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Pulsar 220 vs Pulsar 200 NS – Shootout

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Pulsar 200NS vs Pulsar 220

Shootout – Pulsar 220 vs Pulsar 200 NS

The Pulsar 200 NS is a clear generation ahead of the Pulsar 220, in every possible way.

The second generation of the Bajaj Pulsar was highly awaited, being delayed time and again. But when it did come out, it immediately became the talk of the town. However people soon started comparing the Pulsar 220 and Pulsar 200 NS, making a big deal of the 20cc advantage. While the Pulsar 220 does have a displacement and claimed top speed advantage, out on the roads, things are very different. We take both these motorcycles for a head to head shootout and put to rest the inherent confusion between the top end Pulsar siblings. No prizes for guessing which is the superior bike of the two and which one you should pick.

Styling – Both bikes being Pulsars, automatically mean that they have aggressive lines and huge muscular chiseled tanks which are the main highlight in both these machines. The tank of the Pulsar 200N S is on the taller and sharper side which is an inspiration from the last generation Pulsar 200 DTSi and bikini fairing which undoubtedly comes from the Pulsar 135 LS but its bigger in size. While the headlight, no doubt is very Benelli, the rear is quirky to our taste. The Pulsar 220 also has muscular design over all, with the muscular tank on the lower side and rest being attached to the vertical designed fairing. The all black styling gives it the hunked down look which is aided by the lower height than the Pulsar 200 NS.

Pulsar 220 Console

Instrument Cluster and Switch Gear – Both of these bikes get analog tachometers and digital speedometers and both are loaded with a host of features. The Pulsar 220 gets a warning for clogged air filter and high oil temperature while the Pulsar 200 NS gets coolant temperature indicator, a clock and service due indicator. Both the bikes get low battery and side stand indicator. Switch gear on both bikes feels great to use. It’s the 200 NS which feels a notch above the 220. The 200 NS skips on auto cancelling turn indicator when compared to the Pulsar 220.

Pulsar 200 NS Console

Ergonomics – The 200 NS and 220 are extremely comfortable motorcycles for commuting and touring with a comfortable riding position and mature cushioning of the seats. The RVMs on the Pulsar 220 are of no use unless the rider has a slim build. The RVMs on the 200 NS are great and offer wide view of what is behind. The Pulsar 220’s projector setup offers much better illumination and light throw, while the 200 NS is just about average in comparison.

[youtube: 540 375]

Performance and Gearbox – The Pulsar 220 is powered by a SOHC, 2-valve, oil-cooled, DTSi engine producing 21.04 PS of power at 8500 RPM and 19.2 Nm of torque at 7000 RPM, which is mated to a 5-speed gearbox. The motor has acceptable NVH levels and is decently refined. While the 200 NS is powered by a 4-valve, SOHC, liquid-cooled, triple spark engine producing 23.5 PS of power at 9500 RPM and 18.3 Nm of torque at 8000 RPM, which is mated to a 6-speed gearbox. The 200cc motor is leagues ahead in terms of refinement and NVH levels when compared to the Pulsar 220. The motor is smooth and extremely rev friendly.

Both these Pulsars have good low down torque which aids drive-ability in the city. The 6-speed gearbox on the 200 NS is slick and is easy to use, while the gearbox on the 220 is decently refined but is clunky and moody at times. But when it comes to performance and showing their might, both these bikes are fast in a straight line. Though the 200 NS is faster than the 220 in every possible aspect, the 220 doesn’t give up the crown easily, 0-60 km/hr times are in the same ball park, after which the Pulsar 200 NS takes a lead by a huge margin and stays ahead till the very end.

P200 vs P220 Shootout

Riding Dynamics – High performance bikes need good brakes to stop at will. Here too the Pulsar 200 NS scores, with petal discs on both ends and a bigger 2-pot, floating caliper at the front, which ensures super sharp confidence inspiring braking thanks to a lighter kerb weight and compact dimensions than the Pulsar 220. The Pulsar 220 also has Bybre made calipers (smaller then 200 NS) at the front and rear but with a steel braided line at the front, speeds shedding is fast on the Pulsar 220 as well but the 200 NS is far superior. The 200 NS is truly next generation motorcycle from Bajaj.

With a perimeter frame, gas-charged monoshock and low profile tyres, the Pulsar 200 NS is dynamically the best Pulsar. Cornering is confidence inspiring and one can really push the Pulsar to the very limit and still remain poised and balanced. If only the 200 NS had better tyres (read softer compound tyres), the handling would been more confidence inspiring. The Pulsar 220 on the other hand feels wobbly due to softer suspension setup, the chassis isn’t stiff enough to inspire confidence. But it takes sweepers at high speeds quite well; it’s dynamically mediocre, but nowhere near as energetic as the 200 NS, which has 50:50 weight balance.

Pulsar 220F Pulsar 200NS Comparison

Verdict – Clearly the Pulsar 200 NS is a far superior motorcycle than the Pulsar 220. While the 220 is a splendid motorcycle, the 200 NS is just better in almost every regard. Not only does the P200 NS handle better than the P220, its faster and has better brakes as well. Quality wise too, the 200 NS is an improvement over the 220 and the engine doesn’t vibrate as much as the 220’s. With the Pulsar 220 retailing for Rs. 96,500/- and the Pulsar 200 NS priced at Rs. 1.01 lakhs, you get much more bike for the slightly higher amount you pay for the Pulsar 200 NS. Thus the 200 NS is the Pulsar to buy if performance and handling is your main agenda.

