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Bajaj Pulsar 375 – What To Expect

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Bajaj Pulsar 375 Spied Front

The upcoming Bajaj Pulsar 375 is really catching attention lately on the interweb. Recently, we got a glimpse of only the front fascia in the spy pictures, but now, detailed spy pictures have emerged. From the looks of it, Bajaj Auto has treated the performance oriented Pulsar with full fairing and twin headlights. The aggressive styling elements involve heavy dosage of muscular panels with angry cuts and creases all over the bike to woo the Indian bike enthusiasts.

The Bajaj Pulsar 375 is the first fully faired motorcycle from the Bajaj stable, which will be appreciated by most of the fairing lovers. The bigger and faster Pulsar will be featuring a 373cc, liquid-cooled, single-cylinder engine with fuel injection, which will produce a maximum power output of 40 BHP with a peak torque figure of 32 Nm, mated to a 6-speed manual transmission. The Bajaj Pulsar 375 is said to be sharing most of the technological elements with the KTM Duke 390, which will be introduced within a few weeks of time.

Bajaj Auto is expected to equip the Pulsar 375 with standard telescopic forks at the front and a monoshock system at the rear. Both the front and rear wheels will get single rotor disc brakes. The front disc is most likely to be petal shaped for better heat dissipation. Bajaj Auto will be offering optional ABS system with the Pulsar 375 and is likely to be positioned under the KTM Duke 390 in terms of pricing. With an expected price tag of Rs. 2 lakhs, the Bajaj Pulsar 375 will hit the dealerships in November this year.

2013 Bajaj Pulsar 375 Spied

Bajaj Pulsar 375 Spied Side

Picures Source – Autocar India

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  • Dhruv

    Will they be any more powerful Pulsars?

    • Pravin

      How much more do you want? :-) There wont be any in the near future is what I beleive.

  • akash

    looking superb…. but as we can see the handlebars are high so the sitting position will be somewhat upright.
    the rear tyre should be fatter.
    other things are okay…

    gear box should have taller gears than that of 200ns.

    aur baki sab thik hai…

    • Pravin

      200NS already has tall gears… I guess it doesnt make much sense to make it more taller..

  • Ben

    I have some serious doubts about the performance of pulsar 373 . Duke 390 has Max power of 45 bhp and a top speed of 160 kmph which is restricted because it’s aerodynamics won’t support it, it’s a naked bike. but when we compare the pulsar 373 , it’s top speed of 150 kmph is not at all justifiable. after all it’s a aerodynamic faired motorcycle with 40 bhp on tap. ninja 300 which is 1bhp short of pulsar 373 does 190 kmph, cbr250r which has 15bhp less than pulsar does 147 kmph, gw250 which is about 14bhp less does 155+ kmph. I accept that bajaj a developing brand but with 40 bhp, aerodynamic full fairing, abs and price of 2 l ( higher than 2 japs) , pulsar should claim at least 160 to 170 kmph. any way I seriously doubt that is bajaj creating hype with wrong figures.

    • Ben

      motor beam reported the top speed of pulsar 373 as 150 kmph.

    • Crazy4

      Bajaj didn’t created the hype Its you people who creates hype & put any speed figures of ur own.

    • Pravin

      :-) well said Crazy 4..

      Ninja 300 – 168 genuine..
      Duke 390 – 162 genuine..

      Im sure the bigger Pulsar would easily breach the 160 mark genuine.. even though the acceleration could be slightly lesser than the above 2..

    • Nitro

      The CBR does a 155-160 any given day with a 65kg rider

    • Haris

      .,….Why u sad bro…p200ns said they reached 136km/h but reached 155 km/h…..then p375 reaches atleast above 190 surely…,….damn bike…

  • Baljinder

    I think real model will different from these pictures…… 40bhp having 150 top speed is only a doubt.

