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2013 Tata Nano Test Drive Review

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2013 Tata Nano Test Drive Review

2013 Tata Nano – Click above for high resolution picture gallery

Tata Nano Review

Car Tested: 2013 Tata Nano LX

Price OTR Mumbai: Rs. 2,64,900/-

The Nano is a chirpy car for city driving and the 2013 model has slight improvements.

Cheap is not always good or that is what people usually believe. This is what is going against the Tata Nano, a vehicle which is popularly known as the world’s cheapest car. The Nano deserves to sell much more than what Tata Motors is currently managing. While sales were decent last year, this entry level machine has seen a massive decline in volumes this year. To give a shot in the arm of Nano sales, Tata Motors has launched the 2013 Nano facelift, which really doesn’t get a world of changes. The company has made minor tweaks to the Tata Nano, which boosts the appeal of this value for money automobile even further. We spin the wheels of this rear-engined car to find out what’s changed in the latest iteration.

Motor Quest: The Tata Nano might be an Indian car made by an Indian company for Indian people but it has taken massive amounts of international inputs from companies like Bosch, Toyo, Johnson Controls, I.D.E.A. and Behr.

2013 Tata Nano ReviewTata Nano 2013 Review

Exteriors – The Tata Nano is a cute looking car and although it is quite small in dimension, it definitely looks like a car and not just a mere 4-wheeler. Remove your magnifying glasses to spot the difference as there are very few on the exteriors. Tata Motors has given the Nano chrome strips at the front and rear which are sure to go down well with Indians who love the premium-ness it adds to their vehicle. The rear bumper of the Tata Nano gets air intakes (right below the chrome strip) for better cooling of the engine.

That is about it, the rest of the vehicle remains the same and the company has added two new colours to the Tata Nano – Dazzle Blue and Royal Gold. Thus for the uninitiated, recognising the 2013 model from the previous years’ won’t be an easy task. From the side, it is impossible to tell if the vehicle is the facelifted model or not. The Nano is a very compact car and the above image clearly shows how small it really is.

Interiors – Small on the outside it maybe but on the inside, the Tata Nano has acres of space which can shame cars which cost twice as much. Tata Motors has done clever engineering to yield maximum cabin space. There is a lot of room inside the Nano and four people can sit in very comfortably thanks to the well cushioned seats. The tall boy design means headroom is never an issue even for the tallest of passengers. Quality seems to have improved a bit and the interiors do feel well put together. The dashboard layout is the same and the instrument cluster is placed in the centre which isn’t as distracting as one would expect (due to the narrowness of the cabin). Coin holders are placed on either side of the front seats.

2013 Tata Nano Performance Review2013 Tata Nano Interior Review

Tata Motors has given the facelifted Nano more features. While the standard variant remains more or less the same in terms of equipment, the CX and LX variants now get dual glove boxes on the dashboard, which although not very deep, do offer some space for little knick-knacks. The top-end LX variant gets an audio system with USB, Aux and Bluetooth connectivity. The head unit isn’t that easy to understand and we tried a lot but couldn’t pair our phones. However sound output is decent and four speakers are offered (two on the dashboard and two on the rear parcel shelf). The Nano’s AC is a chiller in spite of having only three fan speeds. The Nano LX gets front power windows, switches for which are placed behind the gear lever. There is a small cubbyhole and 12V power socket ahead of the gear knob.

2013 Tata Nano User Experience2013 Tata Nano Road Test Review

The steering wheel is now a three-spoke unit (the hazard light button goes from above the steering to the centre console) but is positioned a bit low for tall drivers and scrapes the left leg on turning (obviously there is no steering or seat height adjust which is acceptable at this price). The all beige interiors feel very airy and visibility all around is excellent too. For those who are not a big fan of beige, you can opt to buy your Nano in Dazzle Blue colour as this coloured Nano gets all black interiors with blue surrounds on the speakers and doors. You need to flip the rear seats forward to access the boot (the hood carries the spare wheel which is the same size as the front wheels). Tata Motors should have given the Nano an openable hatch as it makes keeping things in the boot very easy. The battery is placed below the driver’s seat while the jack is placed below the front passenger’s seat.