The price difference between the Pulsar 220 and Pulsar 200 NS is less than Rs. 5000/-, which makes the 200 NS an absolute bargain.

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  • No One

    P220 DTS-i scores miles ahead with Head Lights.

    Over P220 DTS-i still gives a bigger and better bike looks with NS200 failing to impress with its LS135 like rear style.

    Apart from that, indeed NS200 is better buy compare to a 6 year old design and almost a decade old engine technology.

    • No One, yes the P220 does look slightly bigger, but that doesn’t mean its better. Styling is subjective.

  • Ben

    I think in the long run 220 is a better buy. 220 scores well in the aesthetics department with few electronics and accessories and with a simple yet easy to maintain durable engine. For 200ns it has advanced engine which requires extensive maintainence. Rev friendly engines in production motorcycles are a flop worldwide as they not durable and torquey. So to prevent ceasing they are fitted with rev limiters. So eventhough 200ns looks like an icecream it will melt easily. So a practical user will definitively be forced to sell because of issues after issues popping out. Finally 220 has good command in the city with the torque delivered earlier. It also has good road presence which which every showoff guy needs and it will be the winner of the two when practicality is considered. But for passionate bikers who love straight line performance and dont bother about maintainence and pocket ns is the best buy.

    • No One

      R15 as rev happy aint that floop ?

      The biggest down side of P220 was the poor spare quality and poor product quality in long term. Bajaj made many statement about correcting that mistake with NS200 so in long term its expected to keep the smile in customers face compare to unhappy buyers of P220 quality

    • If you talk about overall reliability, the 200 NS is expected to be a notch better than the 220, after all it shares quite a few engine components with the Duke 200.

    • Bony Paul

      i’m planning to buy my first bike my options are yamaha fz s and bajaj pulsar 200 NS and can u suggest which suits me the best . the reason i choose fz is it’s street fighter look and better engine quality i love power and performance and that goes with pulsar .and the main thing is reliability and low maintenance, i could use this bike at least 2 years then i’ll look for bigger bike so plz give me a best option

    • Bony, get the FZ-S or better still, the Fazer.

    • Rocky

      U better go for Pulsar 200ns dude…

    • vijesh

      Dont put r15 in between the king and the emperor of bikes, r15 is just a soldier.

    • Prabhakar

      Bony Paul : Dont buy FZ I am using it for two years & its only for braking.. Its power is too low when comparing to 220

    • Somes

      Well Bro , to say Rev-happy engines are not durable is a bit of understatement. As a matter of fact , nobody is gonna use their bike to its full potential . We just use 50% of what our bike is capable of . save for some occasional top-speed rides . In the case of R15 which is pure and pure Race Bred Bike is rarely pushed to its limits . We buy such bikes out of passion !!!
      Every guy out there will admit Rev happy engine in a R15 will last longer than P220 .
      I’ve been riding P135 for a year , and as u know its quite a Free revving Engine . I’ve clocked nearly 12K kms unitl now and mostly on highway !!
      except for that notchy gearbox & vibrations [ its quite natural of pulsars] its really competent !!

  • Borntechie

    Dear No one, I have been using P220 F since sept 2009, I did not face any quality issue, clocked 18000 KMS, and still going strong (38-40 Kmpl, top speed close to 135+ (K&N original fit filter) GPS assisted speed test).

    • No One

      18000 kms in 3 years ?
      6000 kms a year ?
      500 kms a month ?
      16 kms a day ?

      Not really a thorough testing. Is it ?

      (personal thinking though)

      Coming to the point, in general, there are many complain about the Pulsar series quality issue with spares but there would always be followers and fans. This doesn’t mean Pulsar products were bad, but compare to competition, they had strong side, and week, one of the biggest week point were with quality and then were breaking compare to bikes like R15 or ZMA.

    • Also one must not forget Pulsar 220 had the issue of gearshift quality and also rear disc brake!

    • Somes

      Lol , braking part is a nightmare in pulsars . and thats because of its weight distribution !!!

    • Som

      I am a proud owner of P220 but I don’t say this is the best bike though. Y is technology advancement there for and 220 is one of the best available with the old technology, it visibly lacks a 6th gear when compare to NS.

      200Ns has a better engine (I don’t know in terms of durability coz NS has far way to go to prove itself) which sounds smooth even after a long run but NS is not as aggressive as a 220. The aggressiveness feels to ride more, you literally feel the power in 220 but not in NS. Yes, yes 220’s engine has a drawback which I noticed, the sound of the engine changes after the bike has touched a speed of 120 km/hr. Engine sound sloppier, shaken but it gets back to normal after the temperature goes down. I reckon this may be lack of efficient cooling, though its oil cooled.

      Having said that, the margin of difference is not much btw the two, NS may take a point lead only in terms of new technology but looks also matters which plays a deciding factor in closely fought bikes and 220 takes a lead here.

    • vijesh

      Worst bikes in the planet r15&zma

    • Vijesh, why you say so?

    • Tushar

      yes,for ZMR’s for looks & lack of technology…. Hey.but not the R15 v2

  • golu

    220 looks “Okay” from front. But from rear, Same old look.
    P220 fairing should have only 2 holes one for projector lamp and other for normal one. And that black color outline with fake air intakes should be eliminated….. Pilot lamps should be hidden.

