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Bajaj Discover 100T Test Ride Review

2013 Bajaj Discover 100T Road Test

Bajaj Discover 100T – Click above for picture gallery

Bajaj Discover 100T Review

Bike tested: 2013 Bajaj Discover 100T

Price OTR Mumbai: Rs. 56,850/-

The Discover 100T is easily the most advanced 100cc motorcycle in the market today.

Bajaj Auto’s launch spree continues and now there is a new Discover on the block, it’s the Discover 100T, a motorcycle based on the Discover 125 ST platform. The Bajaj Discover 100T shares identical aesthetics but there are differences to chassis, suspension and engine and a new nomenclature “T” which stands for touring. We take a quick spin and find out what the most technological advanced 100cc motorcycle promises to the commuter.

Styling – The Discover 100T aesthetics are identical to the Discover 125 ST. The tank, headlight, seat, side panels, wheels are all the same. However it has few changes which will help distinguish the two siblings. The half chain case is replaced by the full chain guard, the Nitrox suspension replaces the monoshock and the conventional long mudguard at the rear instead of the split mudguard is seen on the 125 ST. This ends up giving the Bajaj Discover 100T a feeling of a much larger motorcycle irrespective of the engine capacity. The 125 ST is already mistaken for a 150cc motorcycle, which itself says a lot.

Ergonomics – The seating position of the Bajaj Discover 100T is upright and not so wide handle bar gives the rider a comfortable riding position. The rear view mirrors give a good view of what is behind to almost any sized rider. Seats of the Bajaj Discover 100T have superior cushioning for pillion and the rider. The knee recesses are accommodating and make you feel attached to the motorcycle which evokes confidence while exploring dynamics of this motorcycle.

Instrument Cluster and Switch Gear – The three pod instrument cluster of the Discover 100T is identical to its elder sibling. The speedometer with integrated odometer, trip meter, shift light, high beam, turn indicator, battery indicator are all present and standard on the motorcycle. This definitely adds to the wow factor from the customer point of view to see the same on 100cc bike. As seen on the Discover 125 ST, tachometer is naturally omitted here as well.

Performance and Gearbox – The Bajaj Discover 100T is powered by a 102cc DTS-i, 4-valve, 4-stroke, air-cooled engine which produces a power output of 10.2 PS at 9000 RPM and torque output of 9.2 Nm at 6500 RPM. The engine is smooth, throttle response is crisp and the motor responds swiftly to the rider’s inputs. Engine revs up smoothly to the redline and NVH levels are fantastic and even better than the Discover 125 ST. This is because engineers worked on NVH levels and by using a conventional air intake system rather than a different setup which is adopted on the 125 ST.

Low end torque is sufficient but where this motor shines is mid and top-end, performance is surreal for a 100cc motorcycle, after 50 km/hr, the bike quickly reaches 80 km/hr after which progress is slow till 100km/hr. The 5-speed gear box is a welcome move, smooth positive shifts with 5-up pattern was a joy to use. Taller gear ratios help to extract the best from this powerplant. Gearbox is a bit clunky, but it is far better than the previous generation of gearbox when matching the shift quality.

Riding Dynamics – The Discover 100T has a new sub-frame, Nitrox suspension at the rear and is 4 kgs lighter. The alloy wheels, tyres and front suspension are the same. The Discover 100T stays planted in the corners and there is good grip from the tyres too. The front fork geometry is tuned for maneuverability rather than sportiness, as this is what this segment requires. Ride quality is good and the motorcycle absorbs even big bumps with utmost ease. Brakes at front and rear are drums but surprisingly they do a good job of shedding speeds well. High speed stability is good and changing directions at high speeds doesn’t upset the motorcycle’s balance.

Miscellaneous – Electric Start, Alloy wheels, drum brakes, DC ignition come as standard on this motorcycle and there is only one variant. Fitment like engine guard, RVMs and sari guard come as standard fitment too. There are vibrations in this motor but they are better controlled compared to the 125 ST. An excellent move by Bajaj Auto by introducing corrugated fins on the Discover 100T for better cooling, just like the 125 ST.

Verdict – Entry level commuter motorcycles don’t offer much different things to the buyer. However Bajaj Auto is all set to change that with the ‘Ultimate 100’. The Discover 100T promises a lot to the customer with the high value for money proposition, given the generous standard equipment it is offered with. The styling of the Discover 100T gives a feeling that it’s two segments above. The 4-valve engine produces class leading power and torque figures and returns more fuel efficiency than any other bike in its segment, making the 100T the pick of the 100cc segment.

Bajaj Auto has gone ahead and proved once again that commuter bikes need not be basic. The Discover 100T is not only the most powerful bike in its segment but also the best equipped.