Performance – That’s it, our review is over. Because Tata Motors has made absolutely no mechanical changes to the Nano. The vehicle continues to be powered by the same 0.6-litre, twin-pot motor which produces a modest 38 PS of power and 51 Nm of torque. While this might not seem adequate for a car, one must not forget the Nano weighs under 650 kgs, resulting in a good power to weight ratio. Performance is quite spritely and in spite of the few horses on tap, you never feel the lack of grunt in the city. Bury the throttle and the Nano picks up speed quickly and can easily keep up with traffic without any issues whatsoever.

Where the Tata Nano does show a lack of performance is the highways. Top speed is just 105 km/hr (we managed to hit 110!) and the electronic speed limiter kicks in. Clearly the motor has something left in it but for the sake of safety, the company has rightly limited the top whack. NVH levels are pretty good and vibes are very few. It’s only at the doors where you can instantly feel the twin-cylinder unit’s vibrations. The engine sounds a bit rough on the outside but is not much audible inside. The gearbox is a 4-speed unit and is quite tall geared to give you good mileage (expect at least 18 km/l in city conditions with 100% AC usage) and the fuel filler is in the hood. The clutch is light and the gear lever offers effortless shifts.

Driving Dynamics – For the 2012 Nano, Tata Motors made changes to the suspension which has given the Nano an excellent balance of ride and handling. There are no suspension changes to the 2013 Nano which has a good ride quality but big bumps really unsettle the car as it’s puny wheels are not able to handle large craters of our roads. Disappointingly enough, there is still no power steering on offer. The company has increased the size of the steering wheel which does take off the hard work while turning at parking speeds but doesn’t do enough as manoeuvring at low speeds still takes quite some effort. The rear view mirrors offer good visibility although they are a bit small and are not internally adjustable.

2013 Tata Nano Road Test

Handling is very good and even with bare basic suspension, the vehicle turn-ins very quickly and body control is tight with roll being well contained. It’s really the poorly calibrated steering which takes the joy of piloting this rear wheel drive machine. The steering is inconsistent at the centre and feels overly light at speed, yet when you turn more than 45-degrees, it starts to feel heavy. Turning radius is extremely small, which coupled with the small dimensions make squeezing into traffic very easy. Stability is good and even at its top speed, the Nano doesn’t feel unsafe or nervous. What really is unsafe though are the brakes, which lack bite and offer poor stopping power. The pedal feels spongy and inspire no confidence at all. Disc brakes at the front or a bigger brake booster should really be offered.

Verdict – When we heard about the 2013 Tata Nano coming, we had a lot of expectations. The vehicle does disappoint in several areas, which remain untouched. The facelift on the Tata Nano should have been more substantial and the company should have offered better brakes and a power steering, even if these were offered as an option. There is a lot of scope of improvement on the Nano but even in its current avatar, the vehicle makes a strong case for itself. The price hike on the 2013 edition is marginal and you do get a lot more of your money’s worth, making the Tata Nano a very capable entry level vehicle for the first time car buyer. The company now offers attractively priced Nano personalisation kits, which is sure to work well with youngsters.

The 2013 Tata Nano sees marginal changes to boost overall aesthetic appeal but the lack of mechanical changes restricts driving improvements.

What’s Cool

* Performance In The City
* Space
* Price

What’s Not So Cool

* Lack Of Power Steering
* Brakes

2013 Tata Nano Specifications

* Engine: 624cc, 2-cylinder, MPFI
* Power: 38 PS @ 5500 RPM
* Torque: 51 Nm @ 4000 RPM
* Transmission: 4-speed manual
* Top Speed: 105 km/hr
* 0-100 km/hr: 27.50 seconds
* Fuel Consumption: 20 km/l (City), 24 km/l (Highway)
* Fuel Type: Petrol
* Suspension: McPherson Strut with gas filled dampers and anti-roll bar (Front), Semi Trailing arm with coil spring and gas filled shock absorbers (Rear)
* Tyres: 135/70/12 (Front), 155/65/12 (Rear); Tubeless Radials
* Brakes: 180 mm Drums
* Safety: Crumple zones with intrusion resistant doors

2013 Tata Nano Dimensions

* Overall length x width x height: 3099 mm X 1495 mm X 1652 mm
* Wheelbase: 2230 mm
* Ground Clearance: 180 mm
* Boot Volume: 80-liters, 500-litres (with rear seats folded)
* Turning Radius: 4-metres
* Fuel Tank Capacity: 15-litres
* Kerb Weight: 635 kgs (LX)

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  • Sumit

    * 0-100 km/hr: 27.50 seconds -> LOLOL
    It’s 2.5 lacs.. but tell me something, wouldn’t it be better to go for a used small car instead ? like i10, Santro, Alto. Many of these under good condition should be gettable in 2.5 lacs. My point, this Nano is overpriced, useless, unsafe like 3-Wheelers imo.