    I dont like it.

    Its an incomplete bike
    220 requires:

    – 30cc
    – fuel injection
    – 4 valves
    – perimeter frame
    – racing full fairing
    – mono shock at rear
    – ABS
    – two cylinders
    – liquid cooling
    – racing instinct

    And u’ll have a 250cc class highly refined bike ready to confront ninja, cbr, hyosung…..
    What say ???

    Change the name…. Too common, pulsar, this name now irritates me…. :-/

    • No One

      I think the KTM 390R will be the answer for this segment !

    • No name

      Actually the name -GOLU irritates me,,shut ur mouth,who the hell r u to say that pulsar name is too common..and it irritates you..

  • crazywheels

    pulsar 220- better night vision than 200 NS due to the very good Lamps
    Not comfort enough than 200 NS . Even unicorn is comfortable than Pulsar 220.
    Engine refinement is not as smooth as 200 NS.
    Mileage is way better than 200 NS.
    Pulsar 200 NS – Refined engine . It scores away 220
    – Uni suspension is comfortable.
    – Pillion seat is not as comfortable as 220.
    – Mileage is lower than 220.

    • Crazywheels, mileage is not really lower. It depends on riding conditions, but in same conditions, the 200 NS should edge ahead of the 220.

    • Stephen

      Mileage is lower than 220??? You ought to be joking!! I get 50+ constant mileage on my 200NS with an average speed of 70km/hr+!!! The best figures i heard about for 220 is 45km/l!!

      My friend who owns a 220 claimed that pillion seats f NS are way better than 220! Even I felt so…

      Power delivery is linear for NS….while 220 feels a lot different….

    • amit

      really!!!!! you get an average of 50+/ltr wit an average speed of 70 kmph…..hahahah …give me some tips because the max i have reached is 35kmpl .
      Why dont people understand tht more power means lesser mileage. The simple truth is 200NS is way ahead technology wise but 220f has its own advantage.
      better mileage.
      low maintenance.
      cheap spares.

  • atul

    comfortable motorcycles
    for commuting and touring ?? good joke! I don’t known about 220 but 200ns is not that comfortable at all. 200 also suffers with high frequency vibrations.

    • Atul, in terms of riding positions, but are relatively upright, although ride quality is indeed on the stiffer side. The vibrations issue is not prevalent in all bikes, some have it, some don’t, so inconsistency in manufacturing is still a Pulsar trait.

  • golu

    200 ns is vibration free…….

    • Stephen

      Not really….I own a 200NS… Tank vibration exists. U cud also hear instrument cluster vibration at high speeds.. I’ve tried to add rubber grommets…Bt,t s f no use

  • golu

    Hey motobeam people….. Go for a drag race between 220 and 200NS with a good biker who knows about drag racing….. Both should be equally confident. Or one rider should ride both bikes one by one and get best 400m and 800m. Please…….

    • Golu, we have done multiple runs, the 200 NS is easily the faster motorcycle.

    • ansh

      Faisal khan.. Plz tel me that which on is faster 200ns or 220. Nd wats the top speed of 200ns?

    • Ansh, 200 NS is faster and does a 151 km/hr speed on the speedometer.

    • joshuha

      Faisal, but bajaj people claim 200ns’s top speed 136
      Whats the matter…? 151 or…or u ppl do any changes to engine?..or gears?

    • It’s 136 km/hr official but there is quite a lot of speedo error.

  • atul

    vere polaride opinions about vibrations in p200 are coming from different test reviews. I took a small test ride and was disappointed due to annoying vibes and uncomfortable riding position.

    • No One

      Engine oil and many other factors contributes to Vivs.

      So a better maintained NS200 may offer really smooth ride compared to roughly used test ride bikes of showroom

  • Rocky

    I had a minor crash in my ZMR. Just scratches in one side of fairings.So I m planning to change my bike which is very easy to handle,high performance ,excellent brakings,lightweight,need crash guard.I m 5″11.I m looking for options like 200NS,Duke,RTR 180 ABS etc..Does duke have ABS option in chennai??

    • Rocky, Duke 200 doesn’t have ABS option anywhere in India yet. ABS will come to the Duke 200 in 2013, but its not confirmed yet.

  • suyash

    Maintainance n vibes wise d best is r15, no matr hw much u thrash it it still remains vibe free.. i have cbr250r n its also vry smooth though!! M vry much satisfied :-)

    • Stephen

      but wen it comes to raw power n speed, NS scores~

  • Adheep

    I’ve got the Duke and I had a chance to test drive the NS for the sake of my friend’s request. Once I came off from the test drive, all the bad reputations and influences of the previous pulsars I had on the NS was shattered…

    Such a smooth engine, and smooth power delivery.. unlike the monstrous Duke ;)

    • Adheep, bingo. You need to ride the 200 NS to actually believe what a leap the Pulsar has taken.

    • Adheep


      Yeah I do have a strong urge to try out the 200NS and do a real performance test drive or even a comparison drive with my Duke200.

      Duke perfectly suit my daily rush to office at moving traffic at morning, but when I get back home from office at night tiered and all, NS would be perfect and it would be such a bliss to ride peacefully.. ;)

    • Adheep, actually both bikes are on the aggressive side.

  • Agnal

    Faisal khan; can we ue same grade of oil for booth the bikes?(200 and 220)?
    Will there be any problem if we use castrol in place of bajaj synthetic oil?

