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KTM Duke 200 vs Pulsar 200 NS – Shootout

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Duke 200 vs Pulsar 200 NS

Shootout – KTM Duke 200 vs Pulsar 200 NS

Both the KTM Duke 200 and Pulsar 200 NS offer so much fun, you simply can’t go wrong with either.

The Bajaj Pulsar needs absolutely no introduction, its one of the most popular bike brands to have ever gone on sale in India. The latest iteration of the Pulsar, the 200 NS is a massive leap for Bajaj Auto. But this leap doesn’t come so easily. The Pulsar 200 NS inherits many parts and styling cues from the KTM Duke 200. Bajaj Auto owns around 47% stake in KTM and also manufactures the Duke 200 for the Austrian company. Both the Duke 200 and Pulsar 200 NS are very similar machines – both bikes are naked street-fighters using similar engines and offering a total racket for your money’s worth!

Pulsar 200 NS vs KTM Duke

Styling – Both the Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS and KTM Duke 200 follow a similar styling direction. Both bikes have muscular tanks, raised rear seats, underbelly exhausts and exposed body parts. The Duke 200’s attention to detail and color layout makes it more eye catchy on the road. You simply can’t miss this KTM when its around. From the alien headlight to the massive rear tyre, the Duke 200 is pure visual delight. The Pulsar 200 NS is not far behind and looks striking at the front and side. The rear number plate mount and smart alloy-wheels really stand out but the mundane looking tail section reminds you of old Pulsars!

KTM Duke 200 Instrument ConsolePulsar 200 NS Instrument Console

Instrument Cluster and Switch Gear – The Pulsar 200 NS gets an all new instrument cluster, which is extremely easy to read. The analog tachometer takes centre stage while the digital speedometer is positioned on the right and carries quite a bit of vital information. There is a shift light too and the console is very well designed. The Duke 200 carries an instrument cluster which is very KTM. This orange backlit console is not the easiest to read in sunny conditions but carries a plethora of information. The mode and set buttons are slightly hard though. With so much performance on tap, we would have loved an analogue tachometer, just like the Pulsar 200 NS.

Pulsar 200 vs Duke 200 Shootout

Performance – Both these bikes are powered by 199.5cc, single-cylinder, 4-valve, liquid-cooled engines, with identical bore and stroke. The Pulsar 200 NS employs triple spark plugs, SOHC and a carburetor, resulting in a peak power output of 23.17 BHP at 9500 RPM and a peak torque output of 18.3 Nm of torque at 8000 RPM. The Duke 200 employs just a single spark plug and uses DOHC along with fuel injection for a slightly higher power output of 25 BHP at 10,000 RPM and 19.2 Nm of torque at 8000 RPM. Both bikes are mated to smooth shifting 6-speed transmissions. Both these machines have a very revv-happy engine which is always ready to rush to the redline. While the Duke 200 is almost vibration free at any point of the powerband, the Pulsar 200 NS does show a hint of vibration.

[youtube: 540 375]

The Duke 200 has very short gearing, which makes it a complete racket right from the word go. Acceleration is immediate and completely ballistic, with the Duke rushing to its redline with utmost zest. So quick is the Duke 200 to reach its redline, that you are often rudely welcomed by the revv-limiter at 10,500 RPM. The Pulsar 200 NS has slightly taller gearing, which enables you to time your shifts without being caught abruptly by the revv-limiter. The 200 NS is not far behind in acceleration but the Duke 200’s lighter body further accentuates its power to weight ratio, making it the quicker bike of the two. The Duke 200 is almost half a second quicker to 100 km/hr and both bikes will hit triple digit speeds is less than 10 seconds. The Pulsar 200 NS somehow manages to have a higher top speed though. It is also slightly more frugal.

Pulsar 200NS vs Duke 200 Comparison

Riding Dynamics – The Duke 200 and Pulsar 200 NS possess very strong dynamics. The Duke 200 does edge ahead of the Pulsar 200 NS thanks to top notch hardware. While both bikes use a rear monoshock, the Duke 200 uses upside-down forks at the front and a trellis frame, while the Pulsar 200 NS uses telescopic forks and a perimeter frame. The Duke also boasts of wider handle bars, wider rear tyre and braided hose lines. This results in the Duke 200 being the sharper handler of the two, cutting through corners like a sharp knife does through butter.