    • Faisal Khan

      Sumit, a new car is a new car and the feeling of buying new is unparalleled. The Nano feels as safe as an Alto 800 which is the nearest alternative.

    • Veeru

      @Sumit, nobody buys Nano by checking it’s time for 0-100 dash! so chill, that’s not an issue at all, even if it takes 60 secs, nobody cares. Nano is a city car and an exceptionally good one at that. The comfort of seating is unbeatable when you compare with the likes of Spark/Alto/Hyundai. Mileage is pretty good, a/c is awesome, what else you want from a car at this price?

    • Beamer

      Veeru, rightly said, The level of comfort that Nano offers on seating is unmatched with the list of cars that are a segment above.
      IMO, Nano should be classified as a pure city car which is even capable of doing a highway trip.

    • shovon

      You would be spending a nano within 2 years of buying a used car..

  • kuldeep

    Agree wid u faisal..its a fantastic i dnt knw..y ppl say its unsafe n all…its nt a 3 wheeler…its a car…a beautiful car wic is an example of fantastic technology…

  • Beamer

    Nano, is truly a performer. But rightly pointed out here, it lacks the confidence on Braking. Might be the disc brakes and the other features could be on the pipeline.
    Nano’s problem is not within it, its with the people. The perception of the people has to be changed. Tata motors should change the face of the vehicle and bring it as Ver 2, something like what they did with Indica.

    • GB

      Great thinking, Beamer!
      A nano vista will probably come in the form of a diesel nano. An openable tailgate, more car like sounding 3 cylinder mill and above all diesel fuel-the poor man’s hybrid, should do the trick to get this car going in sales charts too. The diesel version may not need power steering cos Tatas have got a knack of lightning the nose by loading up the rear end ;)

    • Shubham

      i agree wid u gb nano diesel would be a game changer with many improvements

  • sandy

    There is nothing much to complain about Nano. I’m really happy to see small wonders like Nano and E2O in our market for the kind of goodness they carry. Tata has already made initiatives on Nano 2013 by providing exterior body kit n some stickering job for those who want to make their Nano look different but some more is need for more premium e.g. Aston Martin Cygnet for instance which offers leather stitching n other such things which makes it more premium then Toyota iQ.
    Though, I would love them to bring in Pixel which includes every thing the Nano has but low slung and bigger wheels, should be Vista like built with club class like features and Aston Martin Cygnet like cult; as a flag bearer for Nano family. Enthusiast may like remapped gear ratio and more extension on electronic speed limiter for sportiness without disturbing fuel efficiency. What do you say?

    • GB

      Wonderful thoughts there, Sandy. With a rear engine RWD layout the nano is closest to a true to bone sports car. Not to mention the low cost, making it conducive to trash around ;)
      As for 0-100s, i can tell u 1 thing. I use to own a Qualis few years ago. Its 27 sec to 100 was far more livelier than my present innova which is said to clear the 100 in 17 secs. There are a lot of factors at work here one of which is relativity. At 25KMH a go-cart is far more fun than any car at 100 KMH isn’t it?

    • sandy

      Ya.. u’re right GB.

  • Ysak

    no alloy wheels offered?

    • Faisal Khan

      Ysak, nope. They are available as an accessory.

  • anirban

    Guys i want to buy a budget car and tata nano fits into my pocket…however i m not sure about its performance…all of my friends are telling me to go for eon or alto 800. But that will be out of my budget. I really want to buy nano but still not able to made up mind as many people says its worthless…i would spend most of my savings and in return i just need decent performance from nano….please guide me…

    • Faisal Khan

      Anirban, get the Nano, it’s a brilliant car.

    • Rohan

      All you need to do is test drive both cars (with your friends) and then get a quote (on road price).
      You will know

      Share your feedback once you own the nano :)

    • banibrata mukherjee

      Go won’t regret.

