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Pulsar 200 NS Ownership Report

Hi friends, trust you all are doing great. I am Reetabrata Bhattacharya from Mumbai and I have owned/ridden different motorcycles over the last 6 years of my life. I hold a Mechanical Engineering degree from BITS, Pilani and an MBA from SP Jain Institute of Management, Mumbai. Some of them, amongst the list of bikes/scooter I have owned and rode extensively include –

• Kinetic Italiano Blaze
• Hero Honda Karizma ZMR
Bajaj Pulsar 220F DTSi
• Royal Enfield Electra 5s (Cast Iron Engine)
• Royal Enfield Thunderbird Twinspark
• Royal Enfield Machismo AVL 500
• Hero Honda Karizma R
• Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS
• Bajaj Pulsar 220F DTSi (My current steed)

This review/ownership experience is all about my Blue colour Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS (pictures on this post are from MotorBeam’s collection as I have very few and low resolution pictures of my bike), which Bajaj Auto has been bragging about as the ‘Best Pulsar Yet’ with enormous support from Auto Journalists/Experts who are leaving no stone unturned in singing praises for this bike in the choicest flowery language possible. True that some call it a street fighter and for some it’s a newly styled naked muscular beast that reminds them of the BMW range of street fighters (courtesy designer Edgar Heinrich). Here’s the review of one of the greatest mistakes of my life.

Pulsar 200 NS Issues

How it found its place in my garage

Post my Karizma, I was on the lookout in the market for a more focused handling machine. The Yamaha R15 would have been an obvious choice given its racing pedigree but having ridden my friend’s R15 V2 on a number of occasions, I wasn’t particularly impressed with the Yamaha’s everyday use capability. I found the R15’s posture a bit too aggressive and with pillion on board (considering I am 85 kgs and my friend weighs 90 kgs), its power does taper off substantially at the lower and mid range.

The KTM Duke 200 was my next obvious choice but post three test rides, found the bike to be a bit uncomfortable for my long legs (I am 6 feet 1 inch), which didn’t manage to fit in the tank recess and stuck out like bamboo shoots out of nowhere. The KTM Duke 200 is still an amazing machine, never ceases to surprise the rider with every wring of the throttle and focused handling as well as braking contributes further to making it a mouth watering proposition. The Honda CBR250R was also in my radar but honestly, found the ride quality and the feel similar to that of the Karizma, though a lot more powerful. I was also considering a used Kawasaki Ninja 250R, but the idea of buying a used bike again was met with stiff opposition by my mother. All this while the only bike I was consistently avoiding was the Pulsar 200 NS, this thought definitely arose in my mind.

I thereafter frantically looked up all published reviews and opinions on the Pulsar 200 NS, most of them by our so-called automobile experts with years of motorcycle evaluation experience under their belt. Not a single negative review of the 200 NS, wow now that was something! Many reviewers went as far as to say that the smoothness of the 200 NS can definitely be compared to a Honda or a Yamaha product. I was still a bit apprehensive considering the triple-spark technology of Bajaj which was being put to test with this bike. Bajaj claims this to be the “Best Pulsar Till Date”, sadly I don’t agree with this at all. Still I went ahead and took the plunge into buying the Pulsar 200 NS, blue-coloured. My unfortunate journey with the bike begins now, please read on.

Pulsar 200 NS Owner Review

Looks and Styling

Nothing much to mention in this section as we all know, looks are subjective. The fact that I like the way Bajaj has gone about with the styling of the 200 NS is correct to a certain degree. The Pulsar 200 NS looks like no Pulsar has ever looked before, attention to detail and intense concentration of the designers has made the bike what it is today. The offered colour options are also pretty thoughtful and gels well with the overall persona of the bike. There are however a few glitches like the front windscreen, which could have been a bit larger and definitely functional.

Bajaj also has the choice of offering a bigger windscreen for those who wish to tread the long way home or for those who wouldn’t mind the occasional weekend fun trip spanning a length of 250-500 kms. The seats personally are not to my liking as they are too hard to not feel undulations on Mumbai roads. However, the seating position isn’t cramped and even a tall rider finds it comfortable to putter around town in this bike. Cockpit instrumentation is very practical as well though I sorely missed the absence of a gear indicator.

Pulsar 200 NS Tacho

Performance and Braking

Honestly, I find it difficult to come to terms with the entire hype surrounding the performance and technology of the Pulsar 200 NS. Liquid-cooling is a great feature included by Bajaj but the triple-spark technology didn’t feel convincing at all. Agreed that addition of more spark plugs was to enable efficient combustion of the Air-Fuel mixture in order to boost fuel efficiency and performance, but as good as it sounds in technical terms, real world picture atleast in my case was different.

I completed the bike’s running-in procedure as per the owner’s manual but despite that, performance was dismal for a 23.5 BHP engine. I have tried drag racing with a KTM Duke 200, a Honda CBR250R and a P220 DTSi and believe me, my 200 NS struggled to match the pace of either of these bikes. Shockingly, the P220 DTSi was a bit quicker and a lot smoother all the way to the 130 km/hr mark. The Duke 200 and CBR250R obviously were way ahead in terms of outright performance. The issues I faced on my Pulsar 200 NS are as follows –

• Excessive vibrations on the petrol tank, both rider and pillion seat and handlebars starting from 5500 RPM and extending all the way upto 10,500 RPM.

• On a trip to Baroda for a friend’s marriage, I had a very hard time riding with all the vibrations filtering through me at constant 90-100 km/hr speeds. The vibrations make it very difficult to ride the motorcycle over a long distance; I had to take a break every half an hour. Just to remind the readers that I have lived with Bullets for three good years and hence high speed vibrations weren’t new to me, just that the ones on the 200 NS proved unbearable.

Pulsar 200 NS Triple Spark Engine

• Coolant overflow was a common issue which the SVC failed to rectify.

• At expressway speeds above 100 km/hr, instability was felt especially at the front wheel, my suspicion the tyres weren’t upto the mark.

• The Pulsar 200 NS’ straight line stability goes for a toss on open highways in the presence of even mild to average magnitude of cross-winds.

• The bike’s performance takes a hit again on open highways due to headwinds. I suppose a technologically advanced bike like the Pulsar 200 NS should be able to endure atleast headwinds if not crosswinds. On one particular occasion on my way to Pune, I encountered decently strong headwinds in the Khopoli Ghat section and believe me, it was difficult to steer the bike in the intended direction.

One positive aspect of the bike that I wish to highlight is the presence of very efficient brakes. Those Bybre disc brakes do their job extremely well at all times, though there is a tendency of the rear brake to lock up under hard braking. In emergency situations, depressing the front brake by a substantial amount doesn’t lead to locking up or skidding.

Pulsar 200 NS Problems

Handling and Comfort

Handling is an area where the 200 NS has improved by leaps and bounds as compared to the older Pulsar models. The bike is very easy to chuck into corners as well as to weave in and out through traffic. Even high speed cornering on highways feels easy, mid corner bumps or undulations are flattened out by the suspension. The stock Eurogrip tyres were decent in terms of grip around corners in wet conditions, but a change of tyres to soft compound rubber would do a world of good in enhancing the Pulsar’s mid corner grip.

The front suspension of the Pulsar 200 NS is a conventional hydraulic fork type. The rear is a Nitrox charged Monoshock. The suspension setup is too stiff and ends up bruising the rider and pillion’s buttocks. The stiffness of the front forks is good in practice as that adds to stability under hard braking by reducing fork dive. But the rear monoshock disappoints by not providing the slightest of comfort on the minutest road undulations. Irrespective of whether it is a male or a female friend on the pillion seat, they time-and-again complained of lower back pain.

I was myself uncomfortable most of the times going on bad patches on the road or small potholes, which unfortunately is aplenty in Mumbai. Even not-so-major road undulations and humps literally whack the rider’s butt; the experience is similar to being hit by a ‘slingshot’ on the backside. My tailbone suffered in the process of riding the bike everyday from home to office and back (a good 60 kms to and fro combined). I tried setting the suspension to a softer setting (at position 1 and 2) but honestly it improved the comfort quotient by only a notch (say 10-15%); this ideally makes no great deal of a difference to the rider.

Pulsar 200 NS Vibrations

Designing the seats is where Bajaj Auto seems to have gone all wrong. I felt both rider and pillion seat insufficiently padded, again as against the opinion of auto experts. The rider seat lacks sufficient width for a 36-inch waist size like mine, the edges of the seat exerts pressure on the pelvic girdle causing long rides to turn painful. Bajaj doesn’t offer seat covers for the P200NS unfortunately. A customized seat cover with a thin layer of soft foam in it should be the solution for anyone looking to tour on this bike. But as I mentioned earlier, touring would still be a painful experience considering the frequency and magnitude of consistent vibrations that filters through the body of the rider and the pillion.