    • Agnal, yes you can use castrol but grade dependent on bike and manufacturer rating.

    • Ankit

      Hello faisal khan :) i’m gonna buy my first bike in jan… my fav bike is p220 (specially for its front fairing) but now 200 ns is here.. so i’m in big confusion. 220 is old bike with very old design of 150cc and 180cc end.. all old segment of pulsar has same from back.And 220 technology is also little old as we compare to 200 ns( liquid cool, triple spark, under belly exhaust, 4 valve n so on ) desing is also very sporty. Different back style but it has 1 negative point and that is head lamp design.. 200 ns body is muscular type and the head lamp design is not goes with it. so i want to buy new technology with new design but i want old pulsar 220 front fairing in 200 ns … so plzz tell me is it possible to fix 220 fairing on 200 ns??? if yes then i can take my ride very eazily help plz .. thanx

    • roop

      So, which bike you bought and what is your experience with it ?

  • soni

    Hi mohit and faisal,
    gud evening,
    can you suggest me a bike which full fill my requirements
    1.125,135 or 150cc engine
    2.low noise vibration in engine after using two and three yrs.
    3.high performance on road upto 90 kmph speed(smooth and vibration free riding)
    4.milage should be 50-60 kmpl
    5.low maintaing cost
    6.upto 50k to 60k.

    • boby

      Soni I owned a unicorn and I think it is far better than stunner,pulsar or ignitor in terms of comfort and low maintaning cost

  • Ben

    Guys, you have totally misunderstood me. R15 has one of the fastest accelerating engine but not a revfriendly engine. Not all accelerating engines are revfriendly. Rev friendly engines are extreme end of shortstroke engines. They develop their max power and torque at extremely high rpm like 10k or 11k. The best example is cbr150r and all the two strokes.

  • Ankit

    Hello faisal khan :) i’m gonna buy my first bike in jan… my fav bike is p220 (specially bcoz of its front fairing) but now 200 ns is here.. so i’m in big confusion. 220 is old bike with very old design… all old segment of pulsar has same from back(150 and 180).And 220 technology is also little old as we compare to 200 ns( liquid cool, triple spark, under belly exhaust, 4 valve n so on ) desing is also very sporty. Different back style but it has 1 negative point and that is head lamp design.. 200 ns body is muscular type and the head lamp design is not goes with it. so i want to buy new technology with new design but i want old pulsar 220 front fairing in 200 ns … so plzz tell me is it possible to fix 220 fairing on 200 ns??? if yes then i can take my ride very eazily help plz .. thanx

  • akash

    hey…. U can go for 200NS
    U dont like head light its ok. But u are not gonna see head light everytime :) u should check out instrumental panel.
    220 ki top speed 153 kmph hai jaisa ki youtube pe dekha hai mene. Aur NS ki top speed 149 kmph hai Youtube ke hisab se.
    Bajaj has to sell duke 200 too so thats why bajaj have quoted the speed of NS less than duke…..
    U can wait for fuel injected NS . . . .

    • Ankit

      Thnx akash for reply, buddy you are not getting my point. i want to buy 200ns bcoz of its new technology but looks is matter for me i don’t care about which 1 got top speed, bcoz i’m not gonna drive my ride daily on highways,my race track is my streets and for streets i need pickup, not top speed. It’s like, I was and I’m in love with 220 but now my half love (50%) is with 200ns bcoz of its engine. so basically i want my WIFE’S face(smart , unforgettable, sexy) on my MODERN GIRL FRIEND’S BODY(young, more stamina, sexy body) ;) Now may you will get what i want ;P complete sexy body… and thanks for givng information about FI(FUEL INJECTED) i can wait if you can discrribe here for me why i should go for FI …. WHAT IT WILL GIVE ME MORE?? 1 FUEL EFFICIENCY OR BETTER PICKUP???? I DNT KNOW ABOUT IT… AND YES MY FIRST Q IS AGAIN STAND HERE …..
      Is it possible to fix 220 fairing on 200 ns???? :D sorry ;P

    • pratirock

      lol.. i also want the same ans is it possible to fix 220 fairing in 200ns…but seems no 1 is answering…but perosnally i think its not possible becaz of the huge tank of 200ns

  • Akash

    One more thing… I TOO WANT THE SAME THING. NS WITH 220’S FAIRING…. Hey you could ask some mechanics. Because I saw many bikes say An apache with p180 head :P
    A fz with p180 head…

    just ask once…. :D

  • Abhi Hacker

    dear ankit i have the same situation im in love with pulsar 220 but now its gone old and i want to make a new girlfriend like 200 ns . is there any demerits in pulsar 200 ns except its headlamp then please tell me because im going to buy it in march . i like pulsar 220 but its mileage irritates me as it is on the heavier side of pocket . 200 ns will not put a load on my pocket for mileage but is there any way that 200 ns can put a load on my pocket .and at the last my some friends enjoy their 220 and some are fed of it so im in a big confusion what should i buy 200ns or 220 please guys help me out .