    • Vijay

      It is a wonderful car, fits my family for a drive of 200-300 KMS very well. I am using for office ~20KMs. It is a wonderful car. It does perform very well. Good AC. Good Mileage, Good pickup. I fits my pocket very well.
      Pride to buy an Indian make car, that delivers what I need

    • Faisal Khan

      Vijay, how many kms have you done, what mileage are you getting.

  • bratgaba

    I have a 2011 model Nano, done 11000+ kms so far, about half a dozen highway runs. She’s given me NO problems whatsoever, and still runs fabulously. With the space inside, I’d say she beats the Alto 800 hands down.

    • Javeid Khan

      You are absolutely right, the Nano is more fun to drive too.

    • bratgaba

      Ah yes! Forgot – definitely more fun to drive!!!!

  • champak

    Hello Faisal,
    First of all thanks for the detail review. I am planning to buy a car and by budget fits well for Nano or Alto 800. I love the nano’s look but worried about its long drive performance in highways , say approx 200 – 300 km at a go. Also should I wait for CNG Nano which is expected to lunch this year.
    Kindly guide

    • Faisal Khan

      Can’t comment on CNG as not driven it yet but if your into highway driving, Alto a better bet than Nano. Have you read our Nano vs Alto shootout?

  • Mohammed Ali

    Hi Guys,
    I recently booked tata nano 2013.
    I felt that it is really worth buying for a first time buyer like me.
    Please tell me what are the accessories that i can ask the dealer as goodies.

    • Faisal Khan

      Get one of the personalisation kits, it looks very cool.

    • babloo

      Good decision.I boucvght a nano base model three months back and very saisfied.its value for money indeed.

  • Gian Prakash

    Hi Faisal thanks for all the valuable details about NANO, recently I took a test drive for Nano LX 2013 , Its amazing…., But one thing I want to know is it successful in hill stations?….please clarify and guide me.


    • Faisal Khan

      It doesn’t have much pep so on hill stations you really have to keep the engine on the boil.

  • Ranjeet

    Great review on 2013 Nano. I have nano 2012 and I am satisfied with it. For the city rides it is just awesome car. You just shoot speed like Ferrari, but that is not the purpose on road. The antithetical changes in 2013 are appealing. but I feel it’s simplicity is killing :) One thing I will admire most is the Hazard switch. Mine broke and I fixed it with feviquick, as service center told that whole steering unit needs to be changed…Hope this is not going to be in 2013 nano. I am getting around 18-20 without AC in the city and on highway found 20+ mileage with AC(windows closed). A Lovely car which Indians should admire and take the ‘Cheap’ mindset aside. Drive Safe!

  • Antony Kuriakose

    I bought a Nano LX a few months back as a second car to be used in the city. Since then, I have only been using the Nano and not my bigger car! Beutifully engineered vehicle and I really enjoy driving my Nano, especially through our crazy and narrow roads. I have bought an AMC from Tata for Rs.3200/- which covers all expenses during the next 4 years. What a value for money proposition! Are you a first time buyer or one looking for a second car? I would wholeheartedly recommend the Nano.

    • Faisal Khan

      What mileage are you getting Antony?

    • Mohan Pant

      Hi Antony,
      Would be grateful if you could comment on the following aspects of NANO:
      1. Steering system
      2. Brakes
      3. Noise level
      4. Mileage

      This would help me to decide on my purchase of NANO

  • Antony Kuriakose

    I am getting around 20 to 22 km in the city with a/c on, while long trips gets me around 24km per lit. The beauty is the manoeuvrability of the car. And less carbon foot print!

  • sanjay

    Hi Faisal,
    Thanks for the article.
    Can u guide me whether NANO can be used for long drives like 600+ kms.
    How it will be safe for my family of five (myself,wife,father,mother and son)
    Pl guide me as am planning the same in comming diwali when CNG will launch!

    • Faisal Khan

      Nano is more of a city car than a highway one. Better to opt for something bigger like say a Beat or i10.

    • sanjay

      as my budget is less i can not afford I10 or Beat
      I read about world records of Nano having travelled 10000 kms in a week!!
      Still it is not suitable for Highway?? What u say on that record
      As per ur suggestion i have to wait for another Diwali to get in to the budget of i10 !