What’s Cool

* Styling
* Standard convenience equipment

What’s Not So Cool

* Missing Tachometer

Bajaj Discover 100T Specifications

* Engine: 102cc, SOHC, Air-Cooled, 4-valve, DTS-i
* Power: 10.2 PS @ 9000 RPM
* Torque: 9.2 Nm @ 6500 RPM
* Transmission: 5-speed manual
* Top Speed: 100 km/h
* Fuel Consumption: 70 km/l
* Fuel Type: Petrol
* Frame Type: Semi double-cradle steel frame
* Suspension: Telescopic Fork (Front), Twin Nitrox Shocks (Rear)
* Tyres: 2.75/17 (Front), 3.0/17 (Rear)
* Brakes: 130 mm drum (Front), 110 mm drum (Rear)

Bajaj Discover 100T Dimensions

* Length x Width x Height: 2038 mm x 714 mm x 1070 mm
* Wheelbase: 1305 mm
* Seat Height: 780 mm
* Ground Clearance: 165 mm
* Fuel Tank Capacity: 10-litres
* Kerb weight: 121 kgs

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  • rajesh

    kudos to bajaj for taking the game forward, go bajaj

  • CRAZY4

    And what else do we need in 100cc !!!!

  • ashwin

    wen is the duke 390 arriving in india and what would be the estimated on road price in bangalore pls reply fas

    • Faisal Khan

      Ashwin, Duke 390 coming by June 2013. Price is expected to be around Rs. 2 lakhs.

  • Bharath

    disk brake should have been given atleast as a option

  • Suraj

    The stunning bike in all. Bajaj is looking desperate to pump some life in each segment.
    This bike is a treat for young first time buyers.
    IMO in order to appeal to volume segment also, Bajaj should have provided this bike with basice fitments and accessories and should have reduced price. At-least as an alternate version.

    Kudos to Rajiv Bajaj

  • crazywheels

    An allround performance by Bajaj. A perfect mix of power and mileage. The only thing we have to know is how long they will deliver mileage consistently. Lets hope its mileage dont drop on usage like their earlier siblings. The rear end design is far more better than 125 ST because i dont like the rear mudguard design of 125 ST as it vibrates too well.

    • Mohit

      @crazywheels, Bajaj bikes be it pulsar or discover i am a owner of both,over last 4 years in 3 (a pulsar 135, pulsar 200, d100) bikes i had, all bikes have done more then 3 years.. never the mileage figures went down drastically (3-4kmpl here and there) all are well maintained!

      mind you only periodic service and power wash take place nothing fancy whatsoever

    • Rohit

      Hi Mohit , thanks a lot for the details. it was very helpful. can u pls specify about the
      1) height of the vehicle in comparision with 125st
      2)is there any expectation for an upgrade with disc brake in the near future. if so , when?
      3)inspite of the clear benefits spotted in 100t , yet bajaj is quoting a higher price for 125st. what could be the reason ?

    • suresh

      iii too hav same mileage problem n my discover125 iam using it for past 7 years but had completed oly 35k km with regular servicing and driving with n 55kmph.. but iam getting mileage oly 48 kmpl but n new i got mileage of 63 i had tried all servicing centers n my state nothing changed so mileage s dropping n all bajaj bike it seems its oly last for a year i suppose after tat its ur fate…

    • Faisal Khan

      Bingo, quality is poor.

    • suresh

      so frnd i decided to change my bike so pls give me a right bike to buy. i need good mileage reliabe and decent performance i wont drive not more then 60kmph pls suggest me a good bike which should give me constant mileage (should not drop like my discover) pls tel me a good bike friend

    • Faisal Khan

      Suresh, what is your budget?

    • suresh

      my budget s with n 55 to 63k and my height s 163 cm. so pls tel me a good bike faisal frnd pls. need good mileage, good reliability, low maintenance, long engine life . give me a good bike. i plan to keep it for more then 7 years. the bike should not cheat like my present discover125cc(48kmpl). ill surely buy wat u suggest coz am confused of reading various reviews . so pls suggest me a good bike faisal frnd

    • Faisal Khan

      Suresh, get the Honda Shine.

    • suresh

      shine s around nearly 70k frnd onroad in my state . so tel me some other option moreover its 125cc wont give 60 above mileage coz petrol price keep increasing 76rs perlitre in my state so suggest me frm 100 to 110c bike and consider my height also (5.2)inch.. so pls tel suitable bike n this range pls

    • Faisal Khan

      Suresh, Discover 100T is good for mileage.

    • suresh

      new discovers r improved??? how can i believe once again discover?? will it give constant mileage for 5 to 6 years ? r it ill cheat once again like my present discover? pls give me clear idea

    • Faisal Khan

      Suresh, can’t say. Bajaj is yet to prove themselves in the long run.