For those who feel the comfort on a KTM Duke 200 is inferior to that on the Pulsar 200 NS, let me clear the air by firmly stating that the Duke 200 and the 200 NS are at par when it comes to comfort. Infact the Duke’s rear monoshock has 10 settings which presents the rider with a wider array of options so as to fine tune the ride quality to a stiffer or a softer setting. Both the Duke and the NS have a stiff front end which is good from the safety aspect. The Duke’s pillion seat might be for supermodels or kids, but there is good reason for the rider to rejoice as the rider’s seat though not sufficiently padded, is wide and firm enough to enable even a bulky guy’s butt to endure a 2-hour continuous ride.

Fuel Economy

This is the department where the Pulsar 200 NS doesn’t disappoint, it returned me a steady 40 km/l in Mumbai city and 42 km/l on highways. I stuck to premium petrol (Speed) right from day one. The Pulsar 200 NS’ puny 12-litre tank is definitely sufficient for a 400-450 odd kms ride. But all this doesn’t give reason enough for Bajaj to incorporate the ‘Triple Spark’ technology which is apparently supposed to boost fuel economy and combustion. Duke 200 returns around 36-38 km/l in the city as well, despite being far more aggressive than the 200 NS. So it’s clear that the 200 NS doesn’t beat the Duke 200 by any appreciable margin when it comes to fuel efficiency.

Pulsar 200NS vs Pulsar 220

Pulsar 220F vs Pulsar 200 NS

This is exactly the query which floats on the minds of some prospective 200 NS buyers. In my opinion, the Pulsar 220F DTSi is a far better bet than the 200NS due to the below mentioned reasons:-

Headlights – The projector headlight setup on the P220 is by far one of the best on an Indian bike. Agreed the 200 NS also has a good headlight setup, but night riding on highways (something that I cherish doing often) will see the P220 headlight setup light years ahead of the 200 NS.

Stability – The Pulsar 220 DTSi is by far one of the most stable bikes in its category, even in the face of strong cross/head winds. The 200 NS as I already mentioned is definitely not as stable as the P220 on open highways. The P220 due to the addition of a bikini faring is far steadier and completely at home doing 100 km/hr plus speeds on a National Highway or an expressway.

Pulsar 200 NS Tyres

Tyres – The P220 is blessed with soft compound MRF Zappers which grip very well on wet roads. The 200 NS wears Eurogrip tyres which have decent grip but not at par with the soft compound Zappers.

Refinement/Smoothness – The P220’s DTSi engine is a tried and tested one, it is surely a lot more refined as compared to the 200 NS, which is extremely vibey as already mentioned.

Fuel Economy – The P220 delivers better fuel economy as compared to the 200 NS, both in the city and on highways. The P220 even if ridden at high speeds on highways can still deliver a decent 45 km/l.

Comfort – The P220 is definitely comfortable on city roads as well as highways, seat of the P220 has better foaming and is wider than the 200 NS. The bikini faring comprising of a windshield in the P220, gives the rider the added advantage of wind protection, which is not even available as an option on the P200 NS.

Self-cancelling indicators – This is a feature which even though very useful, is absent on the 200 NS. Surprising bit is that the back-lit switches of the P220 found its way on the 200 NS but not the self-cancelling indicator feature.

Handling – The P200 NS is an excellent handling bike no doubt, the monoshock and the stiff chassis only makes the handling deal sweeter. Climbing winding ghats on the 200 NS is an absolute delight. The P220 on the other hand was never portrayed as a handling bike, its handling prowess may not be in the league of the 200 NS but, it does handle pretty well on curves as well as in ghats. The soft compound tyres on the P220 aid in the bike’s mid-corner stability and therefore, doesn’t stress or hamper the rider’s confidence when riding through curves.

Brakes – Braking is a department in which the 200 NS is light years ahead of the P220. The Bybre disk brake setup on the NS has tremendous bite, thereby increasing the rider’s confidence as compared to the Bybre setup on the P220 which lacks bite. The rear disc brake on the P220 is literally of no use, especially with a pillion on-board.

Pulsar 200 NS Long Term Review

The Verdict

The Pulsar 200 NS is not worth a buy unless Bajaj Auto sorts out its un-refinement and vibration issues. It looks to me as if Bajaj were in a tearing hurry to launch the 200 NS in an attempt to counter the CBR150R and R15 V2 onslaught. I sincerely advise prospective buyers of the Pulsar 200 NS to go for the KTM Duke 200 if they can afford to spare Rs. 1.5-odd lakhs or blindly go for the Pulsar 220 DTSi as it’s a bike that has stood the test of time, since competition has upped its stake in the 200cc plus segment.

I was fed up of approaching Bajaj SVC time and again to sort out the issues on my 200 NS but alas, even Bajaj’s western region service head Mr. Santosh from Pune failed to resolve the problems despite repeated attempts. He finally gave up saying those famous words – “Arre boss, yeh 200 NS model aisa hi hain. Aap vibrations par dhyaan mat dijiye, bas chalaiye”. Post hearing these words from the devil himself (customer service head), I started hunting for a buyer and eventually sold the bike for Rs. 72,000/-, after having ridden 10,000 kms on it.

P.S. – Readers kindly note that I am no Bajaj product basher, in fact I hold a great deal of appreciation for Bajaj’s aggressive strategy in the domestic market. In a country where “kitna deti hain” still matters to 80% of the population, Bajaj is doing a good job in offering a blend of performance and fuel economy to the youth. I have owned and appreciated the Pulsar brand right since its inception. I still own a Pulsar 220F DTSi which is serving my purpose adequately both in city and on highways. The Pulsar 200 NS needs a good deal of re-working from Bajaj in order to make it a better rider’s bike. The Avenger is also a product that Bajaj can do something serious with, like equipping it with a larger engine and improving its ergonomics.

This post was written by Reetabrata Bhattacharya. MotorBeam doesn’t necessarily subscribe to his opinions on the Pulsar 200 NS. This is an ownership report and different owners might have different experiences with the product, owing to their usage.

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  • Joy Chowdhury

    stole my word of mouth .. We’re on same page .. Rock on !!

  • noname

    wat a joke man

  • Ankur Sinha

    Actually m really sorry to say but u r not enough aged or I think u still don’t knw bout the bikes….in one word u don’t knw to ride and xplain its features……i mean one of your wors…saying that u r 85 and frnd is 90 kg and thrs some prob with yamaha r15 to pull your weight and on the same pulsar can do it fine on that situation…..dude the one u r talking bout is pprx 70 cc more than r15…..just think before saying…..the second thing I want to say….u ride both bike on a speed of 90-100 km and then stop and then check the sound coming out from the engine….u can clearly here a sound from pulsar….which u ll not get in r15……Bajaj bikes engine is made of smalll parts which makes tat kind of sound after some high speed…whr as u ll never get these kind of problem in Yamaha or even in Hero Honda….there are much more to say but I think u ll get to knw from these few line….

    • rakesh

      have u ridden the bike for long enough, stop commenting widout known the truth about the 200 ns, everywhere there are so many compliants but no one is listening, specially not bajaj and those magazine guys who are doing long term reviews!!!!

    • Sabka Baap

      true rakesh, those stupid money hungry magazine idiots takes bikes long time and dont even put reviews for 6 months or some times for a year!!

    • Rohit

      I hope some day u invent the PERFECT BIKE n then lets see how perfect it is for others.You lack maturity in ur reviews my friend. Till date my 200 NS has not given me any sort of maintenance or shown any sign of discomfort for which shud be concerned abt. FYI i have ridden 4500 kms and touched a speed of 115 km/hr although unknowingly till i saw the speedometer this shows how smooth this bike is even at high speeds.

    • Rao MR

      I agree, even I never had any issues with my 200NMs.
      Never ever , But I don’t Know if it is really true other people are facing these kind of issues!!!!!!

      I can tell my 200NS is a perfection and have zero issues , its been 18000Kms and its really good.

    • Tushar

      are u sure the bike u rode was “PULSAR 200NS” coz believe me I trip 4 times(1 trip was 400km) on my 200NS and there is nothing to complain about the bike.
      Yahama R15 is definitely ahead of 200NS in power but lacks in confort(on long trips).

    • Sushrut

      ‘Bajaj bikes engine is made of smalll parts which makes tat kind of sound after some high speed’ — this really shows how knowledgeable you really are. Fewer parts in Honda and Yamaha, agree.. smaller parts suggestion is hilarious.

    • vikram

      the only issue i am facing is that the bike drags a bit to the left. Yet to get it rectified. also the gear shift is not as smooth as i expected it to be.