  • Santosh

    Hi I am a great fan of Tata Nano it’s really extraordinary car. I have std nano2011 modal, I completed 10000 km, most of the time I used my car for Highway only twice I went Ooty from Bangalore (300km) with 5 people the milage of 24km with the speed of 90 to 100 there was no problem in hill station also. Three times Bangalore to Dharmasthala (350km) with 5 person speed of 95 to 100 in (Bangalore Mangalore Hightway) with milage of 24km/hr. Recently 11 August 2013 I went Goa from Bangalore (700km from Bnagalore) I started 8 am morning I reached in Goa 8pm total 12hour journey with the speed of 95 to100 km, milage 24kh/hr. There was no engine heat problem non stop I drove 200 km without any break.

    • Faisal Khan

      Awesome Santosh, can you share your complete ownership experience with us?

    • GB

      Thx for sharing that, Santosh. It is v.encouraging. How are the brakes?

    • Raj

      Wow that’s awesome….Can you just mention how car behaved in Kallatti ghat near ooty…and shiradi ghat??

  • chaminda neel

    Faisal khan
    Can tell me about safety of nano. Like front crash . Is it safe when front getting crash .how will be the car body strength.

  • hari

    Hi Faisal,
    Im going to buy a new nano lx 2013 model. in this month last sep. 2013. pls tell me the details about the nano lx car. someone told me in the rainy season the brakes not working properly. and pls tell what’s good and bad reports about the car.

    hari / chennai.

    • Mohan Pant

      Hi Hari,
      Why have you preferred 2013 model over 2012 when the basic car is same and one has to pay extra price for 2013? I also want to buy a NANO but am unable to decide the model.

  • Mohan Pant

    Hi Faisal,
    I own a Wagon R VXI which my son takes to work everyday. I & my wife are senior citizens (retired) and looking for a second cheaper car. We have zeroed on Tata NANO. However we are unable to decide between 2012 & 2013 models. I am tempted to go for 2012 model as it is available at a price around Rs.30000/- less than 2012. As there is no change in the engine, steering system & brakes in the 2013 model I thought 2012 may suit my modest budget more. Would you please guide me?

    Mohan Pant, Noida

    • Faisal Khan

      Yes, the 2012 is a good bet. The real reason to get the 2013 model is the bigger steering which reduces effort but still does not replace a power steering.

    • Mohan Pant

      Thanks Faisal.

  • Mohan Pant

    Sorry Faisal- just one more question. How does the noise level compare (2012 & 2013)?

  • Daya

    Excellent car.. Without second though…
    Nano is a wonderful car no doubt about it.. I just took it for my dad. he is a senior citizen and won’t feel comfortable driving a high power car as they are aggressive in pickups.. I also own i10 1.2.. but was very happy with Nano when took the first ride..
    Nano 2013 is really an improved version.. Tata took some efforts to improve the Nano and efforts paid off.. Nice interior.. easy to handle even at high speed i.e. 90KMPH.
    I took a test drive of Nano in 2010 and now 2012 the engine noise is reduce dramatically i.e. no engine noise in cabin at least.. AC is powerful …
    Steering is bit heavy at low speed. But few people suggested to increase air pressure in front tyers so that steering becomes easy. Need to check on that, as this method should not damage tyers …
    I took it for a drive from Pune to Kolhapur i.e. 250 KM and ride was very comfortable..
    Drove at consistent speed of 80 KMPH and with 70% AC I got 22 KM/LTR average, this drive also includes a ghat section of 20 KM. Also notice one thing that with high power cars we use to drive bumper to bumper on high ways.. This cause lot of braking and zig zag moves.. But with Nano I was on one side of road with consistent speed and less braking..
    Currently my dad is using it and he is very happy and satisfied with the small wonder..
    But even with such a wonderful car Tata need to spend some efforts to improve service..