The Pulsar 200 NS is splendid through corners too and inspires tremendous confidence to enable the rider to push hard. This splendid handling can be attributed to the 50:50 weight distribution. Both bikes are slightly on the stiffer side but the Pulsar 200 NS is more comfortable of the two. Even though the Duke 200 has a bigger disc brake at the front (300 mm vs 280 mm), the Pulsar’s petal discs offer better bite.

Pulsar vs Duke Review

Verdict – The KTM Duke 200 and Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS are two bikes which are similar in many aspects. Both offer splendid performance, sharp handling, good brakes and an absolutely bang for your buck pricing. The Duke 200’s Rs. 1.51 lakh price is 50% more than the Pulsar 200 NS’ Rs. 1.02 lakh price (on-road, Mumbai). While the Duke 200 offers way superior hardware, the Pulsar 200 NS offers almost similar levels of thrills at a much cheaper cost. Choosing one amongst them is not at all a difficult job. If your budget permits, the KTM Duke 200 is worth the extra moolah, but the Pulsar 200 NS will still keep your adrenaline running high, making both these machines an absolutely joy to ride.

If you want a fast yet affordable motorcycle, both the Pulsar 200 NS and Duke 200 fit the bill. Entertaining performance and precise handling makes these maniac machines extremely desirable.

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  • rajesh

    Bajaj has completely revolutionalized biking, kudos to them!

  • anish

    why there is so much price difference? i feel bajaj has only caused the sales of duke to not pick up

  • Karthik

    I wish Bajaj could do a bit more with faired version of pulsar.. Probably from KTM’s RC series..

    • Karthik

      Meant bringing in a faired version

  • mahindra

    i have test drived both these machines… duke offers superb break performance than 200ns… duke feels like that you have slammed to a wall when you hit those steel braided brakes… duke will be the ultimate 200cc street fighter…

  • sushant

    give me a 200 NS Fi ;p

  • kailash

    giving an extra 50000 for just 1 bhp extra will be foolish… so 200ns is the best yet afordable….

    • Kailash, the difference is more than 1 BHP. See the hardware on the Duke 200.

  • ms

    is pulsar 200ns engine reliable?

  • Ravi

    @ms: I have bought 200 ns 4 days back and I have been riding it in the best making smooth gear shifts and reving engine slowly and smoothly. I had a honda achiever earlier which I revved without care from day 1 and to be true it was smoother. Although I have been told that my bike will be much better after 1 servicing. Still my brother had P150 and this vehicle is much smoother than it.

  • crazywheels

    Pulsar 200 NS has soft suspension than that of Duke. When i drove duke, i thought the suspension does’nt work!..Too hard on the backbone when the tyre falls on the potholes. Pulsar seems to have good suspension and mileage figures are also good on pulsar. Also we can carry someone on the back in pulsar without any worries! .
    Any way the monoshock suspension cant beat the comfort of unicorn. Also i am worried about the life of Nitrox suspension. In other Pulsars the notrox suspension fails to achieve smoothness after 1 year of usage. But the cost is only 750 Rs for a single one, whereas 1200 for the GRS suspension of Hunk.

  • Kunal Halder

    KTM Duke 200 vs Pulsar 200 NS – Shootout………………. It remembering me an old funny jock………………………. A multinational science conference join American, Germany, Japanese and Indian scientists. An American scientist announced that he was invention a micro thread that is thinner than human hair, German scientist announced that his team can able to make tunnel in that micro thread, Japanese scientist announced that his team can put a micro chip in the micro thread tunnel but Indian scientist remain silence. So other scientist asking ti Indian scientist what can you do for that thread? Chuckled Indian scientist , he telling them that his team can labeled that invention “MADE IN INDIA” and marketing in India! ;-)

  • shlok

    I think Pulsar 200ns is better…

  • Reeto

    This article is grossly misleading. I have owned a 200 NS and used it for 5000+ kms. The Pulsar 200 NS has excessive vibrations on the seat, handlebar and tank. This completely hampers its ride quality. Even the pillion seat and foot pegs aren’t spared from vibrations. The Duke is much more refined a machine than the Pulsar 200 NS.

    • Reeto, the vibrations issue is not with every Pulsar. Some bike have it, some don’t. Although I completely agree its the fault of the company for producing bikes with inconsistent quality.

  • bhuwan

    pulsr 200ns my fav bike ever..but little dispointed for head …but very sexy bike :)

  • manalicha

    Pulsar 200khn dekhiboloi goru pukor nisina lage..