    • rohit

      exept tyre and gear,i haven’t got any issues in my ns…i have rode 23000 kms till now,he is giving me best.i got no issues in vibration even on 140+…

  • Shalu Samuel

    I don’t agree to any of your cons about this bike as myself own this bike for the past 6 months..did more than 4,500kms & daily travel 45kms.
    The con that you point out is vibrations,well yes the bike has vibrations but they are just slight vibrations not a big as other Pulsars.Your bike may have some problem thats why its vibrates too much..thats your own bike’s problem not common for all P200NS.
    For nearly a budjet of 1lakh Rs you get more features than other bikes & when it comes to engineering & quality this bike is far more superior than other Pulsars & in par with most japanese bikes.
    All bike has their cons,doesn’t mean they are bad.. P200NS is no doubt the best Pulsar ever..i never like Pulsar bikes..but this bike just got me & its worth it..I’m fully satisfied with my P200NS.. & please understand P200NS has to be ridden in a specail way not like other bikes..thats why you might be having such big vibartions.

    • rakesh

      u missed the point, the probs are not on all bikes everyone knows coz bajaj cant make consistent quality bikes, just because ur bike is trouble free does not mean all bikes are!!!!

    • Avinash Sharma

      I too have been using the NS for the last 6 months and I used to feel the same way that I have just wasted my money but after now I don’t.Why?? Because the problems faced by most of the people are either because of improper tuning or some other psychological problem-that Pulsars can never be better than any Japanese bike.But I don’t think its that bad-if not better ,it is as good as any other bike in its class. Yes, Bajaj SVCs are one of worst around but one should have thought of that before buying it. The bike has flaws but mind it that the initial batch of the CBR 250R had huge quality issues and considering that Bajaj is a relatively new company these issues can be ignored. Finally,all I would like to say that the Pulsar 200 NS is an excellent bike considering the price it demand and for those who are facing problems with it are actually themselves problematic.And mind it Bajaj hasn’t paid me to write all this and I was also initially a Pulsar hater and if you are not well experienced please stop spreading rumors about a very good product.

    • CyberKID

      I’m an owner of the 200NS too. I agree with some of the comments to an extent, that this is possibly the best bike an Indian manufacturer can make, and also the features and styling are excellent. But, I too am suffering from some issues in my 200NS. There have been some serious issues, which neither Bajaj, not the service center is ready to acknowledge.
      1. I’m facing issues in gear shifting, where the gear gets stuck in neutral when shifted up from 1st to 2nd gear, and vice versa. The real problem is that the neutral indicator doesn’t get lit up to inform the rider that it’s in neutral, and moreover, this problem doesn’t happen each time, but occurs randomly.
      2. There’s a problem of coolant leakage, which, the service centers haven’t been able to rectify over the period of nine months I’ve had this bike.
      3. The service is really pathetic at their service centers.

      Finally, I complained about the service to the Bajaj Customer Care, but, didn’t get a satisfactory response, and hence, I’ve sent them a notice, and I intend to drag them in the Consumer Court if my problems don’t get resolved.

    • CyberKID, how much has your bike done?

    • CyberKID

      @Faisal, Sorry mate, I didn’t see your comment. I was a bit busy with trying to learn the technicalities to be worked out if my matter goes to the consumer court. As to your question, my bike’s done 13,299.1 kms in a period of around 9 months and more than 15 visits (5 of them in the month of March only) to the service centers of the dealer (the dealer – Dewan Bajaj, has two branches in my vicinity). I’ve been waiting for their response, and today, even after 15 days of despatching the written complaint to the Dealer and Bajaj Auto, none has cared to respond to my written complaint.

    • AB_Pande

      Yup, I face this gear shifting prob too at times. 1st to 2nd misfires like 1 out of 20 tries. As for the service, I had mine at Krishna Bajaj at pune, those geniuses lost my keys and then gave me a bike with a dysfunctional front brake… Thankfully, the vibrations have not hit very hard and otherwise the bike seems ok.

  • Ananthakrishnan

    I strongly believe that you struck with manufacturing defect of your 200NS.Else you maintained bike very badly.Very frankly 200NS is most worthy bike in its price -tag for all aspects.You cant compare it with bikes which is 30k-40k costlier.This bike outshines R15,CBR150R,P220 in drag race conducted by motorbeam itself.
    Its your Bad Luck

  • Neil

    Reetabrata Bhattacharya: Nice honest opinion mate!! Though i quite agree with what you have said, reason being I’ve been using Pulsar since April 2001. I had this classic 150 and then I went for a DTSi 180 UG1 and also had 220 DTS Fi. Until recently I sold 150 to my friend who is still happy with it and 220 to a dealer. So now i own a 180 which is far better machine till date i’ve owned.
    It is a Pratical machine and rides as it should, nothing exorbitant and mental when it comes to speed. But true to is purpose. It does a 120 at ease. I’ve been in love with this machine and take a utmost care of it. Did some mods recently and I’ve too see how it justifies the madness that i’ve put.
    All in all my honest opinion is, yes it has to be tried and test and every company today is just trying to milk some money may be less or more but the real satisfication is lost. I always thought of opting the FZ or the NS. But i’ve sticked to what i’ve and that gives a grin which none of these would.
    The reason for this extra refinement smoothness is the restrictions from OEMs to meet government pollution norms, which in a way have ruined the way machines should ride.
    There is no grunt left, no outright performance be it any machine from Yamahas or Hondas or for that matter Bajaj’s.
    They only think of profits and sell bitter tasting sugar coated drugs.


    Common bro……wat a joke????!!!!! but it seemed to turn out real bad, i’ve been using my p180 2002 ( total 120000 kms run)till dec 2012, i replaced it with a p200NS on dec last year…….in terms of sensory experience this is pulsar that delivers most,m really happy to own this one.It seemed like a worthy upgrade after 10 long years n hence there is no denying the fact that this is “THE BEST PULSAR YET”..
    i am shocked to com across your review…

    • rakesh

      dude the 200 ns is the best pulsar but not the best reliable pulsar

    • Neil

      @ Rakesh: Which is the most reliable machine that you owned? In whats sense was it reliable and made you think so? Again you smell to be bias in a way and not being prudent enoung to answer it actually by means of explaining the reason of your allegations.

    • rakesh

      dude i owned a pulsar 150 and karizma. did face few issues with the pulsar but never did i face coolant leak or vibrations with my zma, i know bajaj cant match honda in quality and reliability but honda cant match bajaj in pricing, there is no allegations, pulsars does have problems but fans and some owners will never agree

    • Pravin

      Ive owned a Bajaj Caliber and a TVS RTR 160 before.. with zero panel and parts issue.. with really solid build…

      I owned a Karizma for 4 1/2 yrs and had replaced the tail light of the bike atleast some 20 times… Had irritating rattling from the fairing most of the times.. Had starting issues… Engine sound as days went on was really bad… the bike had lost its flair as days went on…

      what do you have to say for this?

    • Jomin Dolges

      How can you say that you did not faced coolant leakage in karizma ??? That is not a liquid cooled engine, and coolant and radiator doesn’t exist in it.

    • Stranger

      for your info karizma zmr if you have the bike or you know about this bike, zmr is oil cooled not a liquid cooled engine, and have you ever seen or heard any pulsar 200 or 220 ever leaked !!!

    • yathish

      bro about the coolant u can fix it ur self by tightening its cap and about vibes cmon even r15 and cbr150r has same level of vibes byond 20kmph….


    todays best buy is still pulsar 220 . easy and better performance,good service and easy availibility of parts , bajaj pulsar 200ns cant be as popular as the pulsar 150,180,200 dtsi,or the 220,.it just look out of breed.
    there always a be a problem with pulsar 200ns that why bajaj is working on pulsar 350 and after its launch ,there will be no space for pulsar 200ns in the bajaj league.

    • Neil

      @Mohit Raj: Bajaj has always been a trend setter in the Indian market. It has compelled the bosses to deliver (Read Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, Hero Honda). Made them think every time they have come up with a product that never vanish. No matter how much you hate it remember the market cannot move ahead of atleast thinking of them once. Be it the crappiest product in terms of quality still the yout loves it and do does the aged ponder over it. Be it the most unrealistic market setters but they have done something unbelievable, where must of the OEMs are present are yet to reach. I’ve to see how Hero does when Honda is around tickling them every now. Hondas and Yamahas have see the light of this day because they have been in this business ever since the word ‘Motorcycle’ was added to our dictionaries. So I hope understand the gist of it.



    • Reetabrata

      Hi Mohit. I totally agree with you that the P220F is a better buy than the 200NS. Bajaj has ironed out most of the initial niggles on the P220, that has made it a reliable commuting/touring machine.

  • yashin shaikh

    everybody thinks anything they have dt is d best , nd its not true . u cn hve a sexy grlfrnd bt plz stop trying 2 proof dt u r grlfrnd is miss universe ..

  • aniket

    why such a negative review being published… kitna paisa mila honda se ?

    • Sabka Baap

      abey oi, paisa waisa kuch nahi milta, he’s a friend of mine from the group, this is we all expireinced and that is why he gave it to a honest website, who dont hesitate to put something which is called “the truth”

    • rakesh

      you guys should get a life, in one thread some one says how much money bajaj paid and now u say how much money did honda pay, is there no space for truth today, all bikes have issues we need to accept that and move on rather than being blindly acknowledge it widout raising a point

  • Pravin

    Man.. your review is bad.. I own the bike and I completely disagree with what you say..