  • Darshan Rathod

    hello everyone,
    I’m Darshan from Ahmedabad and I would like to share my wonderful experience with our “Small Outside, Big Inside” Nano. The saga goes as below:
    I purchased a Tata Nano 2012 LX Version in December 2011. Technically speaking it was a birthday gift to my father as he was so inclined to have one. So, the choice was made and we opted for a Pearl White Tata Nano 2012 LX Model. The terms and conditions of the Tata Motors were pretty inspiring and we booked our nano from Cargo Motors, S.G. Highway on my birthday November 27. The dealer was kind and informed about the offers that were in force at that time. We were suggested to go for a budget audio system but since my father and myself are inclined towards good music, we opted for a Balupunkt Audio system (Player device and 4 speakers). besdies this, we got accessories such as auto central locking system, mud flaps and all. The day came and the car was ready to be delivered but unfortunately, i had some work at office and my father was not so determined to drive the car from dealership to home.Cargo Motors offered a driver who was courteous to drop the car home after taking my parents to a nearby temple and tehen parked the car. When I came in the evening, I was both excited and a bit unhappy as I personally didn’t like the car due to the tag of “Cheap Car”. However, I mustered courage and crancked the engine and the car came to life. The growl was audible in the car but once I rolled up the window glass, it was utter silence witin the car cabin. I was simple surprised. The car was left idle for more than 45 days as I was on business tour and as a result, the battery went low on charging. I requested the Tata CARE guys and they sent a technician and jump started the car. He suggested to either keep the car idle for 30 minutes or go for a small drive of 15 km. so that the battery gets enough charged. Initially, I thought of sitting in the car and let it run at idle mode but later on I just pressed the clutch, engaged the gearstick in 1st gear and voila.. I was driving the “small outside big inside mean machine”. It was 13:30 hrs. when I started the drive and the odo reading was showing 18km. I returned back home at 16:30 hrs. with an odo reading of 150km. All the myth and skeptism was gone behind and I actually started loving the car. After that day, may it be the tough city traffic fighting or highway cruising, Nanao was my companion. I was happy with the car but I was not sure whether the car will cover 500 km. in a single go? I visited the service station and asked the technician about this, I simply suggested to keep the vehicle at a speed no more than 80 – 90. He also suggested that if I keep the speed limits to 70km/hr. the car will simply surprise me with the average. I started my journey at 9:00 hrs from Ahmedabad with my parents and in between picked up my bhai-bhabhi from Vadodara at 12:30 hrs. I was driving at 70-80 km/hr. later on I started gaining speed and by the time, I saw the odo to check the speed, I was cruising at 100km/hr. that too with 5 adults with AC. All the luggage was in the rear boot and below the driver and co-passenger seats. Even at that speed and the given load, the car gave an astounishing average of 27km/hr. with AC. The average was simply awesome and on the other side, the highway performance was superb. Criss-crossing the heavy vehicles was actually fun time, thanks to the exceptional handling and maneoverability manners of the car. As of now, my car has clocked about 15600km. and the nano goes strong. Te average that i receive in city is 22-24km/liter (with AC) and 29 km/liter (with AC) on highways. I’m a person who view for the car has changed completely… “FROM A STRONG NO – NANO TO A STRONG YES – NANO”


  • Mohan Pant

    Hi Darshan,
    I am a senior citizen and contemplating buying TATA NANO LX version. I also want to buy 2012 model as it is available on substantial discount and has the same engine as the latest 2013 model. However I am a bit confused whether you have 2011 model or 2012 as you have stated that you bought it in Decermber 2011. Would be grateful if you could clarify.

    The average mentioned by you (22-24 km in city & 29 km on highway) seems to be too good and is far above the average claimed even by the company. Of course similar average was claimed by another owner of TATA NANO also. Would be grateful if you could let me know your telephone number so that I could speak to you. My mobile number is 9818704748.

  • Darshan jain

    hey faisal can u discuss things about braking of nano ?

    • Faisal Khan

      It’s not that good.

  • AJIT


    • Faisal Khan

      Go for new Nano, resale is decent.

  • Ajit

    Thanks Faisal for your advise

  • AJIT

    Hi,faisal I get your advice but I again confused between Tata nano lx & maruti alto 800 New.because I m buying the car first time in my life and my car uses is not daily.only at weekend and in May vacation at my village up to 400 km from my house at pl,sujest me who Car is better for me.

    • Faisal Khan

      Nano is a better car.

  • Bahir

    Nought nano 2 weeks back :) . . . . Dazzle Blue color
    my sister have an alto lxi, nano is much easier to drive even though it doesnt have a power steering and is giving less fatigue. Me and my dad work at the same college, so we took alto few times and it was tiring for me as a driver in it. But i didnt feel such difficulties in nano! I have to drive 58km’s 5 days a week in my nano and its better in every aspects. done 1200km in 2 weeks,1st service done. Its time to rev v v v it up . . . :P

    • Faisal Khan

      Awesome, what mileage are you getting?

    • Bahir

      havent checked after first service just run 100km after that
      before it got 22-23 with 60% AC

    • Faisal Khan

      Bahir, how is the maintenance like?