    • Ankit

      Hi abhi , bro if you think that you are in love and whenever you see 220 and if always it takes your attention on roads while hundreds of bike and cars crossing you but you don’t get feel jealous until you c your love… then don’t think just go and get it because if you buy 200 and after dat wen u will c 220 is standing with you at red light m sure 100% u will regret… and main thing is both are bajaj bikes there is only 20cc difference so
      i dont think so 200 can help you in saving buks…. she has lots of features just read full technical review you will get your ans.(more features more maintainance) 220 will be good choice and if you are looking for fresh air then you should buy 200ns .( but never say again that u was in love wid 220) :P
      (if you are very worried about to maintain your bike aur u think that how will u manage millage and other maintenance then from my point of view you should buy commuter bike like 100cc to 135 pulsar then u can get better millage and low maintenance,sometimes i also think dat i should buy commuter coz of millage but next time wen i c 220 every time i change my mind :P (she is horny) and get again back to her
      my some of frnz aur their frnz have 220 here is millage details
      gaurav = 35 – 40
      amardeep = 33 – 38
      sahil = 32 – 35
      takashi = 28 – 34
      saurabh = 38 – 42
      rohit = 25 – 30
      anurag = 33 -38
      Ankur = 43 – 48 (bajaj discover) i write it here coz if you think to go for commuter bike never think that it will give you more then 70(maximum) and rarely bike gives this type of millage.he has 2008 model and company said this will give you 101 km … so dont trust on them just ask to everyone wenever you c 200 aur 220 …
      and 200 ns is giving
      deepanshu = 38 – 45
      that’s it all the best :)

    • Ankit

      And yes my choice is 220….200 ns is nothing ….she seduced me but i controlled… and m not gonna cheat on 220
      AND SOMETIMES IT MAKE WIDER (if you have 220) ;)

      @nkit sh@rm@

    • Ankit, have you ridden the 200 NS yet?

  • Akash

    Faisal…. My friend wants to upgarde front brakes, wants a more powerful one for his P220…. from where can he get one ??????????

    • Akash, don’t touch brakes, it can cause reliability issues. Upgrade to better rubber.

  • Max valentine

    Hi guys,
    I also had this confusion between P220 and 200NS.
    I bought the bike 5 months ago and i went for P220.
    1) Someone above said something about vibrations. Well, he must not have tried better engine oil. I am using Motul 5100 and planning to upgrade .
    Engine vibrations are not a problem if u use better engine oil. preferably full synthetic.
    2) Mileage is Good.
    3) And yes, it looks better than 200 NS, at least to me. And u can have engine fairing installed in p220 which gives it killer looks.
    4) The pilion seat for P220 is much better than 200NS.
    5) i had a talk with local mechanics and they only suggested me to go for p220, due to its tried and tested engine. And for the reason that there are not much trained mechs available for 200NS yet.

    • sandy

      actully frnd 200ns is more vibrating den 220, 220 is much better den 200ns


    obviously 200ns vl not need as mechanical issues as 220,cz its afar more advanced engine..4valve engine r more reliable in upper revs n high speed driving n liquid cooling take cntrol ovr engine heat so its obvious dat 200ns engine vl b more reliable dan 220.. my opinion is bike is not ol abt luks,it must b trouble free also.. if u go for luks n frequently visiting mechanical den u vl regret ur decision for sure (kaash sirf shaqal pe na gya hota!!) i had a pulsar n its vry irritating n nw my cbr250r is cmpletely trouble free..:)

  • rohan rathor

    its fake video. my big bro says 220F never loos the race.His challenge one more race with him.

  • akshay

    i m planning to buy a bike this week it would be my first bike choices are p220,fzs,and apache160-220

  • akshay

    i dont think that it would be a tough comp. against 220

  • hrishi

    hi faisal,can i give 200ns to 200ss luk

  • hrishi

    hi faisal,aftr a lt of cnfrsn lstly i decided to buy this byke tomrow n ltl dspnted abt itz luk,so wntd to gv fully faired to it ,is it psbl in bike parlour

    • Hrishi, its possible but the performance will be compromised.

  • Yash

    hy guyzzz pls can u tell me that which bike more gud b/w 200ns n 220f….
    i want to buy a bike…but m lil bit cnfsd…..actually mileage also meant to me….!! pls tell me….

    • No One

      200 NS off course…

    • Yash, get the Pulsar 200 NS.

  • Yash

    200ns?? sure?
    cuz i think 220f has more mileage then 200ns…!! m i ryt?

  • Reeto

    Having owned both the bikes being discussed in this forum, the better bet is a P220F. The P220F provides better wind protection, excellent cross-wind stability, great headlights for night riding and definitely a smoother engine as compared to the NS. I have consistently recorded 42 kmpl on the P220F in the city and 45 kmpl on highways. Besides the fuel tank of the P220F has way more capacity (17 liters) as compared to the 12 litre tank on the NS, again making the P220F a better touring machine. The seats on the P220F is wider, longer and definitely a notch softer than the ones on the NS. For riding with a pillion, the P220F is very comfortable.

  • Yash

    pls guyz tell me that whats the price of pulsar 220f in allahabad,uttar pradesh…as on 26 april 2013?

    • Akash

      Yash bhai . . . . Dukaan pe jake puchh le na…

      Yahaan dehradun me 90,000 ki hai… Uttar pradesh me 91-92,000 ki hogi . . . . . .

    • Yash

      surely 200ns @abhi

  • Abhi

    P220 Or P220 Ns..??
    Confort. ??