    • suresh

      so wat can i do???give me a solution pls>>>

  • Abhisek

    “The 4-valve engine produces class leading power and torque figures and returns more fuel efficiency than any other bike in its segment, making the 100T a deal breaker!”
    @Mohit, deal breaker or maker? :D

    • Mohit

      @abhishek deal breaker means, that if you are looking for bike in that segment your a bound to take this bike as it has the most powerful and frugal engine and “useful” features, a excellent price tag for hassle free everyday commute

  • Kedar

    Hero Passion xPro or Bajaj Discover 100T?

    • crazywheels

      Xpro has the same engine used in CB twister and dream yuga, Its better go for Yuga than xpro. Also the suspension set in Yuga is more comfortable than Xpro. Also there is no rival for the famous Diamond frame used in Yuga. The stability given by Diamond frame keeps you posted in the ground with most balance.
      But the rear tyre in yuga is thin and you must replace it wiith zapper 300-18 tyre immedietly for more comfort.
      Discover t is also a good chioce, but i dont know when the company will upgrade this model, ( may be next month )

    • CRAZY4

      how can u go for Dream Yuga……. many people experienced it. its mileage drops every month & can’t handle load as if its engine life is gonna come out. tyres are like bicycle, changing the tyres will reduce mileage, for which u have choosen it. all Hero & Honda bikes have same engine (not even difference of nut) only the name changes.

    • Kedar

      Dream Youga is not the bike for me.

      Hero XPro looks bit bigger than Discover 100T and Yuga.

      What is mileage of xPro it also has same problem like Yuga?

  • krishna

    Y a 100cc needs a tacho??…..

    this is a economizer it should have a mileage indicator………

    real time mileage or avg mileage indicator… i dont think it need a tacho

    • Faisal Khan

      Krishna, since this is the most advanced 100cc bike, we expected a tacho to be there too.

  • Maddy

    Many people prefer a regular and safe way to go,But there are some people who try to make there own way they don’t scare of fallacious, they just do the thing by there own way, Bajaj definitely one of theme.He always try something innovative different from other. in simple sentence try to make a class apart. And this time also he tries to offer something special to Indian bikers.

  • ashwin

    duke 390 is gona release in feb as i read in one of ur news and yeah should i wait for this beast r go for a cbr 250 r an r15 pls reply fas

    • Mohit

      it depends what kind of ride you owned first! we wont suggest the duke 390 as your first ride though! its for the experienced rider

    • ashwin

      i am used to rx135 and the classic so i wanted to have sports bike so pls suggest me which should i go for as my budget is 2lacs
      the r15 or the duke 390 and i am 5 10 tall

    • Faisal Khan

      Ashwin, wait for the Duke 390.

    • Mohit Soni

      RX135 was previous ride, then you will feel “almost” at home you can handle the menace after a period of time easily

      you should be absolutely comfortable on the duke, as we share the same height
      i say you can trust me on that ;)

  • madhav

    Tacho is not expected in this segment. But an option of front disc would have been a deal breaker. still a good package from Bajaj.

    • Faisal Khan

      Madhav, it really doesn’t need a front disc. Braking is good enough on the Discover 100T.

  • Pratik

    Mileage should have been 95kmpl.

    Bajaj has technology for POWER but no technology for MILEAGE!

    • Mohit Soni

      you do get the 95kmpl tag on the normal discover 100 but discover 100T gives you so much extra power (read 30%) and promises 87kmpl which is very commendable in every way i’d say!

  • Tapish

    Pehli nazer ka pyar discover 100t . Balaghat (m.p.) me kab aogi yar. I am waiting for u very badly !
    Yore lover.
    ye model disc brakes me nahi hai kya ?

  • raghava

    ya its the master piece in this class we should hope it shouldn’t disappoint for owning it .i have doubt on the service mechanic’s @ service centers because we don’t knows whether they have the right setting what the company has preferred

  • Sujay

    BHARATH I agree with you front disc brake is missing otherwise a excelent product from BAJAJ. Leading indian 100 cc bike manufacturer and japanese major has some serious competition here.

  • Harish

    Does discover 100T will have long life? in terms of mileage and performance and parts?

    • Kicker

      Yes as long as you live. Don’t ask silly questions, bajaj’s durability is not a concern any more, honda lovers won’t stop criticizing bajaj’s durability even if they die, when you are getting pitza at the price of roti, you are a fool to ask if cheese is less in it. Bajaj is going to create a history through Discover T, mind my words or keep a black pet dog in the name of me if I it turns false in near future.

  • Harish

    I really liked this bike… need your suggestions …

    • Faisal Khan

      Harish, it is worth buying. Bajaj Auto has improved parts so bikes should be more reliable than before. However somethings can only be answered after using it for a period of time.