    Yes there are vibrations, but it has to do with the carb tuning thats all… take it to a local mechanic nearby and ask him to set it up correctly and he would do it…simple!! Yes the BAJAJ SVC sucks big time and Im in Bangalore and not some remote location..

    You speak about Headwinds and cross winds… A naked bike can never provide you protection from these factors!! Its a known thing… How can you buy a bike like NS or a Duke and expect all these!! So you were foolish in your purchase decision…

    The bike has panel vibrations but its only a matter of getting used to… nothing serious.. and also the vibrations are more of a muted buzz… and it is true that you feel it more when you focus on it more… otherwise for its free revving nature.. its hardly a concern… I mean Dukes and CBR250s also have it to a certain degree..

    The seat is awesome.. I completely disagree with you.. I ride my bike to office and back 47 kms in the buzzy bangalore traffic and the seats are just perfect for me and offer enough cushion to keep you occupied for a long time… combined with its posture.. Its an awesome highway machine…

    My honest opinion.. for Rupees 1 lakh.. there is just no Indian bike that can match the capabilities of this bike.. Its a gem… just look for a good service center outside and dont depend on BAJAJ SVC..

    • Pravin

      For your information Im 6’2 inches tall and 102 kgs in weight.. The bike is like perfectly made for my size…

    • Stranger

      I agree wid you, how can anyone expect from a naked bike to have a ugly windscreeeeeennnnn………!!!!

    • Mat

      Hey, I am not sure about your comments.

      “Its convenient for me then it should be convenient for you”! Wah! Then if a company makes seat which is convenient for the MD it should be for the rest of India as well right? As much as I appreciate your comfort, please don’t discredit his by such logic.

      Panel vibrations by your own admission exists and the solution is getting used to it! What if I don’t want to get used to it?

      Each consumer is unique and one has to appreciate it. If you are enjoying the product, please share your experience in a neutral tone. It might give us some fresh insights.

  • Baljinder

    Sorry but its a flop review of Pulsar 200Ns…totally unjustified dude. I think showroom dealer had made a joke on your purchase……lol

  • Anish


  • aayush

    untuned or a defected carb is the main cause of vibrations in pulsar 200ns and is the only problem in my personal opinion on the bike.I got that fixed from some other service centre.

  • Dev

    Pulsar has always been my favorite. But after seeing so many negative reviews about 200NS, I wonder if I should buy this bike. This article seems like an honest opinion. Waiting for other owners to put their experience and help people like me.

  • Sabka Baap


  • Ketan

    “Reetabrata Bhattacharya expecting a Harley at the price point of enfield”

    Owning a pulsar NS myself was shocked to see this review.

    Looking at the cons of the review, I can say that most of them are subjective and were very obvious prior to buying.

    It was a well known secret that this pulsar came with hard compound eurogrip tyre. If Reetabrata Bhattacharya was so choosy about the petrol since day 1, he could have gone for softer compound tyre and get a good exchange as i did.

    For a naked bike, u expect the bike to have tremendous handling and riding ability at 100+, u dont need to be a mechanical engineer from BITS to answer it. I am still searching for a naked bike in sub 2 lakh category (not sub 1 lakh) which has no vibrations above 100. YES I also do have my many shares of riding exclusively sports bikes in India.

    The seats havent changed since u have bought. I find the seats very comfortable. Personally i dislike soft seats,. They make long ride discomfory. If u had a such a big issue with seats, why buy it. Also after market soft foam seats are available at low price of Rs 200. I am sure u can spend that much.

    If u are OK with pulsar 220 vibrations and stock enfield, clearly then ur pulsar NS had some issues. I am amazed that owning a pulsar before u still havent figured out that the bajaj svc are pathetic and do some of other company svc. On the contrary, bajaj bikes are easy to be serviced by any mechanics. Surely u dont need to to be SP Jain MBA to figure it out. Also the rubber gourmet has cut back handsome amount of vibrations in the bike. The solution was ever present here and in other forums and later bajaj themselves recommended it.

    It is obvious that for it to be compared with likes of R15, cbr250, cbr 150, duke 200 being positioned as such. But u do have to acknowledge that it is best bike at its price point where most of its competitors are priced 30k, 80k, 35k and 50k extra. ” Clearly u r looking for a harley at the price of a enfield “. Dumb. Yes i do admit that spend few Ks more and u get an better bike. But u again that is recursive. Keep on spending more, u will get a better bike. But that doesnt make the cheaper bike worthless.

    How can u justify that features like self cancelling being non present makes it a big drawback. Whats wrong with old fashioned side indicators which are still present in 10 lakh plus bikes also.

    Having a built of 6 foot 1 inches,clearly u dont belong to the average build of an Indian. Do u expect bajaj to make an exception for u. No wonder u have issues with knee and seats. U have no option but to look at larger bikes of likes which is atleast 50k or 50% costlier than NS.

    U are taking the words of Customer service ( head or not) as word of Bajaj. My neighbour of 10th pass today heads one of india’s leading customer service agency. Clearly u are getting the intellectual level of Customer service.

    Finally I am not saying this as a VJTI Computer engineer and a JBIMS MBA student but a avid bike rider.

    • Reetabrata

      Hi Ketan. I didn’t quote my qualification to prove anything, it was an introduction that’s all. None of my bikes were a gift but were brought with my own hard-earned money just like yours. The aim of this review is to create awareness amongst prospective buyers who are looking to shell out their hard-earned money on the NS. An avid biker may or may not have sufficient technical know-how but an engineer does understand his machine technically. Just bcoz you own a 200NS and are satisfied with it, doesn’t mean every other owner out there is as happy and gay as you are. The vibrations on the P220 is far more tolerable and definitely nowhere near compared to that on a RE product, so its about comparing apples to apples and not to oranges. The P200NS is not offering the kind of refinement expected from a liquid-cooled single cylinder engine, after all what is the sense in technological advancement if it doesn’t give required results. Look at the R15, Duke 200 or the CBR250R, both are liquid-cooled single cylinder engines with excellent refinement. Bajaj failed to impart the same characteristics in the NS.

    • Ketan

      I will again hold my stand. Your qualifications are of no concern to me. But as a mechanical engineer with MBA holder and a avid bike rider, ur view seems out of place. U seem to support my dad’s stance of today engineers having no practical experience and passing out through books.

      Coming back to topic. Just because its a liquid cooled engine, u suddenly forgo the refinement of bajaj 220, enfield and other bikes which u were very much comfortable with. If refinement was ur only criteria, i am sorry that u bought a bajaj (NS is almost at par with ur mentioned bikes) in the first place. But again the bikes u have mentioned have their fair shares of problem also. So again, will u crib or not coz they are Japanese bikes. Avoid such stereotyping and do a thorough research before buying one or u will keep on selling a new bike at loss every 9 months.

    • Ketan

      BTW ur gay stance was a very cheap shot of getting back to me.

    • Abz


  • No One

    There will always be fans, and there will always be critics, but it has to be the machine which needs to be top nodge to perform and silent all..

    Point in reference is the Yamaha R15, it does 100% what its makers say it will.. Nothing more and nothing less..

    Coming to pulsar, makers say less but creates a hype which turns expectations into a missing point.. Bajaj over the years have show how much compromise they will do with quality when it comes to make more profit so Pulsar owners are always be in groups, some getting good quality and some getting bad, where as some getting worst..

  • Rajan

    The author just expressed his unpleasant experince with his machine. Some of the comments in here are disturbing. MB – moderation required to maintain the quality of the site.

    • Rajan, we don’t moderate comments unless we see foul language. We do read each and every comment to ensure there is no bad language used in the comments.

    • Ram

      everybody has the right to speak his mind,there is no point in being so obsessed with something,this guy has a point,and i think he has pulled off a decent review…i am in two minds now,the cross wind problem is a big problem that i have faced on 4 of the 5 bikes i bought before this one,i think i would go with pulsar 220…..after all it is a tested machine…

  • Reetabrata

    Hi friends. My ownership experience that I have penned down is purely based on FACTS that I lived with. Bajaj Pulsar 200NS is definitely a great handling machine with excellent brakes as already stated, but truth is that there are way too many issues with the bike which out-weigh its positives. I was recently at the Sai Service Bajaj SVC at Lower Parel in Mumbai, met quite a few disappointed NS owners. They communicated extreme dissatisfaction when I struck upon a discussion with them. No offense meant to any NS owners here, I have clearly written my “fact-file” of the 200NS and that’s all. I do not mean to offend or hurt anyone’s sentiments through this review. Peace.

    • Payeng


      Managers from the marketing dept. of Bajaj Auto wants to speak to you. Can you share your (or Faisal’s) phone number please?