  • vamshi

    surely 200ns its best in pulsar high speed was 136 k/h as it is giving me as low as 37 and as high as 45 in city AND 53 on highway

  • vamshi

    superior braking far better than 220 good comfort for tall people(5.10 atleast)

  • Yash

    bhai log…..mughe orange n white pulsar pasand h…..kya mughe show room me ya kisi bi tarah ye bike mil skti h??

  • Anshtg

    220 is old bad boy , change to 200ns it feels like big motor with high comfort while riding , love the ns

    • yogi

      Hai faizal
      Buddy i have been reading all the comments discussions and sugeestions.
      Some say yes
      Some say no
      Some are confused
      Which makes me go a liitle backfoot on my descion for 200ns.
      I like 200ns but after reading all these comments i m confused wheather to buy 200ns or not.
      My daily up down is 90 kms will it be a good desicion to buy 200 ns.
      I need ur comments on this.

  • vicky

    Pulsar 200ns is better than 220… But many guys never agree to it…they say that p200ns is quicker than 220f, and not faster….what is ur opinion about this talk…? :) :) coz i saw these type of comments in youtube under the video “pulsar 220f vs pulsar 200ns- drag race” posted by motorbeam..

    But i smoked my friend who rode a pulsar 220 with my 200ns yesterday morning in a 2 kms race.. He was praising his bike like blah blah blah on sunday when we were chatting about bikes…after smoking him, i saw his mouth shut…So i think that every 200ns owner must race and prove that p200ns is better than p220 in the aspect of acceleration and top speed..

  • shahid

    tum log ne to dimag ka dahi kr dala re baba.. Ab hm khud dono bike chala k deakhe ge…. u all do the same guyss.. bs koi ye bata de ki NS kleay tuneing kit orignal kaha oder kr sakte hai in jharkand… Ranchi.?? coz i read in autobikes that tuneing can give gain up to 4-5 bhp…

  • aaitf

    all P220 rider who wants top performance gain without burning a hole in your pocket go to Joel joseph Banglore, i spend around 20000 bucks on my 2013 p220Fi, the bikes performance is too much noticeable, one can easily beat the R15, cbr 150, 200NS, even Ninja (for upto 115 Kmph)

    Mod Done ( head work, Custom FFE, 230cc bigbore kit, K&N BA2201, iridiam spark plug) :P
    top speed achieved 158kmph

  • pankaj

    bhenchodo 220 baap hai,.sabbal ko khodna or baap ko chodna mat sikhao

  • abhi

    which one is better pulsar 220fi or the 200 ns for long run and mileage?

    • Abhi, 200 NS is a better bike but 220 is has proven its reliability.

  • Ramesh S

    Hi frnds, I owned a Pulsar 180 UG4 for 2 yrs and was completely satisfied with its performance & features. Now planning to buy a more powerful and stylish bike. KTM Duke, 200ns and 220 are my options. Performance, riding comfort, style and handling are wat I look for. I am 5’6 tall and I prefer a bike dat suits for daily usage in City and also street racing & long rides once in a while.. Which one would you suggest to buy with value for money???

    • Ramesh, KTM Duke 200.

    • Ramesh S

      Thanks Faisal fr d quick & prompt response!! Is Leo vince evo II exhausts allowed in India fr dukes?

    • lulu R

      if ktm and bajaj are as close as they say, i think that duke is a bit overpriced. its a nice bike but i just wish those BIG letters on the tank (DUKE) were just not there.

    • Yes Ramesh, you can go for them.

    • Ramesh S

      Thanks Faisal.. Got a DUKE 200 with LeoVince SBK Evo II. That gives this beast a better roaring sound than the stock exhaust (underbelly). It gives a hunter feeling while riding on highways and streets. But still its a bit embarrassing when riding it in the city.

      @Lulu: You can either rip off those stickers at a KTM store as it looks good just in Orange black duo also. Else u hav an option of changing the orange parts with the new Blue neo version of duke. It costs around 10K for body parts and stickers. Kindly consult a KTM dealer.

    • Ramesh, please share the pics of the bike with us. Do register on our forums.

    • SYED

      OR JUST CC

    • Syed, 200 NS beats the 220 easily at all speeds. See our drag race video and you will know.

    • syed

      faizal which is the best engine oil for 200ns

  • sayan

    guyz i have gone through all of the above posts ragarding 220 & 200ns
    i guess 220 has got more fans

    here r some points
    1. i like fixed visor design
    2. i want good engine with good reliability (trouble free & easy maintenance)
    3. i want good balance and stability
    4. i don’t want any technical snag
    5. price is not a factor
    6. riding comfort is not a factor
    7. average is not a factor

    i have heard pulsar 220 have some common small issues with the engine and self starter system…is that true ??

  • SYED

    KTM DUKE 200

  • Santosh

    Monster power p220 is the best karizma r zmr fz flop bikes

  • Santosh

    Pulser 220f power

    karizma zmr.17 ps

    karizma r

    the best and hourse power bike

    pulser 220f

  • abhi

    Plz Guys Don’t Go For Pulsar 200 NS… .
    It’s a Waste Bike, No Top End And Also Bad Pick Up, Even @ Single And Also With Pillow… .
    Is Their Anybody To Conclude This… .. .