    • Harish

      Thank you Faisal, What about the engine reliability as compared to dream yuga or shine? engine is reliable for long run?

  • Amol

    Which would be better dream yuga or discover 100T ? And whats the mileage of both in real case ?

    • Mohit Soni

      Dream yuga will return not more then 60-62kmpl while discover should get 72-74 easily!

    • Kicker

      “Ab tera kya hoga Hondya………?” hehe….hehe….hehe….ha….ha….ha….ha, kya samjhe the Bajaj bohot khush hoga?….sabbassi dega?….le ab makkhhi maar. Shine and Dream yuga engines are not reliable, go for bajaj, it has long lasting engine and better refinement. “When you are getting pitza from the hands of a master chef at the price of roti, you are a fool to ask if cheese is less in it.” “When a convict is released from jail, he becomes more gentle a person and never commits the mistake again.” Can you guess, what I actually want to say? My dear friend just go for Bajaj you will never regret.

  • Sudarshan

    Amol/Harish/Faisal/Sujay/Raghava/Tapish/Patric/Madav etc..

    In your over all discussion no where is mentioned mileage part… Please tell me actual Mileage in city & High way.. Because i booked it and expecting in the next week..

    Its my sincere request please tell me actual…. No bluff pls..

    Appreciate your feedback.


    • Mohit Soni

      u can expect 70 in the city and 80 on the highway if u drive sanely!

    • Sudarshan

      Thank You Mr. Mohit Soni…..

      Is there any drawback?? Which speed we should maintain to get 70 Mileage in the city??


      hey frnd,can u suggest me how’s the bike bajaj 100T.actually I want to purchase this bike but some confussion in my mind.some people told me this bike mileage decrease after some that can u confirm me what is d mileage giving u in local city……email

    • Faisal Khan

      It doesn’t decrease after a month but does decrease after some time.

  • Rakesh Singh

    sir iska delhi me on road price kya hoga. kya abhi book karna thik h ya ek bar dekh lene k baad purchase karen. kyonki abhi tak to sirf net par dekha hai, engine powerful hoga kya, 2 person 75 kgs each k weight ko sah legi

  • nikhil

    what is the exact mailage for discover 100t? plz,reply……..

    • Faisal Khan

      Nikhil, its given in the review, around 65 km/l.

    • rajan

      Maine 6th june 2013 ko bajaj discover 100t kharidli but i m not satisfy with this model , milage 55 to 60 km/ltr hi hai, pickup othere 100 cc bike ke mukable thik thak hai but 70 k speed per bike vibrate hona start ho jati hai our 80 ke ipar jana to 100t ke liye kafi mushkil hai, our gear box me to problem hai, kabhi kabhi N se 1st gear pe shift karneke liye 4 to 5 bar trai karna padta hai and gear box se kahibar jorse aavaj bhi ata hai,

    • Faisal Khan

      Rajan, vibrations are a problem with all Bajaj bikes, should be better after first service.

    • kumar

      Last 4 months back i purchased 100T, i have completed 3300 km It gives 1ly 55 kmpl only, some times it gives 60,65, 75(same road) also… my ride speed s less than 50(avg 45).. what can i do… how to solve my problems…. pls tel me t solution…

    • Faisal Khan

      Is the bike serviced?

    • Kumar

      Yes Faizal… 2nd service completed.. mechanic says it will be solved aftr 5000km.. but im nt believe tat words… wat s t problem…. really confused… Help me…

    • Faisal Khan

      It could be anything but wait for second service.

    • Kumar

      S Faizal… 2nd service completed(dec 1st week)… mechanic says it may be a fuel tap problem we will change tat aftr 3 weeks(didnt change)… aftr 2nd serviced it gives frequently 55 kmpl, so im not believe mechanic… pls help me wat s t original reason… wat can i do…

    • Kumar

      Yes Faizal…..,2nd Service completed(dec 10), after tat it gives 57 kmpl (<50 kmph) continuous…. some frnds have t same bike but they will get 75+(60 kmph)… so i really confuused….there s any chance to get good milage….

  • Rajesh

    Which is the best 100cc bike in terms of mileage & power?

    • Faisal Khan

      Rajesh, currently its the Discover 100T.

  • Sandeep Reddy

    Please suggest me a bike which have best fuel efficiency and resale value…

  • Surya

    Hero pasion x better than yugaa and 100t. Hero dhak dhak go. Huge hero fan.

  • Ganesh

    Overall which is better option ; Dream yuga or Discover 100 T ?

  • nagesh

    i got 85kmpl milege highway

    • Faisal Khan

      Nagest, what speeds were you doing?