    • Sabka Baap

      Do you work for Bajaj? If not, then let these people sort their problem on their own (bajaj,motorbeam,reetabrata)

    • Junk

      Looks like your managers missed the “contact us” section of this website. Why don you just pen down what you want to speak.

  • Mosin

    @ Reetabrata Bhattacharya

    You dont need a gear indicator if your are comfortable with the bike and if you know the motorcycle, i think for learners it is required. ;)

  • Ninu

    @ Reetabrata, you should have paid premium of Rs.70 thousand & bought CBR250 & got HONDA name, same vibrations over 6000rpm, mileage of 30-35 kmpl, poor quality switchgear, panel rattling, harsh engine sound, hard compound continental tyres. But then you would not be complaining as you bought a HONDA. You are a mechanical engg. with MBA and talking like kids. Naked bikes are meant for riding fast in streets for wind in your hair experience, if you want a highway bike you should have bought a bike with full fairing to protect you from wind blasts. The choice you made was wrong at the first place. The problem with us Indians are we want a bike with 200 kmph top speed,full fairing,sportsbike like handling, cruiserbike like riding position, smoothness of 4 cylinder bike, torque of single cylinder bikes, sound of inline 4cylinder bike,headlights like rescue searchlights, seats like sofa, mileage of 60 kmpl under hard riding and all this at price bracket of Rs 1 Lakh. My advice to you is be realistic,take long test-rides, choose wisely, if still not satisfied then don’ buy it. Its your money your choise.

    • Reetabrata

      I have not complained about top speed or absence of a faring, atleast Bajaj should have provided a wind-screen as an optional accessory for touring enthusiasts. We Indians can atleast expect a refined engine and an averagely comfortable ride worth 96K, definitely not a Vibrator that the 200NS is. The CBR250R is a comfortable, refined and sorted out machine, don’t bother comparing it with the 200NS.

  • Arkaprava

    Heyy man, I’m really feel sorry for you. It seems you have a very tough luck, you changed 8 bikes and 1 power scooter with in 6 years and no one suits you :(
    even you also disappointed by the best pulsar also. I own a 200NS for last 4 months and completed over 8000 kms but I don’t felt any major problem, earlier my friend called me Un-paid Yamaha brand ambassador (as Still I’m blind fan of tha BRAND) ;) but still I’m quite happy with 200NS, I didn’t found any huge vibration, of course it’s not as ultra smooth as Honda or Yamaha, but quite acceptable and above 6000 RPM it’s very smooth. Faced few problems with the nuts, they are prone to loose very easily specially in rear mud guard and saree guard. Oil or coolant leakage are not there, head light is very nice very powerful and well spread but you can’t compare with 220 as that has a totally different system. 200NS is faster than 220 in any condition and also it’s top end is higher than duke 200, (just because of Rev limiter duke can’t cross over 136/hrs mark). Wind blast is always a problem for any naked bike, but on highway it’s quite easy till 115-120/hrs after that I have to crouch. Top speed i got on highways around 148km/h (dont know about speedo error). brake and stability is just superb.
    I totally agree with you about tyres, those are not up to the mark and i replaced my both the stock tyres and put Pirelli, and now it’s just as good as R15. one more thing don’t use bajaj’s engine oil, please buy some good one, i use Motul 5100.
    hope your next bike will not disappoint you. Ride safe

  • Reetabrata

    I have not mentioned anywhere that my earlier bikes did not suit me. The Pulsar 200NS was a disappointment especially after all the hype created around it by Bajaj.

  • Avinash


    I totally agree with you and points you mentioned above are hard, but true. No doubt that Bajaj has brought a better pulsar with the name 200NS but its not that great as praised by many “expert” reviewers out there. Many owners still on run-in period and have not experienced the real with their NS. I myself have drove many of the bikes of same category and I am an bike enthusiast. NS feels strained under higher RPMs like 8k -10k where its supposed to be calm ( Duke 200 engine is a charm at any rev band for that matter. That’s why its a clear winner). And there are many flaws as you mentioned. Some of them might be personal experiences than general. Bajaj should have released this vehicle after fixing all those issues. Sorry to know that you had to sell that bike for such a low price.

  • Suraj

    Very strange to here such ownership report, for the first time about P 200 NS.
    I can understand that there are some issues in the product and always there will be.
    No bike in the world is perfect.

    The owner got frustrated more than what actually the problem is.
    Yes, the Bajaj SVC guys should not have answered you the way you have mentioned.
    Hope, this issue will be raised to next level and will get some attention.

    But i strongly feel that owner gave up on the bike pretty early.
    If you start loving your bike you can find any simple workarounds for any problems you face.

    Hard-luck though. Hope this doesn’t happen with any other Pulsar owner.

    • Neil

      @Suraj: Totally agree with you. I’m still using my DTSi 180 UG1 for almost 10 years now. It does have problem and no bike in this freaking world is perfect. I had my shares of problem where i thought of fixing instead of blaming it. The bike runs well and the way it should. Some timely toil up helps keep your machine top notch.

  • Jomin Dolges

    Seems he is expecting so much from a machine that is not yet in the market … He has changed 9 vehicles in the period of 6 years and still he is not happy … Now he is having P220 and he is saying that it is better than 200NS. I am not a bajaj fan, but as per my riding experience on both P220 and 200NS, I will never suggest anybody to take P220. Personally I don’t like the styling , poor handling and tough cornering of P220.

  • Peace

    Guys, this thread has just become a place for dispute. There is someone who have had faced some issues with his bike and he has given “HIS” feedback. If you feel the same, add to his points. If you wish to defer, simply list your thoughts out instead of bashing up one another.

  • Ben

    Bajaj’s use and throw strategy of its bikes is clearly reflected here. 50% of bajaj’s bikes running on road are either 2nd hands or 3rd hands. The business trick of bajaj is working well. This is only collectively called unrealiablity. To top it all I my self fell into the tempting trap (hype) of bajaj two times. Very recently I commented in MB that a pulsar cant offer the refinement and realiablity of a jap. Fas replied me that a jap cant offer vfm as a pulsar. But from this review when a bike gives trouble even in basic necessities then where stands value for money. Always remember bajaj is the leading profit maker in india.

  • R15 owner NS LOVER

    Im 6ft and i never had any problem my R15v2 and rode this bike with two pillon rider .And Where you will get 6speed 24 bhp machine in 1 lac ? THE WORST REVIEW I HAVE EVER READ

  • shweta

    Awesome review ReetaBrata definatly a detailed one. I have sat on the pulsar 200NS as a pillion, honestly vibrations are terrible. Good u bought it to notice. I am sure now people are aware. AN EXCELLENT REVIEW.

    • Ninu

      I think you sat on ReetaBrata’s vibrating Pulsar200NS. lolzzz

    • stranger

      A good one lol…………

  • abbas

    people go buy an RE and enjoy…;)

  • Roy Xavier

    I dnt knw…..i think u got a Really BAD NS……i own NS and I have finishd 14600km.
    i am getting 148km\h top end and 52km\l milag……in any speed….and 220 never gets a chance to touch my NS tail in any occasions…. your right abt comfort and I agree with dat……for me wat matters is the viberation from the visor side…and no other viberation on tank, etc….. in top speed even duke goes behind………and R15 too have coolent leaks….my 2 frnds have R15 v2 with this coolent leak problm… dont blame on NS ..

    … I am proud of my NS…

    • R15 owner NS lover

      Agreed with Roy .Pulsar 200 is faster than a K&N ed 220(my personal exp and in the other review nishant has written so ) .Dude this review should be removed

    • Veeyen

      Me too, am a P200NS owner.. My machine is nw 8months old & done arnd 8K kms in the odo.. that me too is having personal experience with this bike.. Basically, i am a guy hu loves bikes and byking and hav ridden olmost all bikes in the indian market.. And i have owned an FZ earlier..

      So,wot i personally feel abt ds review s dat.. dis is d worst bike review i have ever seen..!!
      I am not a guy hu advocates dat my bike s d best in d country or d one hu boasts abt ds machine.. But i feel dat ds review is completely biased..

      Reetabrata Bhattacharya>> I cant help calling u an idiot; considering d following things:

      *u compared a 200cc naked sport bike with royal enfield ones in terms of touring..??? den try to clock 200kms with an r15.. and u will write a shortstory review abt dat..!!

      * P220 won drag races with P200NS?? den instead of blaming d bike,u must first learn how to ride a bike.. n until den, u jst watch P200NS outbursting P220F in drag races conducted by xperts:

      * P220 mor stable dan NS?? again, it need u to learn bike driving my dear… Ofcorse,being a naked bike,200NS will suffer frm crosswind effects.. bt on evry odr terms, stability is not a mattr in which dese 2 bikes cn evn be compared..!

