify my pulsar
    with r15 fairing.
    What would be the cost and/or if it could have some drawbacks ?

  • yokesh

    the r15 scoop is good for pulsar 180 & 220 then the r15 due to pulsar’s sharp edge ,but what will be the drag coefficient and weight after modification of pulsar any one know ? will be more ?

  • Eldhose Raju

    i hav a pulsar 2002 model bike,and i would like to cönvert it to a ducati or hayabusa…is it possible?then kindly sent me expense and furthur details..

  • Akash

    i have a hero honda glamour and i would like to conver into r15 is it possible in jaipur

  • Gowrishankar

    hi sundar,
    i wud lyk to modify my cbz extreme. kindly suggest a shop to do the same. or if possible let me know how to do the modification.

  • zubair


    I have Bajaj Platina can any one suggest me
    can i modify platina as R15

    • Zubair, no you can’t.

    • zubair

      thanks for reply faisal can you plz explane me y i cant coz m really wan to do this


    @motorbeam……. why do you guys bring out articles like this?????? these kinds of conversion are totally lame….because the conversion never retains the originality of the bike, that fairing will suit always a high revving motor which R15 has and not a Pulsar’s, i am a Pulsar fan but TRUTH should be told, the pulsar powertrain trumps R15’s high revving motor only in lower rpm band which is useful in traffic and for that purpose fairing upgrade is totally no-brainer n moreover the rider won’t be able to capitalise the aerodynamic efficiency of the fairing…so i think this conversion is utterly lame n lousy…..

    • Spitfire, people want to see such things so we post it.



  • ram

    where it is.posible r15 new in 2013 models kit r availble or not cantact no please i am from vijayawada


    I have a black fazer i would like to modified it into r15/r6 how much for the modification

  • karthi

    i like the looks of r15 but perfomance wise i choose pulsar 220f ! so i think i should modify 220 to r15 ! for a look but it may lead some problem i think like over heating! is there any solution !

  • shaik rizwan

    assalam alaikum faizal khan mai bhi meri pulsar 150 ku r15 me modify karna cha hatahun mai pulser 150 leke 2 months hora bhai modify kare baad mileage me kuch difference hai ta nai hai ta mileage to same deti na? our pulser air cooled engine hai r15 Liquid Cooled engine hai kuch problem to nai haita na faizal bhai , our aap kahan pe modify karte? mai Hyderabad me rehta hun aap ka adreas bhego plzzzzzzzzzzz khudahafiz meri email id plz bhai msg karo

  • mathi

    i want to modify my HONDA UNICORN to R15 is that possible. if possible hw much it will cost n wer can i get R15 front portion .


    I have pulsar 180 i want modify to R15 how much it will cost n wer can i get R15 front portion .
    and where is modification place city.

  • Ani Kashyap

    Hey Hiii Faisal ….I have pulsar 220 i want modify it in to R15 how much it will cost. And were, i get R15 to Red color. .
    and where is modification place city.

  • Mohamed Yamin

    I have a Pulsar 150.. And I want to modify it like this.. can somebody help, because I am in Maldives..

    • kazim ali

      Its simple consult a mechanic and tell him to design the inner clamps for the fairy and then fix it

  • Fazal Khan

    Hi Faisal,
    I have a Pulsar 150cc bike.. And I want to modify it like this i.e Yamaha R15.. and can you please tell me how much total cost for this modification. and where is your shop? I m from Mumbai.

    • Yash naik

      Hey fazal I cn mod it into r15 … Juz whatsapp me over

    • You can’t.

  • Yash naik

    Hey guys … M frm Mumbai … I cn modify any of d pulsar series into r15 … In just re 18,000 … It includes ful front n back fairing … Dn miss this opportunity to mod ua bike … Contact me on whatsapp or u cn call me on 8097321681

  • alem

    Bro,i wan 2 modify my pulsar 15o to r15v2 ,so is it possible,nly dat frnt covr,n ful covr exctly like r15 in blck colour ,so hw mch it wil cost

    • kazim ali

      Only the front fairy ll cost u around 15k

  • sameer

    hello….can i make my fazzer into r15 look….if can,,,what will be da least cost

  • sameer

    what will be the disadvantages

  • ankit mishra

    i own a bajaj discover i want basic mods like a splitted handle and power horn and some good light. also a is splitted seat is always welcome

  • saravanan

    Waste of time and money …. better buy an r 15 if u need a r15 …..if bike engine starts heating up.. gradually it leads to break down of vehicle

  • kazim ali

    I ve a 2007 p200 i need to put the black colour r15 fairy fr it need to know the cost and details should the forks be hightened up? M frm mysore

  • harshal bairagi

    THIS MODIFICATION IS OSM but what about the engine temprature……………….is tere any way to pass out the engine heat off from the bike………………………….if yes plz reply.Then i will take my PULSAR for modification

  • Kavin Raj

    how can i contact u ?? reply me with this no 9710421400 ASAP

  • shrikanth

    Hi Faisal ihave the pulsar 135 Iwant modify to Yamaha r15 its possible &wts the cost off that, in banglore

    • It’s not advisable although anything is possible.

  • Aj Falke


  • Aj Falke



  • prashant harry

    Hi Faisal,

    Can i change my Pulsar 135ls’ whole body and replace it with yamaha R15’s body ri8 from tank to whole fairing.

    • No you can’t. It will require a lot of work.

  • Kamal Iazaz

    Hey guys, i wanna modify my pulsar 150 bike please help me friends

  • Sunny singh

    Hii I want to modified my bick pulsar 150 9999492309

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