    • sarfaraz

      Hey bro ….
      please tell me what mileage u got in city & the speed with which u were driving …..
      reply soon bro, i’m going to purchase it on Friday……

    • Faisal Khan

      Sarfaraz, read the above article, mileage is given.

    • Sarfaraz

      Thanks faisal bro …. :)
      Sudarshan gave mileage figure in following comment……

  • teja

    tvs pheonix or bajaj discover 100T???? which one is best ?(consider all aspects and give one result)

    • Sudarshan

      I took Discover 100T, before 1st service i got 63Km, after 1st service it is giving 70Km in city, highway u can expect 75 to 80km.. So pls go for Discover only dont go to any other, as i have analyzed more than 3 months..

      Really its very good bike even compare to Hero splendor.. its very nice design, good mileage….

      maintain service on time to expect constant mileage..


    • rohit

      hey frnd,can u suggest me how’s this bike.whats d experience after 7 month.some people told me this bike mileage decrease after some that can u confirm me what is d mileage giving u in local city……email

  • Ravi Kant

    I am planning to buy a bike but I am confused between Discover 125 ST and 100T. The major difference in both, I am noticing is it’s mono suspension apart from it’s mileage. Can anyone tell me what should I go for. It’s mono suspension is really effective (or better) than 100T’s twin rear suspension?
    Has anybody drove the both. Please help.
    Suspension is my main concern.

    • Sudarshan

      Hi Ravi Kant,

      My friend took Discover 125 ST now i took 100T, If you do not want mileage & u r looking for Good Pickup & Suspension please go for 125 ST (50 to 55 Mileage)

      If You want more mileage and suspension go for 100T

      125 ST – Mono suspension is good but it is too height so family members are aged person cannot sit, its only for lovers & young age people..
      Mr. Ravi Kant – I Would suggest you to please go for Discover 100T, its really good in mileage & suspension… no doubt about this… pls close your eyes & book it….

      Trust me…….

    • Ravi Kant

      Hi Sudarshan, thanks a lot for your valuable comment.
      Actually, I have a little back pain issues and some of my friends suggested that mono suspension is better. The dealer is telling that this is a selling point only both are equally comfortable. That is why I got confused. mileage is not main concern but it’s shock to the rider should be minimum. Since, you have driven both, can u compare on this parameter? Thanks in advance.

    • Sudarshan

      Yes i drove both the bikes but nothing difference, u can choose which one do u like…

      125ST suspension is very height hence seating comfortable is not there but no back pane..

      better choose 100t only seating & suspension both are good

  • shahnawazalamkhan

    good bike

  • abhishek

    m also confused in diz matter weather i shud buy 125st or 100t..plz help me ..pick up difference kch jada h kya..??plz help me out..?

  • Akshat

    Hi, I am going to buy Discover 100T in next 2 or 3 days. Is there any problem with the Gear Box or any part of the bike. This one is my first one so i wish it gives me full satisfaction in Millage, Performance,Build Quality and Maintenance as Well.

    • Faisal Khan

      Akshat, nope, no problems on our test bike.

  • anis ahmed

    what about the Chen set?
    i hv discover 100cc dtsi.
    but I m not satisfied with Chen set of my bike.
    now i want to change my bike and i m so confused in between bajaj discover 100t and suzuki hayate (which have gud quality )

    • Faisal Khan

      Anis, Hayate is proven while Discover 100T is not. However Discover more tech laden and rides well.

  • Raj Chaudhuri

    A bike that costs almost INR. 62000/- lacks DISC BRAKES. Very disappointing!

    • Faisal Khan

      Raj, its not needed though.

  • Karan

    What is the on road price in Mumbai/Thane for Discover 100T?????/

    • Raj

      today’s rate …. May 17th 2013…. Rs. 57,000/-

  • Rajwan Ahmed

    HI Mohit,

    Thanks for good review I likes alot this bike. I am not purchasing Discover 125St as I have family and its seat is not appropriate for family. So I found Discover 100t is good option I just have only i query i.e.My house is on hill place. Currently mt Bjaj CT 100 is comfortable to ride on hill but it create problem when somebody seating on back seat. So comparatively Discover 100T is better or shall I go for Discover 125 and 150 CC bike. Please reply.

    • Faisal Khan

      Rajwan, a 150cc bike would be better as it won’t have problem on hills when you have a pillion.

  • Baljinder

    Its between 51 to 53000 on road Mumbai.

  • Kicker

    Honda shine and dream yuga engines are not reliable, go for bajaj, it has long lasting engine and better refinement. “When you are getting pitza from the hands of a master chef at the price of roti, you are a fool to ask if cheese is less in it.” “When a convict is released from jail, he becomes more gentle a person and never commits the mistake again.” Can you guess, what I actually want to say? My dear friend just go for Bajaj you will never regret.