  • Shashank Mishra

    always with the 200ns …….. i knw duke is better but when it comes to paying rs. 50000 extra , one should go with the plsr 200ns …… i had a ride on it a few days back and only one word comes to my mind ” AWESOME ” …… GO WITH THE 200NS .. ITS NO LESS THN THE KTM DUKE 200

  • AKu

    which is better in pulsar 180 and suggest me..

  • Nilesh

    HI guys , i have a pulsar 200 ns , really i got amazed by its performance .whereever i go in this bike , people around me always asks about the bike,now i feel proud to the owner .This bike really worth for money. After feeling the extreme power of my pulsar 200ns , now i’m eagerly waiting for pulsar 350 ns .

  • Akash

    Faisal, please clearly tell me what are the taxes and other things are included in the showroom price to get on-road price… Please explain me…

    • Akash, taxes like RTO, insurance, other than the various taxes which are already charged by the government before the ex-showroom price is reach upon.

  • Harshad

    Hey i am planning to buy a bike. But i m confused btwn ktm Duke 200 and Pulsar 200ns for which one should i go for please help

  • Harshad

    hey faisal can u tell me the nearest showroom from thane for duke b’cos i live in thane. And the current price for ktm duke 200

    • Harshad, not sure of dealer in Thane but there is one in Vashi. Price is around Rs. 1.52 lakhs.

  • Harshad

    Kk..Thnzz for the info Faisal

  • Rohit

    I m owning nw p150 bt nw I want to buy new bike nd I have some options on my mind actually I confuse. p180 or cbr150 or duke200 or fz.. I want good looks, comfort nd quick bike. pls suggest me one.

    • Rohit, CBR150R for comfort, Duke 200 for speed and FZ a mix of both.

    • Rohit

      Thnx Faisal,so shall I go for fz nd hw abt p180

    • Rohit, P180 good but nothing awesome about it.

  • Rohit

    hws 200 ns

    • Good but reliability issues heard about.

    • Rohit

      so Duke or fz

  • Sharnil

    Faisal,please tell me the of Duke in Pune….and which is better for ONLY speeed-Karizma or duke or 200ns????

    • Surya

      Go for Duke or p200ns both are of same engine technology. But Duke is better because it has fuel injected technology. If you want more speed go for kawasaki ninja . If this speed is not enough for u then you can buy 1000 or 2000cc bikes like hayabusa or ducati.

  • Surya

    Go for Duke or p200ns both are of same engine technology. But Duke is better because it has fuel injected technology. If you want more speed go for kawasaki ninja.

  • Surya

    If products are made in india then the company should write made in india on it.
    Nokia belongs to finland but you can see made in china or made in India on its packaging box.

  • Rohith

    I’m little bit confused in chosing the fz or 200 ns which one should i take?

    • Wick

      200 NS is better if ur comparing it with FZ.

  • Sudersan

    Guys,I ve just read all the comments,and thought I could ask my own doubt.can a ktm 200s engine be fitted in a r15 v2.0.if so where and how much will it cost.all necessary details pls :D

  • Wick

    Confused from last 1 week in finalizing which bike to choose in segment of 100k.
    This is my personnel review (* Don’t know what other feels about it ).
    Firstly decide what u wanna choose ………SPEED , PERFORMANCE or CRUISING .
    I am a big fan of CBR 250 R , but just for the budget of 1.75 lk it become lil bit :( sad face on me .
    As so many ppl have doubts regarding bajaj 200NS and Duke 200 ,
    Pulsar 200 NS is a very nice bike if you really can’t go for 1.5lk but if you can don’t lag behind.
    duke 200 is actually perfect engineered vehicle with a central gravity , superb performance in any gear.
    You got shocked when u look that this bike can move to 48km/hr in 1st gear. Guys as KTM is having contract with bajaj .
    So every time KTM deliver some racing machine bajaj also release some bike compatible to it .
    KTM in world market don’t need any introduction :D
    We all know KTM Duke 390(2.75lk in Pune ) is on its launching race track …………just wait and watch for pulsar 350NS to launch with a segment of minimum 1.7lk – 2.0 lk.
    Decision depend on ur budget……….as u increase it u find something better ((((((you can opt for ninja 300 too :) if you can pay RTO 30000 as ;) TAX …….)))) .

    I wish i could put some light on CBR 150 r ………guys yamaha r15 is a better option if you put performance a lil bit aside as R15 chasis is like a loaded metal with creative fiber structure ( iam actually afraid of fiber )

  • Rohith

    What’s the difference between pulsar 200ns and pulsar 200ns fi? Does anything change in specs?