      *P220 mor stable dan 200NS?? STUPIDITY OF THE MILLENIUM BVAYY..!!

      in whole, ds s an utter shitty review..!! d only probs i see in ds byk r d shitty tyres, dtssi engine oil and vibes..d rest goes to bajaj svc people.. anyway, i hav rectified most of dese by putting PIRELLI SD’s & MOTUL oil.. nw,i just love my bike and am nt afraid f throttling evn with a cbr250r (if men lyk u own a cbr, i cn easily win.. na?? ;)

    • Rajeev

      “(if men lyk u own a cbr, i cn easily win.. na?? ;)”
      HAHAHAHAHAHA… Hilarious dude.. The reviewer seems to me like a model rich kid at school who topped his English classes and all of a sudden developed a hard-on for bikes when he entered his puberty. 8-9 vehicles in 6 years? Get a life dude, it’s either a bluff or you’re the kind of person who tries buys every size of pants in the shop instead of just trying them on to find your fit. Faisal, please do something about insanely misleading reviews.

  • samar

    Worst review ever

  • jithin krishnan.u

    i am a pulsar 200ns owner. i love it and please stop blaming it

  • Rahul Devnath

    It really baffles me to see so varies responses to 200NS. Before I put mu opinion, i’m a proud owner of a 200NS from the first batch and have clocked about 16000 Kms in a period of 9 months. Also, I upgraded to 200NS from a 3 year old Pulsar 220F! Coming the facts, there’s no doubt the vibrations are there, much more than and Honda for that matter. Having said that’ it’s definitely not more than a P220. The NVH levels are still way better than compared to Apaches. In my my 9 months ownership, I just had one issue of “low oil” indicator blinking on the console, which was rectified by 2nd service. Post that there have been no issues at all. IMHO, 200NS is way better than 220, (leaving the projectors and the added weight), and infact the best street fighter bike, below the 1 lakh mark in the country today!

  • prasad

    Dude The way ur mentioning it as a painfull experience …points out something really bad has happened to you …but ur review is just ur point of veiw and not the machines problem…talking about maintainence then RE are a big pain ….pulsar 220 doesnt give a milege above 30km/l…..and am getting an average above 47km/l on my NS…dude its a different machine if u wanted to be so mainstream go with r1.5 it looks like a 10th std kids sports bike to me ….FOR me there are only 3 sports bike worth buying in indian market Kawasaki ninja 250r,honda cbr250 the two are costly and pulsar 200ns ,,and KTM is too uncomfortable for long rides

  • batman

    i read it expecting a heroic story of a guy riding 2000km withstanding bone crushing pain.
    U are a 6ft 1inch guy 85 kgs and u were considering r15 as an option…well that tells a lot about u .because trust me the r15 would have been more painful.. as for your friend who is 90 kgs, i cant imagine how he looks on a r15..

  • Sandeep kaur Verma

    Suzuki 150 6gires but my hero passion 4gires and hero passons picup speed milegae better than suzuki. Why buy cost 80k suzuki bike when best hero passion in market. Go for passion. Hero is the best, No. One in the world. Hero le lo yaar please sabse best, koi vibration nahi hai aur best mileaege hai.

    • No One

      Excuse me, sir are you comparing a 150cc 14bhp product with a 8bhp 110cc product ??

  • Doesn’t matter

    You should consider a lorry buddy. Atleast the poor vehicle won’t strain.

  • bayu

    cant wait until pulsar 200NS issued in indonesia…

  • Shree Namjoshi

    yeah even i’ve crossed more than 5000kms on my ns. I haven’t felt any little bit of an issue. Its just that, you might have got the wrong one buddy, it was your bad luck you see. And as per the power to weight ratio and the monoshock system, NS handles better than 220. its light and aerodynamic. If you’re considering the tire issue here you can change it to pirelli, as they have made the tires for NS with same dimensions, the kit will cost you around 5k. Otherwise the eurogrips ain’t that bad. The handling on 220 is too stiff, the straight line is good but the cornering is worst cause of the stiff suspensions and lack of monoshock system. I travel a lot with my bike and have faced crosswind and headwinds, but it didn’t affect at all. Vibration, i feel little bit of them around 60-65 but later as i cross 70 BOOM, the bike goes superb and smooth. Mileage, 220-200cc the 20cc difference tells the story buddy, my NS gives me more than 40kmpl as my friend’s 220 struggles for that 40kmpl, (with an average riding to and fro around 60-70kms on mumbai highways and city)Drag race? Dude the KTM weighs less than NS and have got 26bhp, even the CBR is powerfull, compare the torque and BHP. 220 has got 21ps (20.8bhp) dude i’ve raced plenty of times with 220 and that also with a pillion rider. So no comparison with 220. Buddy the bike has won more than 11 awards. Those aren’t fool who judged the bike. (No offense buddy) All I can say is that you had a bad luck with that.

  • Sufi

    hell lot of discrepancies in this article.. Seriously??? Do u even own a pulsar ns??? :o N dis bullshit about not having good resolution pix.. U can afford these costly bikes but nt a cellphone with atleast a 3 mp camera?? Grow up.. Seen a lot of wannabe ns haters thruout the web.. V owners know wot exactly is the byk’s performance.. n abv dat bajaj has satisfactorily sorted out each n evry of the ns’ problems sinc its launch.. i am a proud owner of the ns and xtremely satisfied wid d byk..
    so a lil bit of advice, go n gt uaslf a micromax phone, n get sum pix of d ns frm a parking o sumwer else.. n stp givin dese lame xcuses..

  • Abhishek

    I completely disagree with this review.
    The 200NS works wonders in every aspect of riding.
    Though i am not a professional rider,i could bet my money always on the 200NS than the 220F.

  • rockzzz

    My 200ns is just vrooommm!!!! do u even own dat bike or just defaming it? ur butt is bigger dats the problem…the seating posture is perfect! Go get a passion or splendor if u want ur butt to fit in!!!!!! 200NS is way ahead of 220 nd it defines an indian!

  • aryan

    the man who post the complain gone mad… If pulsar 200ns is not a best bike then it won’t grab “the best bike award ” of 2013.. …

  • manoj

    Pulsars r only famous but can any one tell that any 10 year old pulsar is running good now
    Low price=low quality
    Ex ; all the yamaha rx are running till good
    and a good resale value
    is any honda or yamaha bikes made such issues
    If u have less budget u have no option than u go for low quality
    finally as u bought it u are trying to compramise your self and there is no durability
    After 1or 2 years u want to sell it,dont its true
    agree r ignore its true

    • Pradeep

      Sorry buddy. My 2009 Hero Honda hunk barely manages to keep me satisfied and I’ve had some issues with it from the time of purchase which are yet to be rectified by the vaunted Hero service centres. Hell I even had a problem with its gearbox about 3 months back with the vehicle sitting at the svc for three days. Before you comment on my driving skills let me just clarify that I am not a rough driver, in fact I am a maintenance freak and get my vehicle serviced every 1500 km without fail. Now should I compare this bike to my old splendor which was my first bike and served me well without any problems for many years? The point I am trying to make is no bike is perfect. Not Hero Honda, not Yamaha and please dont even mention the Tvs bikes. If you want perfection spend 10 lakhs and get a Yamaha R1 or The Honda Fireblade. For an on road price of 1 lakh the ns is as good as it gets. Just for the record, I’ve seen plenty of old pulsars which are running quite well despite their age.

  • neeraj

    I think ppl expect more refinments from this segment.

  • Hansraj

    It has been 25,000 kms on Pulsar 200 NS for me (bought in July 2012). In my opinion following are the key issues with the bike.
    1) Suspension…even the softest setting is very hard in my opinion. Riding over bad and unaligned roads is a pain…one has to cut down the speed considerably.
    2) There is some issue with the RPM….mine fluctuates between a very wide range. In the morning when I start the bike it is around 1.2K….but within few minutes of riding it goes upto 1.6. Sometimes it also shoots above 2K. Have complained to Bajaj many times but no use.
    3) Yes the engine is not as refined as it was claimed by experts initially
    4) Riding in crosswinds is scary….one has to be very very careful.

  • Hansraj

    Things I like about the bike are stability at high speeds (100-120 Kmph), brakes and its cornering abilities. I have been getting a mileage of 36-38 kmpl.

  • Jasim fahadj

    Guyz this is surely a fake review i luv ma200ns which has handling equals of r15 200ns has the best power too than zmr ,220,r15,cbr 150 it can reach upto 160its de toppest ive reached there is slight vibration in 70 to 80 after that it is smooth but 220 fucckss in vibration ….

  • max

    Ok so I can feel a lot of heat over here. I m going to buy a New pulsar ns well this guy had some issues with his bike so he’s angry better if u buy another bike. As far as pulsar era is concerned 200ns is a devil and is surely an amazing bike. But the review is really disappointing . Plzzz try to be practical in ur next review

  • Raj Nair

    he he he…….this is what happens when noobs start reviewing and commenting!!!!

  • Jasim fahadh

    200ns is surely de best not 220…200ns is best in all ways it can beat 220 in assault..