  • akhil

    I had discover 112 which turned out to be a good bike in last 6 years.Now i am planning to buy new bike.My old bike gave me a mileage of 60-65 initially it gave 70 and above.But it was promised in bajaj ads that 1 will get 101 kmpl later they launched platina with 109 kmpl Mileage.Now the company is saying that 1 get 87 kmpl in discover 100T ,so will it turned out to be 40-50 kmpl as mileage given by companies are not possible in Indian road condition
    That time i went for more mileage bike as running was of average 1500km per month ,now it won’t be running that’s much but petrol prices are increasing mnthly
    Whats the mileage of discover 100T in city conditions?

  • Subhajit

    the price of discover 100T is Rs 59500 in kolkata. I had checked on 20.03.13

  • Amol

    Hey friends…
    I have got just 57 avg for honda dream yuga at 45 kmph… Quiet good suspension.. But avg…

  • Saumil Mayani

    Got red Discover 100t yesterday.. amazing experience riding the 10.2 bhp wonder.. a dream ride and a VFM purchase..


    Sir my height is 5′ 5″……I want to buy this bike….will I able to ride this bike comfortably…..Or please suggest me my first bike(100cc) that i can fit easily……..Thanks in advance……..

  • Kiran Joshi

    I would like to buy 100T. I’ve more safety expectations by brakes. Is it possible to make rear bre@ake 130 mm & assemble front with disc which combination isbeing used by 125 ST?

    • Faisal Khan

      No Kiran, it’s not.

  • Rajiv ranjan

    Dear Sir

    please find out the discover 100t rate and fuile mileje and mentenence ………..price send the my email id

    your coustomer

  • krishna

    59300 rs.
    At shreeram bajaj majiwada, thane.

  • Aj

    Hi Bikers or Riders,
    I would like to buy a NewBike.
    My choice are Bajaj Discover 100T, Honda CB-Twister, Hero Passion X-Pro
    My choice tells you a under 110 cc bike with enough power and decent looks.
    I have taken one each from top bike producers considering design & looks.
    So I ignored DreamYuga, PassionPro, Splendor, Old Discover etc.
    Need best suggestion of the above three.

    I usually drive 15 km a day. 50-60 km on weekend days.
    I usually ride bikes @ 40-60 kmph.
    I want to use the bike for at least 5Years.

    My preferences:
    1: Mileage should give around 70kmpl.
    2: Engine Quality and Reliability in terms of years
    3: Comfort while Driving with pillion(consider sarry ladies also).
    4: Ride Handling and braking.

    Passion X-Pro
    Need Comments on Hero new 5 Year Warranty policy.
    What they cover and what not.
    Need comments on Comfort on riding with pillion
    Handling and performance
    As i am mostly preferring to take Bajaj Discover 100T.

    Because lot of people say Bajaj Bikes are not so good after a few years.
    So need comments on BAJAJ Reliability and sustainability.
    Is there any ways to get good life from Bajaj too.Please mention if you have done.

    And Eagerly Waiting to see ownership experiences of all above.

  • Gayaz khan

    me too waiting for answer for Aj ‘s question. but my question is, bajaj 100T or passion xpro? which one gives more reliability and sustainability? i want to gift to my bro who is an software engineer and he is decent so looking for good bike for him. pls suggest.

  • Uday

    HellO……..i m a first tym rider………nd i m opting for discovet 100t……….bt in many reviews i read dat there are problmZzz in dis byk wid its Mileage gettin low after some use…..suspensionS not wrkin well.startin prblmS nd vibrations or noiSes are more in dere dan discover 125cc…… i wud lyk an honest review of discover 100t’s engine mileage nd suspension…………..nd i wud really appreciate dat……nd yeah shud i go for discover 100t or discover 125cc………?

    • Faisal Khan

      Uday, do you have to go for a Discover only?

    • Uday

      ActuallY…….Discover 100t is more gud in luks…….nd i think its mileage is lso about 60-65…….m i ryt…..?…… i wud prefer either discover 100t-75% nd discover 125cc the rest………so i wanna noe ur view on which byk shud i go for…….?

    • Uday

      nd YeaH……… Hero Passion Xpro has lso entered my choices….so jus plzz dsyd 1 for me……..!!

  • shankar ashokrao pandit

    dear sir,
    we have purchased the discover 100t on January 21, we have suffering through the problem of starting of the discover 100t science perching of this motorcycle i have also show this problem to the bajaj auto showroom parbhani but our problem is not solved by the agency so please kindly take proper action on my problem.our totle address is1. SHANKAR ASHOKRAO PANDIT, cell no 9049448101 2.PAGOTE A.T. cell no.9623498454

  • Harsha

    Discover 100T should be upgraded with digital tachometer as in Pulsar…..
    I thought f buying a new bike…n a bit confusion ie., which s better bike b/w Bajaj Discover 100T & Hero X Pro..