  • rahul

    Faisal want 2 buy a bike in june 2013..confused between 200ns n duke bcz
    as duke is an excellent bike but its fuel economy is nt dat reliable , d short pillion n bike comfort.. dats all i need n want in a bike and as im 5’10” ft .
    200ns is like ..what i need.. but bcz of d carburetor(does dat matter much as compared 2 fi), bajaj reliability,..dont feel dat confident as ktm!!

    So accordingly what should be my best buy a 200ns or duke200 …or wait for the 200ns fi(actually dnt want 2 wait) to launch???n why?
    Waiting for ur rply!!!!!

    • Rahul, get the Duke 200, eyes closed. 200 NS FI not coming anytime soon.

  • rohit

    I am confused btwn these two bikes 200ns or ktm duke.. So which one i should go for as our highway ‘s are givng us off-road experiences. And tell me the on- road price of these two bikes in Banderdewa Arunachal pradesh..

  • ganesh

    Hey Faisal please tell me what will be the average of ktm duke 200 in mumbai city.

  • Sanjay

    Hi Faisal,
    I am looking for a Bike bellow the range of 1.5 lac. I am 6 feet tall and lean guy. I do not how to ride a motorcycle. I have gone through all the reviews but very confused on what to buy. Duke is good but its pillion seating position is too bad, CBR150r is quite attractive, but still Duke 200 lure more. Considering that i am naive in this field, could you please suggest a right bike for me. (mostly i will use it for city ride)

    • Sanjay, go for the Duke.

    • chaithu

      dude im planin on buying a duke but im concerned about the height issue duke is a small bike for a 6 foot person what about the riding position and ive heard that it also rises issues about breaking and gear shifting because of the odd position that a tall guy gets and his foot gets on duke 200 and if i move back any further ill push ma girl off the bike(limited pillion seat) plz answer

  • Sanjay

    Thanks for the prompt response, Just few more queries.
    I am learning to ride so will that be fine to start with 200 CC of raw power and will this be comfortable, I need to travel 50 KM everyday with a pillion person, i heard a lot that it’s very uncomfortable to pillion because of very small in size. What could be the approx on-road price at Ahmadabad. (any other good alternatives)

    • Sanjay, 200cc is fine even if you are a learner, just go slow and understand the machine and riding before extracting all those horses.

  • Mimo Ali

    Hey Faisal…What is the mileage of duke 200??

    • Mimo, 30 km/l.

    • Mimo ali

      Thnx man,, i am going to buy one soon and i want to know about ktm z ring chain for duke 200 and also will it be good if i use one in my bike?? And also want to know the price?? Thnx in advance

  • ashutosh

    wats d difference btween 200ns and 200ns fi?
    plz can u tell me faisal.

  • abhi

    Y, Pulsar 200 NS Performance Is Gradually Getting Down, Starting It Was 60 km/hr @ 4 RPM, But Now It’s Reaching Only 55 km/hr @ Same RPM Rate… .
    Right Now My ODO Is @ 5500… .. .

  • abhi

    ‘Faisal’ Bro, Question It’s 4r ‘U’, Bcz No One Has Better Answer Than ‘U’… .. .

  • Krishna

    faisal, what is the top speed and mileage of duke 200.
    which has the top speed duke or 200 ns.

    • Krishna, according to Bajaj, Duke 200 is faster by 2 km/hr but on the road and speedo, it’s different. Duke 200 returns around 30-35 km/l.

  • Vishal D

    Hey Faisal
    I booked a KTM 390. is it a wise choice n how reliable are KTM machines as I saw a comment of performance going down after first service.


    duke 200 is better than 200 ns . but duke 200 is too much expensive than 200 ns

  • santosh

    Which one is best bike pulsar 200ns or ktm duke 200.for long life use?

  • kushagr chugh

    hey faisal cn I buy 200 ns if it doesn’t have vubration problem?

    • Yes but it does have vibe issues.

    • imperialmanju

      I own a 200NS and no it doesn’t have engine vibe problems. It has fairing vibe problems, which can be easily solved. AFAIK, my bike is almost bullet-proof with zero problems since day one. And I have done trips riding 130 kmph for 200kms continuously, on very rough roads through the ghats. I rip it daily. Still it sits there, ready for more with zero problems. And I am not alone with such opinions.