    • Mohit Soni

      @Baljinder 150kmph is a expected “true top speed” what that means is its speed which shown on gps unit rather than non accurate speedo meters.. the meter may show 180kmph also! but what if the speed is only 150? same case with pulsar 220 it reaches 140kmph at the very limit! NS has a claimed 136kmph topspeed but speedo meter shows 153 it does go upto 140kmph like the 220 (at the very limit that is)

  • Mohit Soni

    @Ben lets not forget bajaj hasn’t launched the bike yet :P

    all figures are approximate and rumors ;)

  • Baljinder

    @Mohit, may be you rite…….bajaj always had issues with speedo errors. Y they not do anytin for it?
    Then is tat possible with Ninja 250, Cbr, R15, duke nd all will have this speedo problem??

    • dhiraj c raut

      yes buddy most of bikes do hav the speedo error …

    • Pravin

      Mr. Baljinder its not a problem.. its done purposefully… most bikes will have a speedo error in the region of 5 – 9% in India… its never a matter of concern…

  • akash

    All speedometers have speedo errors man…….. all unless and untill its a gps assisted one.

    This bike will go upto a true top speed of around 165-175 kmph. Now don’t cry. Bajaj have not even annonced the bike yet. WAIT

    • ToRqUe

      “This bike will go upto a true top speed of around 165-175 kmph”
      LOL… then speedo will b showing 190kmph!!!…. bikes like CBR600 will die in shame!! :D

      with that fat faring & tyres i seriously doubt it

  • Baljinder

    Then guys Analog speedometers are best for accurate speed. Everyone will not have a GPS to check……..

    • Pravin

      Who said analogs dont have speedo errors!! All bikes have speedo errors literally… very rare case it is when a bike hasnt got it.. Hero Karizma ZMR is 1 example of literally 0 speedo error..


    high steering handle

  • Baljinder

    Analog have less errors compare to digital 1…… this I experience well.

  • JOHN

    DOES IT COME WITH ABS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…..WE R W8g

    • John, maybe optional but surely not as standard to keep prices down.


    ABS PULSAR >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • ToRqUe

    i thought they could do better than put some cheap plastic here& there!!
    clipons are looking like locally available stuff… & its wayy too high for a bike which looks like its in a sports bike league..keeping it high will only result in a wannabe downright LAME look

    i will go to buy vegetables from the market but im fast too….?!??!
    if ur making performance machines which aim at giving a superbike experience atleast try to match the ergonomics…
    this is like sitting on an R1 with a position of riding a DAM LUNA

  • Sandeep Nair

    ya its superb, but what abot battery and spark pulgs, its as asual same as previuse or bajaj making some changes for both. bcz all over batery life and saprk pulg wich is used its so poor. if lounching some better then think for same.

    i think so fyber will not use in it.

  • Sunny Soral

    well….we have a confusion in understanding here it seems….what we taking as “sports bike” is essentially going to be a tourer….albeit in a fully faired design…what we need to understand is that…Pulsar’s never were sports bikes and never will be…because….Bajaj understands the market and the conditions all too well…India is never going to be a proper sports bike market…because of a zillion reasons…but we are a perfect market for sports tourers….

    the Pulsar 220 dts-i is still the best bike in the country..because of its astonishing touring capabilities ( I have been doing long touring rides @ 100kmph+ average speeds…with 30-32 kmpl, since 4 years on my 220)…..

    So…be assured that the clip on’s are going to be that high only…and the 375 is going to be the spiritual successor or the hugely capable 220…and it is going to be a sport tourer..not a sports bike…and those who find it hard to understand…please have a look at the ninja 300 and the ninja 650r…

    My only concern is those 2 projectors are not accompanied by a separate HID…personal experience says….projectors are brilliant for low beams and pathetic for high beams…hope I will be wrong…and the 375’s lighting betters the lighting on the 220..which is just EPIC…

  • Levis Christian

    Bhai price 1.7 lakhs tak ho then great. I will get it by december may be on my birthday.

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