  • rajan

    Hi faisal
    Kya aap muze bata sakte hai ki discover 100 t me koi gear shifting me problem hai kya, mene 6rh juneko 100t li hai but i m facing some problem in gear shifting, and i also get very low milage thagbis 50 to 55 km abtak ek bhi servicing nahi hui hai

  • amit

    bajaj only has a big problem that the ASC of bajaj are worst.

    • Yagendra

      ASC Means

    • Faisal Khan

      After Sales Centres.

  • Mahesh Babu

    Is 2013 model’s bajaj discover 100cc having self start? Please post your answers to my mail id soon.

    • Faisal Khan

      Mahesh, yes.

  • pankaj sahu

    i am going to purchase discoverst125 soon after optioning shine splendor discover t
    Would it be right choice accordance to milege power and look

    • Faisal Khan

      Yes but get 125ST.

  • jay kumar meena

    tachometer has been missed by bajaj in discover 100t bike. its weak point of this bike.

  • Arpan

    I want to purchase a new bike…i owned a discover dtssi100cc(2010 model)….it has a chain sound…gear shifting problems.and the body of the bike sounds… I am confused about taking again bajaj discover100T
    …….my next choice is centuro……it has many new features..but question about service station and pare parts…..but 100T has 30% more power and looks best in commuter class …..please suggest me …..


    i am salim i will purchase bajaj discover 100 cc bike before 3 years this bike not give the average first six month give 70 kmpl but after only 45 to 50 kmpl only i will flow service period regularly in service center there are every time change different different part like carburetor engine seating cloche plate but bike not give average i am continuously touch on service center and customer care center but now up date my problem not sole can you same help me please
    thanking you
    salim s. kannure
    mob: 9702628630 / 9869559446

    • Faisal Khan

      Salim, which service centre was this?

  • Ankur

    Hi Faisal,
    My budget is 65-67k, and my hight is 5’10” please advise which bike will suit for me.
    i want some sporty look.
    kindly suggest asap.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Faisal Khan

      Ignitor a good option for you.

    • Ankur

      Thank you..
      What about Pulsar 135, Discover 125T and Stunner ?
      which one is best..

    • Faisal Khan

      Ankur, our pick would be the Stunner.

  • Ravi Shah

    Hello Friends, I am confused about 3 bikes Bajaj 100T, Bajaj 100 cc (Normal Bike) and Honda Dream Yuga.I have read all reviews.My daily use if of around 30 kms and Mostly I ride bike at the speed of 50kmph..Can Anyone of you please give me feedbacks regarding the mileage of all 3 bikes..Any other feedback will be appreciated.Thanks..:)

    • Faisal Khan

      Ravi, get the Dream Yuga.

  • pradeep

    hi Faisal I want to purchase a bike in range of 50-60 k which is best option for me

    • Faisal Khan

      Pradeep, the CB Shine is a good alternative.

  • Ravi Shah

    hii Faisal, Thanks for reply..I have asked many friends and read reviews online..It says Bajaj Discover 100T is giving Mileage of around 70 kmpl..I found its look attractive as well..I don’t think any other bike will give me this much average….I think I should go for that…Is there anything wrong with this bike ?…Please let me know if I am going on wrong way..This is my first bike..Thanks ..:)

    • Faisal Khan

      Ravi, yes the Discover 100T is very frugal and a good option in the commuter segment.

  • Ravi Shah

    Hii Faisal, Thanks..Finally Yesterday I have Registered Bajaj Discover 125T..It says it gives mileage of around 65 kmpl..So I found it mixture of Power and Mileage…What’s your reviews on Discover 125T ,Faisal?..Please let me know is there anything wrong with 125T?

    • Faisal Khan

      Ravi, we have done a complete review of the Discover 125. Have you read it?

  • Ravi Shah

    Hii Faisal, I have read all above reviews….But I hardly found anything about 125T here..Mostly I found reviews of 100T so I am asking regarding 125T..Please let me know anything I need to take care of while riding and using Discover 125T..Thanks.

  • sagar


    • Praveen

      Can you post your mileage ?

  • sabbir

    Hi Faizal
    Mene discovere 100t ek hapte pahle liya he;
    Us me. Evereg 55km he. Or aap kahte ho 70km
    Please reply muje kya karna Chahiye?

    • Faisal Khan

      Sabbir, get it serviced and ride by shifting gears early, it will give you good mileage.

    • Dinesh

      Dear faisal., i want to purchase a bike. I am confused between hero super splendor and discover 100t.. My concerns about 100t are 1)whether it makes sound at higher speeds, may be over 70. 2)reliablity in long runs 3)gear box problems 4)gear shift problems.