      But, if someone is confused b/w Duke or NS, they should go for the Duke though. But writing off a NS just because it is a Pulsar is misleading.

    • No one is writing off Pulsar. The 200 NS is a very good bike but Bajaj needs to acknowledge issues faced by some owners and resolve them.

  • santosh

    Thanx faisal.& why

  • ajay

    machi dukes are not much stylish . it may be faster and its top speed may be 138kmph but not like NS . NS has great acceleration…………. switch to NS

  • hidayath

    Do we have to put speed petrol in duke 200 or the normal one ?

  • muzammil

    What should be minimum height of rider for duke 200 pl suggest

  • muzammil

    Best bike between pulser200 ns ane duke 200,, daily running 50 kms with both good and bad road,,,,

  • Rudra

    sir im street racer and … i like ride mah bike very fast ,……
    me sirf or sirf ye jannana chah ta hu ki ,…. mujhe 200ns me wo quality milegi kya …ki me bike ko
    fast bhi ride karun or us ka engine …. mere sath mere hisab se kam kare…..

    or phir agar…. duke bhi nhi lu to is buget me …. mujhe konsi street racing bike milegi …. plz sir think and rpl

    • 200 NS is not having quality similar to the Duke 200.

  • haemant

    well..i own a 220f r8 now.!
    & i’v planned to move to 200ns..because
    -cheap & a very affordable price! so u’l save few bucks at the insurance premium payment
    -service cost of 200ns is below 1k..
    wer as inmy town udupi(60 kms from manglore karnataka)
    servicing a duke would cost 3k
    -discussions on power & torque has been done in prev coments..
    -when it comes for riding 200ns is way better with its rear suspension & softer seats & very comfy!
    -& obviosly higher mileage!
    so when calculating mileage of 200ns is really affordable!
    paying 50k may save upto 30k less in mantanance fee..
    & about pulsar engine..
    one must necessarily take extra care about engine oil & oiling of running parts.initialy!
    & rest it serves you for a good life time!

    • 200 NS is good choice, see if you can get the Duke 200.

    • PriTesh

      Bhai Pulsar 200ns ka overall mileage kitna he ??

  • Ishan Bhardwaj

    I am planning to buy KTM Duke 200. I still have got 2 to 3 weeks to make up my mind about it.
    Reading all the reviews, I have some questions.
    @FAISAL – Can you give me some info about the over heating problem in Duke? Also do you have an idea if this problem persists in Pulsar as well?

    Pulsar obviously is famous only for Mileage. Comparing the 150CC with Yamaha FZ, again the only good thing about Pulsar is the mileage. After 3 years the bike sounds like crap.
    I am afraid about the same thing when i consider Pulsar 200NS. The bike is worth it only for 3 years or max 4 years. But looking at a broader aspect Duke will obviously be worth paying the extra 50K.

    • Get the Duke, the 200 does not heat at all.

  • Viki

    I have already done 10000 + km on my NS, and more than 3, single trips of 600+ km, its just an year now since I bought this. I agree to couple of guys and disagree with few, mileage, least bothered when u r at 200cc range, nut comfort and convinience matters a lot. When I went for a lookout on 200+ range bikes..I liked avenger because I like long drives and it suits the best but I am also a city runner with hitting 100+ on inner roads, which is not possible in avenger, ktm looks absurd to me, I know many may like it but its visual appeal is not at all cozy, the absence of fair seating for pillion is a big lack.

  • Viki

    Forgot to mention, who says NS is slow, I have hit 147 myself on this runner in Coimbatore Chennai by pass and am sure could have hit 150 had I tried. I have driven the beast at 100+ speeds for more than 30 mins at a stretch at so many occasions and 600km continuous in less than 9 hrs. Just this Sunday I did a 220 km non stop drive and I am sure DUKE is least cozy considering those aspects of ride.
    I can see someone is really obsessed with Duke here but let me tell u, its not about preaching your obsession to others rather telling them why you like it better, but one should know, not all look for the same thing, its individuals choice at the end. For me Duke or NS, doesn’t make a difference, If KTM seems powerful, I would say you have not taken NS to its limits and rather than bike it’s your driving that makes all the difference,

  • Viki

    Yes about Vibes, people who say they have problem like vibes, abnormal grunt, etc
    Should redefine their gear shifting methods…driving in more variable conditions, learn how their shifting methods alter the way the bike grunts and which way it is more smoother. Its all again dependent on the way you drive, its easy to handle if you remember why you are pushing limits, its not just the frenzy but the ability that will take your ride to become comfortable.