  • Aniket

    I don’t know why r those guys r fighting for the drag race, it is clear that the 200ns is faster then the 220 it beats 220 in straight line drag race, yes both r competing each other but NS is fast then 220, but my friends let me tell you the secrete 200 NS beats New 220F pulsar which comes with twin color, but not for 2010 model, the 2010 model of pulsar 220 is more powerful it beats 200 NS in straight line easily and also it beats new 220F in straight line easily, we have done drag lots of time but 220F 2010 model beats 200 NS in straight line easily, only 1st gear both bikes competes but after 220F 2010 model goes ahead easily.

    • Reeto

      This is pretty interesting. I owned a 2010 P220F model and used it for 58k kms, its was fantastic. The newer P220F seems more linear in terms of acceleration as compared to the same model in 2010.

  • ashin

    haha… who said 200 NS is faster than 220 F??????? having 23.5 bhp doesn’t mean that it should beat 220 F…. Why I am saying this because, I own a 220 F and my friend owns a 200 NS. Last night we were riding on NH-7 to check which one had got more power and speed…. Eventually we ended up in a conclusion that 200NS has got just the initial pulling and nothing more… The 21,5 bhp power of 220 is way better than 23.5…. 220 F is definitely the beast….. Of course it doesn’t have a 6-speed gear…. and also who said 200 NS is good in terms of handling when compared to 220 F???? You are mistaken….!! Guys who spent more than Rs.1 lakh for 200 NS would definitely say that there choice has always been the best, just because they don’t want to regret for wrong decision they made…. 200 NS is a big flop…..!!!!!

  • Ashin

    This is to Mr.Aniket…….. 2010 model pulsar 220 FI (Fuel Injection model) had less power than the latest 220 F… I rode both the bikes. the former one had only 19.5 bhp…. hahaha HOW CAN IT BEAT NS?????? Please ride the two models again and check yourself…. It very easy to say something theoretically….

  • Ashin

    Mr,Abhi…. I do support you….. 200 NS is not at all a good choice. Even bajaj realizes that its a big flop….

  • vicky

    Hi friends, yesterday I sold my pulsar 220 which I rode 2 years 30000 km, now I wanna buy new one.. budget is 1.2 lac.. wch bike u ppl will suggest… I need power + style.

    • Vicky, you should stretch a bit and get the Duke 200.

  • anand

    hi frnds…i alrdy own a i am plng to buy a new bike…but i am lil bi cnfused in buyng either 220 or 200ns…220 had the same old look like 180 except frm frnt…so i decided to go for 200ns…but i heard that 200ns had some vibration problems and engine failure…can u say at which speed 200ns will vibrate…can that vibration can be removed…pls hlp me guys..which is best among 200ns and 220

    • Use Motul synthetic oil and your Pulsar won’t vibrate.

    • anand

      does 200ns has any other major prblms(engine side)..incldng vibration..

  • abhi

    Best Engine Oil For ‘NS’, Can I Go For “Motul” Engine Oil, Currently My Bike ODO Is @ 7500 KMS After Second Service, Guys Plz Suggest Me… .. .

  • Abhi7

    Confused between 220 n 200 Ns…..
    which 1 I should go for..??

  • Suresh

    Guys, I have 220F 2013 Model. Yesterday, I had a race with random 200NS guy. I weigh on heavier side, 90 kg. NS guy was very thing, around 65kg. We both accelerated at same time. My bike was ahead until it reached around 100 but after that upto 118 NS went ahead of me, but again after that my bike went ahead and reached a top speed of 126KM, nearly 3 km road. I don’t make any conclusions about this but Just wanted to share it.

  • anoop

    i am willing to buy a bike …plz suggest me

  • nitheesh mohan

    @faisal:you said 200 ns has good brakes.I own a 200 ns and it hardly brakes and of the reason ,the rear tyre slips off most of the times.Now i am afraid of taking high speed on ma bike.I also ride my frnd’s 220,but it brakes very decently.

    • Nitheesh, the brakes are good but the tyres, not so much.

  • rahul

    is 220s fairing is possible on 200ns ?? and if yes which colour i should buy ???

  • Haneef

    Am completely confused between pulsar 200ns and fz… Pls help me out… I want a decent mileage of 40 … And my height is 5feet 10inches, weight 75kgs.. Need your advice ppl… This is my very first bike.

  • Abhi

    Faisal plz tel me, whether it’s possible 2 install monoshock in pulsar 220f… i desperately wanted 2 knw cuz da default shocks on da 220f suck… If its nt possible at all, den plz let me knw da better dual shocks dat i can install in my 220f… mine is oct 2013 model…

    • You can install it but will be some effort.

    • Abhi

      ok faisal, wud u recommend it or not… if not den plz tel me da better dual shocks dat i can find in the market…

    • I would recommend you to remain stock and maybe make minor changes.

      What exactly is the problem withe current set up?

    • Abhi

      its quite softer… dats y… i wanted dose on p200ns or duke 200…

    • Both bikes are for different types of buyers.

  • Abhi

    K… Wich s best settin fo p220’s rear shocks…

    • What do you want? Better ride or sharper handling?

    • Abhi

      slightly better handlin… can compromise a little on ride quality…

  • Rajesh

    hey Faisal, m goin to get new bike next month…i dont lyk the back side of 200 ns

    which one should i buy…200 ns or 220F…?

  • Rajesh

    hey Faisal what according to you is better….pulsar 200 ns or pulsar 220…?

  • himanshu

    which is better r15 or pulsar 200 ns??