  • Rajesh

    Were you drunken when you wrote the article?

  • R k g

    Were you drunken when you wrote the article?person like You should consider tractor or a mopet

  • Should i tell

    People say ‘kutte(dog) ko ghee raz nahi aata’. You are just like that.

  • A 200ns lover

    People say ‘kutte(dog) ko ghee raz nahi aata’. You are just like that. 200ns is the king

  • Finally…Shit comes

    Well, When i read Ur review i didn’t feel if you actually bought 200 NS.
    Secondly, I do agree to some of your points that the vibes are there but those can be rectified with tightening of the nuts n bolts with the torque wrench.
    Wind blast is common among st those W/O fairing, so here NS is not gonna stand as an exception as its Not Matrix revolution, its just another NAKED SPORTS. Zma n 220 have half fairings to manage the blast.
    Now, if U got screwed by the Zma n 220 then im sorry to say that probably U dont know how to ride coz i literally F**K 220 n Zma everyday with my NS as i do Delhi-GGN-Delhi(55KMS) everyday and seriously mate please accept the fact if you are lacking something, don’t blame others for it.

  • sagar

    hii frendz dis is sagar i bought pulsar 200 ns 1 month back i crossed 1250 km i waz not knoing that i have to do my 1st free serviceing within 450 to 700 km now can i use my free service ??????
    and one more major problem plz help me for this may be ther is some issue in my air pipe i fill 11 ltr petrol in morning i ride 70 km and at night wen i keept my bike at my place so petrol waz leaking from my air pipe plz dhelp me for this again after few day i fill petrol of 500 same thing happen even today plz reply

    • Sagar, get it check at service centre.

    • Gaurav Arora


  • parth sharma

    lol! I think some of people googled pulsar 200ns probs and posted them!!.

    • sagar

      boss if ypu want to give suggetion then give….. dont just come and type anything no one is free here to do time pass….

  • onkar

    which one is best bike 200 or karizma r

  • Hemant Jain

    Very well written article.
    I took test drive for pulsar 200(new one) .. didn’t liked it at all and after that i was really very happy to get back on my pulsar 220.. Pulsar 220 is much better than pulsar 200..

  • Ravish Bajaj

    I am owning 200 NS and i am much satisfied with its performance. We had races with P220, R150 and other segment bikes … pulsar was way ahead from them …. yes Dike is something if someone is able to break the cap of 135 KM/Hour speed limit…. otherwise P200NS is a beast.

    But yes seats are hard, not comfortable and not impressive, but that make one point in against….

  • Raju

    p220 such a waste bike more timing chain problem .I sold my bike for 60k only just 5month old bike .

  • Raju

    pulsar220 is my first bike but it is an worst bike for me .when I buy that bike money started to fly in service station only .such a worst bike readers really am really dissappointed with this bike .

  • Atul

    Yes! I too feel those annoying high frequency vibrations while test driving it. At that time, two bikes refused to start and then another guy managed the third bike to be working. It was not comfortable at all. Sadly my observations were dismissed by the ‘gurus’ at many forums, this made me to take yet another test drive and I faced the same problems again. I wonder why the auto gurus are rewarding this bike as a Comfortable, smooth and vibes free.

  • Roy

    Hi folks,
    I am a owner of Pulsar 150 UG4.5 Nothing is perfect so what the bikes. End of the day they are machines. All Pulsars have some problem with chain. Me as a owner of pulsar have both bad and good experience. I have tried to sort out issues as per my requirement. We Indians usually don’t use different bikes for different purpose. Pulsars have common problem of fuel meter, balancing issue and chain. I have changed my tyres Pirelli SD back and Michelin PS front for better handling and riding experience. Yes it works to a long extent but doesn’t meet the 100% requirment . I have changed my rear suspension to that Pulsar 220 , it did it’s job well. But there are still problems in my bike and I ‘m looking for a upgrade also. But again this are something you have to live with. Some says CBR comes with cheap switch gears and has ratlling sound etc, some says HERO parts are costly , some says TVS has issues with tyres and vibrations etc, some says YAMAHA has issues with parts availability. So this are all personal experiences. It’s all about the rides and what you want. So it’s clearly not about bashing or abusing but about sharing your experince. I am happy with my P150 but still looking for a better upgrade. Every machine has niggles of it’s own. Pulsar having the most niggles among all other bikes , yet manged to retain the most of the market. I own a HONDA also so I do understand what it means to ride a HONDA and a BAJAJ product. Personal requirement, driving conditions are utmost things to be considered. I do agree with Reetabrata but again as I said everything comes with its own niggles so one needs to understand his/ her requirement and riding conditions before getting the vehicle. I love CBR250R and want to buy it but I know and I do understand that my driving conditions won’t suit that. So even if my heart aches for it I do understand that I don’t want to crib after buying it. Most importantly respect your machine , machine will respect you back.

  • Yash Paranjpay

    I guess u have got a bad product man! Coz according to me, the NS feels much more refined and stable at high speeds. It does have some vibrations at high RPMS, but thats an issue in almost any Pulsar. NS is a far better looking and a very eye catching bike. And for the price, its definitely worth it. I feel that the pillion seat issue is common in almost every sports bike, Duke 200, Yamaha R15 (especially the V2.0). The NS comes with so many new features than the P220 in 1Lakh. The NS feels much better even though its got a carburetor than The P220 with the Fuel Injection. The Tyres are perfect in dry conditions and are only a bit slippery in wet conditions… I guess the bike is the best one BAJAJ has ever released.!

  • Karan

    Hi Guys.
    In my NS, petrol is coming out from the coolant pipe. I showed it to the SVC but those buggers dont have any idea wht to do. They tried many time but still problem is not resolved.
    Can you please tell me the solutions, if any…

    • Tell them to replace pipe, there is a leak.

  • Rohit

    No vehicle , no dealer is perfect mate .I have tested this bike .My cousin owns this bike since last June and he is immensely satisfied with it .yes there are problems , but you have exaggerated it by a factor of 5 .So are countless others on websites like mouthshut. For the price , you cannot get this technology , this mileage and such features on any bike today . This review is biased . I know a lot of people like you . You get bored by vehicles sooner then normal , one , one and a half years . There is this compulsive urge in such people to replace their old things with new . This is evident by the fact that you have had 9 vehicles in 6 years .So you thought of all the self convincing reasons on ‘ why I should replace this bike ‘.Then you penned it and posted online which would make it (supposedly ) more credible and not to mention , immensely gratifying for you , like a load off your head . Some people have agreed which would have made you tell yourself , I made the right decision . You may deny it while replying but you know this is the truth . Check yourself before you wreck yourself .

    • sadasds

      Wow thanks genius.

    • antihero

      abe chup chootiye sahi hai

  • anu

    Bought my 200ns on Saturday last week, it’s doing good I have completed 560kms on it and it performed quite well if not better.. the bike is gorgeous performs very well and I just am facing a single problem which some owners are facing.
    It is while up shifting from 1st to 2nd the bike goes neutral it’s quite often and the neutral light doesn’t come up……
    My first service is due will do it tomorrow which engine oil should I use I mean coz it’s my first service and want to select a perfect brand I have been using the pulsar dtsi engine oil previously as I owned a pulsar 150dtsi. Didn’t actually like it…..
    Suggest me a good engine oil the best for my bike and what should I do to fix the gear problem….

  • rahul

    all bajaj and tvs bikes and enfields r craps, they r just selling their stupid bikes with high premium rates, they r still a kindergarden manufacturers, i can purchase pulsar 200 but it only worth of 25k rupees , if ur budget is above 50k go for japs engines,

  • ronny

    hey guys i have brought a new 200ns for authorised bajaj showroom….yesterday i went for passing then i noticed that the bike do not have engine number plated on the engine….so the rto did pass my bike….i m afraid that whether i have got an faulty peice or i m cheated….i m tensed by it plz any one suggest me…..pls help….

    • tamang

      File a police report or tell police bout ur problem, show them ur bike receipt, ask them wat to do now, do it soon bro or else later ur gona get blamed for stealing !!
      dnt be afraid jst go and ask for help dey wud knw wat to do ! its nt ur fault, file a report n ask the company for another bike !!
      hope it helps !!

  • sri vijay

    dis happn oly in ur bike n my bike defets duke in long run and 200 as well…….

    • sadasds

      Lol and you are the prime minister.

  • Kaushik

    I need to travel a total of 110 kms (55kms at a strech) twice a week on my bajaj pulsar 200ns. The problems that i have felt are
    1. Seat is quite hard -> long rides are painful
    2. Rear suspension gives a feeling of harsh ride
    other than these there are no such problems for which we need to cry foul against ns.
    seats can be easily padded by local mechanics and another thing that i have tried to improve the performance of the bike –> Substituting the bajaj recommended 20w50 engine oil with 10w30 (in my case castrol power 1 racing)

    • Sourav

      Bhai don’t put different grade of engine oil in your bike. Use engine oil same grade else your bike engine will be ruined.