  • chaitanya

    Are you saying all this by your personal experiences

  • Fraz Afridi

    Faisal sir Plz tell me which bike is value for money my age is 16 nd i love bikes Apache rtr 180 old model vs Pulsar 200 ns
    I wnt a bike with good handling comfortable good milage 35 to 40 nd low maiintence

  • Fraz Afridi

    sir i know r15 is best bike nd also my fav bike but my budget is under 1lakh plz tell me sir which bike is best for me nd stunt bike also i wnt

  • Nataraj

    Faisal..pls tell me..i want a bike under 1lakh p200ns is good option?..but i like duke very much..but its price seems to be high…really confused…i heard that pillon seat is small in that?? And my height 5’7 is that ok for 200ns …al are saying that ns seat is really high..tell me ur opinion…

    • 200 NS is good but Duke worth the extra price.

    • Nataraj

      Am 5’7 is that easy to handle 200ns??

    • Yes it is.

  • aoyn

    faisal vai i am 6 feet is 200 is good for me….can i ride it with my bro…plz tell

  • aoyn

    tnx vai

  • ajay

    faisal pls tell which is bst p200ns or duke200…really confused…for lifetym performance which can we choose ?

  • shabaz17

    Need to get a new bike…….. want a bike which looks muscular and a joy to ride…….budget is 1 lakh ….really confused

  • shabaz17

    and also the bike should be comfortable for long rides……

  • bikas14

    faisal bhai….i,ve a pulsar 200ns…one morning i was going at a speed of 60kmph ….when i break down …bike gets skidding n i fell down…i put two brakes at a time but fell down…plz say what was my mistake …how could i rectify while braking

    • Was the road having gravel on it? It could have caused the skid. Applying full brakes on non-ABS bikes can lead to them skidding. The tyres on the 200 NS aren’t good either.

  • bikash

    faisal bhai….what tyres shall i put in my ns for griping , cornering and braking for affordable price…please say…..

  • bikash

    faisal bhai….what tyres shall i put in my ns for griping , cornering and braking for affordable price…please say

  • sumit

    Hi Faisal bhai, I dont know how to ride bike but now deciding to buy a new one and get practiced, I like fzs and also ns200, which one should be suited for me as i am very new to ride bike…………

    • If you can get the R15, get it, it’s a very good bike to learn on.

  • sumit

    I also like that but it does not have leg guard so the expensive and lucrative front may have get damaged in case if the bike crashes as i am first timer.

  • Vijay

    Faisal should I go for 200NS or Duke 200, I’m bit confused. As I need comfort and maintenance must
    be easy.

  • sean

    Does this duke 200 better than r15 v2 and cbr 150r…..

  • rk

    hi… am rk… am a bike lover and have all model indian bikes from moped to ninja 250, my recent indian naked bike is 200ns.. the machine is good in performance and so so.. but i felt very poor engine braking.. the bike never slow or pulled back while lowering gears.. wat makes this please explain…

  • rk

    duke and ns has same engine spec. except cam shafts and sec gear ratio.. while riding both bikes next to next a great difference is observed.. duke gives a feel of two stroke. ns long gearing is perfect but its vibrations mm nasty feel .. how the vibrations can be contolled and offer engine braking in 200ns..

  • rk

    dear faisal, please clear my doubts
    on applying dukes sec gear ratio will make any changes

    • You should opt for fully synthetic oil in your Pulsar to see the difference.

  • AA

    Finally narrowed down.. I am double minded with cbr and duke.. I weigh around 90kg muscular and have a 6 foot frame.. I usually ride in highways and will have pillion including girls at time.. So sir can u plzz help me finalise my decision..???

  • AA

    Cbr 150r or duke..???

  • AA

    Thank u… FK sir
    Is there a big difference between topspeeds of these bikes?? Does the low end torque really make big fuzz in traffic and city for cbr??

  • rk

    at present am using motul 5100 semisynthetic as our climatic conditions i avoided motul7100. after changing the oil i felt difference engine sounds good but not so smoother, the vibrations still ther.
    two things i need the cleareance from your side
    1) poor engine braking compared to other bikes
    2) how to control vibrations

  • rk

    i have some ideas will this would work out well
    1)for engine braking can i change to sec gear ratio of duke
    2)to avoid vibrations can i change the exhaust some wat louder than a oe silencer. as dukes roaring sound

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