  • spyguy

    Any body purchased Nano CNG model? Any reviews / feedback would be appreciated?
    Faisal – Did you got chance to review / drive nano cng variant?

    • Faisal Khan

      Not yet but will try to soon.

    • Hariharan

      Hi, Guys,

      I checked out the CNG model. I wasn’t able to Test drive it yet. However since the benefit outweigh the cons. The total touring capability comes close to 500Kms if driven right.
      The only downside is it is available only in White color.
      – No Music system.
      – Remote locking
      – No 12v Charger port.

    • Faisal Khan

      Hariharan, if you can wait for diesel Nano, that would be the one to buy.

  • Mohan Pant

    Hi Faisal,
    I bought a NANO LX 2012 last month. While everything else is ok I find that there is a “thud” sound when shifting from second to third gear. Is it a normal sound in all NANOs?

    • Faisal Khan

      Doesn’t seem normal. Get it checked.

  • Krishnarup Das

    Hi Faisal. Can I go for old Nano because of commercial use…Is available within a range of Rs(60,000-80,000) in Kolkata. Car make year 2010-2011…….Will it be good to buy or should i go for some other make.

    • Faisal Khan

      Yes, you can go for it, the Nano is a good car.

  • Punith

    Hi Faisal, I am planning to buy TATA Nano twist top end model and this being my first car I am considering ALTO800 STD as well..which is around 40K more…please suggest me which is better

    I have heard from few people that suspension are not good in Nano..and also there are news of Nano upgrading to 800 cc engine with open-able hatch…

    Please let me know should i wait for the new variant….

    • Faisal Khan

      The Nano is a better car than the Alto. More powerful engine and openable hatch is coming later this year. I suggest you go with the Nano.

  • Bharat Mishra

    I bought Nano 3 days back and I have started loving it. It’s so easy and light to drive in the city that one wouldn’t want to go for all other bigger cars.
    But I am still not sure about its AC. May be becoz of the temp during these days. Well , let’s see.

    • Faisal Khan

      AC is good but it’s way too hot these days.

  • Pavan Shetty

    Thank you Motorbeam :) After reading your reviews & a long research on entry level cars, I finally bought Tata Nano LX white colour five months ago. On road price 2.2 Lakhs :) (Got 40k in discount sale) I have learnt driving on Tata Sumo manual steering, so dint prefer nano twist which is 2.7 Lakhs approx on road. I have completed 4000 kms now.

    1, Best car for city traffic & best turning radius
    2. According to me its the best, cool & trendy looking car in entry level segment, only hyundai eon can compete with this car. Accessories like body skirt, door visors, alloy wheels & spolier will make it look much more eye catchy & trendy design
    3. Comfort, Lots of head room & leg room. My brother is 6.2 feets can sit comfortably in front and back seats. He said it’s more comfortable than Maruti Swift :) made me more happy
    4. Can also used occasionally for long trips
    5. Music system with four speakers & Bluetooth works awesome, I can also play songs with my mobile. This feature is awesome on a entry level car. Sound quality not that great but it’s good for classical music.
    6. Best AC, it will chill you very fast. I always divert blowers direction.
    7. Front power windows & Central locking, I feel like a steal deal at 2.2 lakhs & how will car accessories stores will survive if all features are inbuilt, that is no need to visit any car accessory store.
    8. More glass area for better visibility.
    9. Good mileage 20-21kmpl with ac. I drove this car upto max limit 105kmph
    10. Spare parts pricing is less.

    1. Engine sound & vibrations. NVH levels are improved over past generation nanos but still needs to improved to stay in competition.
    2. Tata service, you have to shout on them to get your complaints resolved. Service is improved now (I am visiting Tata service centers since 10 years we had a sumo). Shoot a mail to tata customer care for any complaints they will come down to your place and will pick the car & drop it back.
    3. Brakes can more effective. Because all breaks are booster assisted drum breaks you cant expect more from them.
    4. You will not get respect. recently I took nano to Marriott five star hotel, every one were staring at nano like its an alien. On highways if you overtake any car, they will overtake again. Typical mentality :( and every friend will ask you “why did you buy a nano instead you would have bought any maruti car” I am tired of listening again and again. But when they sit in car they say its comfortable and has good features like music player and bluetooth.
    5. A hydarulic clutch would have made this car more fun to drive.

    In a single line => Its a practical & VFM car

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