  • nikhil

    I own a 200ns too and I have zero issues with it..if Mr bhhatacharya is so obsessed with Honda and Yamaha y did u even buy a bajaj product,only to write a non sense review about it.

  • tama

    u wont get a gud review everytime on a bike , it has its pros n cons !!
    I am happy dat Motorbeam showed this review, if one shud know the gud things dan they shud also know the bad things bout it !!
    evry review shudnt be positive u knw !!
    he faced prblm wid 200NS, he shared wid us dat a gud thing !!

  • karan

    first of all keep in mind that we cant compare pulsar 200ns to 220, or r150 or cbr 150 or even 250r…just think about it…every company has its own price tag nd pros nd cons in every machine i appreciate your review ur comments ur prblms bt dat doesnt mean u compare with other bikes first make ryt choice get people reviews like personally meat the person who own a 200ns or any bike he can tell u wht this bike is capable or not…coz commenting ,judging doesnt get answers…nd remember that 20% of think about your prblms nd 80% of happy that u hv prblm in ur machine…so fix it…

    • Gaurav Arora

      Why can’t we compare them? They are made to be compare Karan.

  • naresh

    the awful thing happened in ma bike. i own a pulsar 200ns which i bought it on feb, and a month latr whn i was riding to ma college i was on 126 kmph in the fifth gear and suddenly a weird sound came in ma bike, it just sounded like the sound from an auto. and whn i left it in the service station they said it might take a month time nd later they told me there is problem in the cylinder kit nd they need to change it.

    • Droid power

      Dude, it was supposed to be the run-in period when you were speeding on it. I wish your problem must have got solved by now but didn’t you know how to ride during run-in?

  • Atish

    I was planning to buy 200ns in June. I read almost half of those reviews and comments. I was confused of buying 200ns. This will be my first bike. I will buy the same!

  • glenn sunny

    Hey guys?
    I need help…I really love the 200ns I just took a test drive n I was really impressed…but my friend says it’s got engine problem…n he s buying 180 abs what do I do? Get 180 or 200? Plz help

  • Prashob

    Hi All!

    I am from Bangalore and been in professional biking. I have rode across south India and driven across the country. I have had HH CBZ (1999), Pulsar 180 (2003), Karizma R series (2009) and Well Now a Pulsar 200NS (2013-SEP).

    I have clocked 1,20,000 kms in three years i had used Pulsar 180 across South India. With Karizma (40000 kms) it was used only for long drives. Pulsar 200NS is still a baby and i use it to commute 60 kms everyday to office. I have Notched 135kmph top speed on NICE Road and able to get 30kmpl normal petrol.

    I did have few issues with cross winds, but still as a good rider, the bike is designed to avert and control such situations. Any good rider can control the naked bike.

    I have tested the bike on knee level water and the bottom silencer worked wonders as said by the BAJAJ team.

    I am riding this friday to Trivandrum from Bangalore and back this weekend, a total of 1500 + Kms by Pulsar 200 NS. The road is bad in Kerala, and we have wind mills in Tamilnadu. every aspect of a rider and his machine’s is tried and tested in this road. I have rode the same route previous in pulsar 180 and karizma.

    I could do 400kms in 6 hours on expressways by Pulsar180, Karizma made the same distance in 5 hours. Now i have to check with Pulsar 200.NS, Even pillion riders , Incl girls love the bike. Its the best sports bike at 1 lac price available in India

    So far, I love my Pulsar 200NS and happy with both City and Bike Rides. It handles well, perfect seating and balance. tire is stiff that can be changed with Pirelli. Now its clocked 6000kms in odo and so much more to come. Best buy at this price bracket than pulsar 180/200!!!

    This review by Mr Reetabrata Bhattacharya, is his personal experience. and everyone has his own tales to tell. He was not lucky perhaps with his machine, but that doesn’t make the whole stable a bore.

    TRUST ME GUYS, A BIKER GOT TO UNDERSTAND THE MACHINE, A MACHINE DOESNT UNDERSTAND U!!. That makes the marriage of a biker with his machine , A Perfect one!

    • Jai

      Hi prashob,

      I was planning to buy Pulsar 200NS. But after seeing the images of 200SS, I am waiting for it to hit the showrooms soon. I dint feel upright riding position comfortable in 200NS after a test ride. Do you suggest 200NS over Honda CB Trigger? Or 200SS is worth the wait???/

    • Prashob

      Hi Jai.

      Pulsar 200SS is the fully-faired version of Pulsar 200NS. It should be priced around 25k more than the present value of P200NS. Details of P200SS has not shared much by Bajaj except that it runs on the same engine and chassis of P200NS. It may have slightly improved HP in performance. Otherwise the seating and tires etc are same.
      Its a bike to matched with Yamaha R15 V 2.0, Honda CBR150R and Hero Karizma ZMR.

      If you like the cowl, i would suggest you to go with the P200SS. Otherwise P200NS is better. Further, if cowl is damaged in P200SS, mind the replacing costs.

      Pulsar200SS or Pulsar 200NS is 200cc 23 Bhp whereas Honda trigger is 150cc 14Bhp. Its difficult compare these two bikes as they are totally different. Pulsar 200 is powerhouse whereas trigger gives more kmpl. They belong to different categories. Make up your mind if you want a sportive bike or an executive bike. If you can go for Pulsar 200SS, you have options in Honda CBR150, Yamaha R15, Duke 200 and many more.

      I would suggest you to decide the type of bike you like first! Power or Mileage. Sports or Executive.

  • Harikrishnan


    It is good to read negative reviews. Some true, some based on conviction, some biased.
    I have to say I was not much of an avid biker till I got my hands on Pulsar 220, 3 years back. At that time I was looking for a commuter, that could power without getting butchered at high RPMs and I could conformtably cruise around on the weekends.
    I had the options, Pulsar 220, R18, Honda CBR. R18 looked so small a bike on a me and I was not ready to spend around 2 lacs for 25bhp when I can get 21bhp or say 20bhp in less than a lac. It seemed, it does not fit the arithematic and looking at features too, I was happy what was offered with Pulsar 220.
    After 3 years of togetherness, I have to say Pulsar though have countless minus, has managed to carve out that special connection with me. I now managed to get a car but still I find more of connected to my bike and prefer to bike rather unless I have a company.
    I think every machine has a heart and if you listen to it, and take care of it they will make your best companion.

    Specifically to Author of this article,

    • sadasds

      Bajaj fan eh? what is this r 18 are you talking about?

  • Harikrishnan

    To author of this article,

    I appreciate your review but then I could see a rather contradicting tone as you complain about issues and rather say you had owned a bullet.
    Do you think bullet goes for its technical specifications
    It is just that people who love it tries to connect with it and then everything sync in.

    After all how can we complain machines are perfect when their creators are not!

    Love your bike! be it a pulsar or yamaha or honda, They will truly love you back.


  • mac jc

    hey common yar, just dont do such kind of shit in public places.. i cant imagine that u r BITS passout..u r misleading everyone juz bcz u dont like pulsar….

    this is the stupidest review i ever read …

    • sadasds

      Then watch your language and use your brains before commenting.



  • Denny

    I own a 200 NS since November 2012. As Reetabrata said, Bajaj has to sort out a lot on the bike. I am not certain if the vibes were taken care of in the later batches. I remember the day my bike stalled at a traffic signal and it was just a month and a half old. The bike veers to left if I let go of the handle bars. This issue was never resloved by the service. And then there is the never ending issue of fuel delivery once it hits reserve. I have spent a lot of money for damping the vibrations. One way that worked for me was that I changed to Motul 7100 synthetic oil at 5000 kms. It did help in keeping the vibes at bay. And I kept the chain constantly clean and lubed every few days. Rust started showing up in some of the welds within a few months of purchase. The rains in Kerala are a curse to this bike. One shower and the bike starts shuddering. I can never go beyond 35 – 40 kmph on wet roads, owing to the low wet grip Euro Grip tyres. This bike has to be maintained very religiously to get optimum performance. It will not tolerate any kind of ill maintenance. But then I have seen real good days with this machine, my long distance trips were a piece of cake. Considering the positives of this bike, I might keep it for some more time.

  • Parth Sharma

    Hello !! Everyone looking to buy Pulsar 200Ns can any owner tell us nearly exact fuel efficiency !!

    • 37 km/l.

    • Parth Sharma

      Thanks for your reply !! what you recommend Yamaha FZS Version 2 or Pulsar 200NS!!!!

    • Two bikes which are poles apart, what are your requirements?

    • Parth Sharma

      Thanx Faisal !! Have 1 lakh budget will be commuting in small city rishikesh !! long ride of maximum 100km !! need a good reliable bike !! with low cost of maintenance !

  • Gaurav Arora

    Nice Review and details.

  • Guest

    hiii huys i think it is some help you

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