    • Faisal Khan

      Can’t say about reliability and will thus recommend you tried and tested Splendor.

    • Dinesh

      Whats the mileage of 100t on city roads. I saw in review that the engine vibrates at higher speeds. Its true or wha?.

  • vijendra dangi

    the bike si not good bat only us nan hhaeve onlyyyyyyyyy…….

  • vijendra dangi

    top seepid kya he

  • aquib

    Mera post sahe tha to delete kardiya fake site chalate ho or jab koi sahe baat karta hai to usse ke post delete karte ho bike ka mileage 70 kmpl batate ho or 50 kmpl bhe mileage nahi hota kya company walo se paisa lete ho publicity kele logo ko pagal banate ho tum logo par to kharawahi honi chaheye.kamino

  • aquib

    Faisal bhai aapni site ko utane keleye fake information dalte hai kahte hai unho ne jo discover chalae wo 70kmpl ka mileage dete hai faisal bhai mere discover 2000km chal chuke hai or wo 40-45 city me or yahe traffic bhe nahi hai mene highway pe chalae 50-52 kmpl se zada mileage nahi diya to bhai aap ke bike ne kese diya.
    Agar aap ke information galat nahi hai to kya hai.aapujhe bataye

  • aquib

    Bhai mujhe ye batao ke discover 100t jo aap ne chalaye usse 70 kmpl ka mileage kese diya.jab ke shiva bajaj auto wale khate hai ke bike 50kmpl se zada mileage nahi dege to tumhare bike ne kese nikala kya tum ne suke carborator ke turning karae the .magar 1st service se phele mere bike 45-50 ka mileage derahe the or service ke baad bhe 45-50 mileage derahe hai .bhai tum kya paise lete ho bajaj walo se jo 70kmpl ka mileage batate ho or tum hare sharam nahi ati logo ko bewakoof banate hue ke bike 70 kmpl mileage dete hai.faisal bhai ese kaam mat karo ke log tum he badua hai .jo sach hao wahe baato fake information mat promote karme ke leye data data batate ho.

    • Faisal Khan

      Dude, posts are not deleted but moderated. We don’t hide the truth.

  • aquib

    Bhai aap ne ye to bata naahi ke aap ke discover 100T ne 70kmpl ka milegae kese diya .me ye jana chahata hun.bhai aap ke bike me ese kya baat hai aaap chalate ho to 70kmpl or hum chalate hai to 45-55kmpl..
    Agra koi engine tuning se mileage badta hai to bataye .koi to reason diya bhai ke mujhe yakeen ho ke aap fake information nahi dete.

    • Faisal Khan

      Dude, when we tested the bike, we got that mileage. Have you serviced your bike?

  • baskaran.g

    I heard that there is gear shifting problem {gear getting stuck} on 100 cc new comment ?

    • Faisal Khan

      We have not experienced it.

  • ajith

    i purchased this bike aug…. it giving only below 60 kmpl with 40 kmph speed.. but many people telling it gives above 75 with 60kmph…. hw s possible… any one tel me the solution for me…whether it is mechanic problem or bike issue….

  • rajesh

    Dear Faisal Khan

    I am planning to buy a new bike, pls suggest me which is best in between bajaj discover 125t, 100t, 100m & Honda Shine. acutely I am looking mileage & good looking bike , I am really confused , pls suggest me if nay other bike having all this


  • Abhishek

    I brought discover 100t on 14oct in Kalyani bajaj. still now I have drove 1700kms, but I am getting only 50kms of mileage. I have checked it 4 to 5 times. and also there is a problem in the gear box. l showed those service people but after servicing also no improvement is found. I am really disappointed with the mileage.

  • raj

    my lucky bike is stolen by some bastards. now i need to buy a bike which will give good mileage along with good performance. so u give opinion on discover 100T and also its on road price at orissa.

  • Saurabh Shrimukh

    Is it good to buy cb twister over discover 100T?

  • Manvendra Singh

    Dear Faisal,
    I have an FZ 16 which am about to sell coz the roads out here are moonscape.I want a 100-110cc bike under 60k. My only priority is a soft n cushy ride. Kindly suggest the softest sprung bike under sixty thousand bucks having a 100 odd cc heart. My other bike is a Duke 390.

    • Mohit Soni

      It is the Discover which gives best ride quality and has adjustable suspension to make it as soft as you want

  • Mayur Joshi

    Dear Faisal,

    Which bike should be preferred for better fuel efficiency, Bajaj Discover 100T or 100M?

    • Mohit Soni

      M means mileage. go for that!

  • Shaan

    Can any1 tell me watz the current ON ROAD price of Bajaj Discover 100T Nov (2014) in Mumbai…
    exact On road price i want to knw plz…
    & frm which dealer …

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