  • juan jose gitierrez

    hello there friends my name is john and i leave in nicaragua , matiguase and i have started to ride a motorcycle about five years and my bike has been 135 pulsar and 180, know i want to buy the 220 or the ns but people in my town that have ns say i should not buy becouse the engine makes a funny noise and i seen that a couple of ns in my town have problems and i just dont know what to buy thanks…

  • mohit

    Best tyre for 200ns

  • bikash

    faisal bhai…..what is d best tyre for 200ns

  • Ajay

    Hey guyz,i am still confused between these two,i know ns is a generation ahead of 220,bt i just love the looks of 220 i dont really like looks of ns.But ns is a better bike overall……. i cant decide…..!!Also,i am not a fast rider wbo likes to tackle corners as fast as i can,i am a tourer,and enjoy really long rides………so which is best for me??

    • Dibyanjan

      Why don’t you consider zmr(old version)?its best bike for the old one coz new one sucks in style.

    • tej

      if u like touring..then u can look at avenger or Yamaha fazer ..both are good for touring purposes..also p220 is gud for touring too ( with those projectors it’s safe too ) ..& go wid ur heart..if u like p220 then go for it..

    • bikenerd

      pulsar 220 has its own flaws high vibes and tend bend left side,poor handling go for pulsar 200NS best among pulsars but do maintain well upto first 5k

  • Dibyanjan

    @tej,but they are starting in cold will be pain.thats why i recommend zmr.also in hilly areas its very inportant.

    • tej

      yeah but Ajay hasn’t mentioned that he lives in hilly areas..& nevertheless pulsars self starts have never shown problems..btw zmr ( old ) is good for touring as well but @ 1,16000 it isn’t that VFM .

  • Dibyanjan

    Hmm my friends have starting prblm in cold weather(both 220f & 200 ns) however R15,Zmr,duke(mine) had no issues at all.fzs & fazer are also Fi is very important now a days.he should go for fazer but the lights sucks.better to upgrade them

  • Ajay

    @Dibyanjan,tej&bikenerd Thank u guyz for your opinion,but i think i am gonna go for the 220,i am in love with that bike…… matter how many times i try to reason with myself and think of buying the ns,i end up with 220 again.I cant imagine me riding anything other than 220……… heart says 220 so i m gonna go with that……thanks again,guyz……..!!

    • Dibyanjan

      go for it bcoz love is love ;-)

    • tej

      yeah njoy it! happy biking!

  • Amar


  • Prakhar

    I am really confused between Fazer and Pulsar 220.
    Plz suggest me a bike between the two.
    I just want good engine life and vibration free ride.

    • Shenoy

      Good engine life means it is a Honda – get the CB Trigger,no regrets.

    • Prakhar

      Bro, CB Trigger is not that much eye catching.
      I would like to buy a bike with good looks.

    • Shenoy

      Initially my impression was also like that. After sometime I get attracted to it, and looks more masculine than the FZ

    • Then get the Fazer or wait for the new one.

    • Prakhar

      How much mileage would p220 give if ridden in city at an average speed of 60-70 kmph..
      I am from Lucknow.

  • Prakhar

    I would like to know your opinion between Fazer and P220. I would be okay with 30kmpl mileage.
    But please suggest the bike which would be easy to handle in city traffic.

    • The Fazer is a better bet, wait for new model.

    • Prakhar

      Plz tell if there would be any changes in it and also the time when will it get launched.

    • Launch is around the corner.

  • shubham joshi

    i m dam confusing between p200ns and p220new model 2014 ??? plz tell me which is to buy ?

  • karteek

    i am 5″11 height with good phisiq
    i am a bit confused b/w p200ns . p220 , gixxer and fz ver 2.0

    • Pulsar 200 NS.

    • karteek

      thank u faisai khan , i vl definitely buy that today
      and just for info , whats the overall mileage and howz the overall performance comparing with ktm duke

    • Duke 200 is better but the Pulsar offers similar levels of thrills at a cheaper cost.

  • Guest

    thank u faisai khan , i vl definitely buy that today
    and just for info , whats the overall mileage and howz the overall performance comparing with ktm duke

  • karteek

    pulsar 200ns rockzzz
    i bought it last week and i m fully satisfied…
    great experience and full on fun……..

  • pushparaj

    I am bit confused b/w p220 or p200ns?…plz answer me… faisal

  • prathamesh

    I just visited the showroom with dilemma between p220 and p200ns,the showroom guy was suggesting me for the 220, he also said that the ns has numerous problems right from vibrations to notchy gear box, i m bit biased for the ns, still the question arises to which one of them, i m 6.1 in height my needs are comfort, will be using in daily commute some weekend tours also which one has decent mileage and lower maintenance? Thanks in advance

  • Gaurav Surapalli

    Im want to buy pulsar 200ns but evry one is say handeling is better in 220f and mileage is also good on 220f please help me which one to buy ?

  • Rajesh Singh

    Hi I own pulsar 200 DTSI 2008 model … recently i have change the engine oil and clutch rubber and as per the person who has repaired the bike he says the clutch plate is fine and there is no issue….but what i have notice that the engine sounds much and runs too heavy, and when i leave the accelerator it jerk slowly slowly and sometime it sound from back i.e. “phar…phar” and i used to turn off thinking better to turn off the bike before something goes wrong. And also the bike such fuel much and i dint know whether it is because the engine which sounds much or runs to heavy.So please help.

  • Praveen Gowda

    Which is the best bike for my height 6.3 in between 200ns and 220f

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