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2014 Hero Karizma ZMR Picture Gallery

Hero MotoCorp has officially unveiled the updated Karizma ZMR, which gets similar changes as the Karizma R. The 2014 Hero Karizma ZMR gets heavy changes in the styling department although not really in a good way. Like it’s sibling, the Karizma R, the ZMR too takes heavy influence from other bikes across categories. The front of the new Karizma ZMR sports day time runnings lights, twin headlights while the rear gets the EBR inspired tail lights. No changes to the instrument cluster which continues to be the same all digital unit.

Hero has also given the Karizma ZMR a split seat and made minor changes to the clip-on handlebars. The fairing doesn’t look as bulky as the old ZMR although we feel the black graphics below the ZMR graphics helps in reducing the visual bulk of the bike. The updated Karizma ZMR will be launched by the end of this year and the company’s tech partner, EBR, has made some tweaks to the 223cc motor to increase power and torque. We expect the updated Karizma ZMR to output 20-21 BHP of power. Hero hasn’t put the power figures on the brochure but the torque output has been revealed, which sees an increment from 18.35 Nm to 19.70 Nm.

Hero MotoCorp could have given the Karizma ZMR more changes which would sharpen its dynamics. A monoshock suspension would have helped greatly but that would mean more extensive work than the current styling update. Expect Hero to price the updated Karizma ZMR at Rs. 1.10 lakhs which puts it right between the Pulsar 200 NS and Yamaha R15. Don’t get disheartened as this update to the ZMR seems to be a stop gap measure till an all new model arrives next year. The replacement of the ZMR is expected to be a grounds up model, developed with the help of EBR. It is expected to be a 250cc motorcycle.

2014 Karizma ZMR Brochure

Hero Karizma ZMR Official Picture

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  • Neo

    A tons better than pulsar200Ns…All mouths are shut….bravo….existing horses in engine are enough

    • SB

      whatever makes you happy :P

    • aneesh

      hahaha… you call 223 cc engine makin out 18ps better than 200cc engine makin out 23.5ps :P
      Go home Neo, you’re Drunk.

    • Susmeet

      Aneesh, its not just about the power. Karizma has far more refined and efficient engine than any Pulsar.

    • aleem

      the gearbox of pulsar is not good.if yor are riding on 5th gar on pulsar you will feel th shift 1 more gear. as its not smooth. in karizmar n zmr on the 5th gear you wont feel to shift the next gear. its smooth,smoother,smoothest….

    • Rahul

      You **** big time. Just like Hero. And Neo isn’t your real name… maybe you are paid by Hero to right idiotic comments like, “existing horses in engine are enough”

    • Neo

      Wow !!!!!! I can see lot of burning As***** U cant beat a hero

    • LoveHater

      This bike is looking like made in China

    • manu

      nobdy cn beat anything which dsn’t evn stand beside in the race :P

      it seem like a bigger cylinder splendor with some plastics on face n ugly copy of r15 tail
      last tym it was suzuki headlight in ZMR now stupid try to copy P220 headlamps :P

    • Pramod

      Yes indeed..front looks like been designer by a Ashok Leyland truck designer

    • Ritesh

      LOL Big LOL, whoever praising Hero as a sportster or racing bike. They made bikes only meant for mileage. U c this shit is also a piece of mileage loaf instead of delivering power. Yes I agree with Aneesh, the engine is only for looks yeah power is there but Please don’t compare the machine with Power Engines like Yamaha or Honda or Baijaj or even TVS. Yamaha is the first who had introduced the bulkiest ever bike in India till date called as RD 350 with first model delivering 31 Bhp then next model with 24 Bhp then 21 Bhp at last they stopped the production coz below that they don’t want to reduce the dignity of Yamaha bikes. Sadly they came with 100 cc bikes. Honda that time came with bicycle manufacturer Hero and manufacturing heavy fuel efficiency bikes. Even today they r using Honda Technology and calling themselves as No.1. Bajaj is the innovator in Bike industry they always ready to do RnD with their models and always succeeded no bikes continues with a single model every time they will do some changes coz they know the youth wants new and they deliver it. Now Yamaha comes with huge n big commuters in market and they rocks as earlier, they r legends of bike industry. HERO being one of the oldest manufacturer but acting like a BABY in the industry……

    • Raza Hussain

      Yes ritesh u r right with ur thoughts. I can’t undrstnd wht HERO is doing in this era. The model of their bikes is too funny nd they don’t have a wide range of collection of bikes. I can’t understand how people still buy splender. Hahaha damn.. What they see in splender?? But still passion pro is most selling than any other bike.. added a digital sppedo but shine is better than passion pro.. Work hard and the model of karizma R nd karizma ZMR is very very funny like a baby bike

    • aleem

      for your kind info mr neo. iam also a karizma user and besides i own a dealership. Iam a hero honda dealer since 15years. i buyed it wen it was hero honda. the product manufactures by HER HONDA was far more good,maintance free,durable,spares were reasonable n last long…. but as HERO started manufacturing by the name HERO, all its products are not like the HERO HONDA MAKE. lack of quality,duarability, spares costlier than befor(not durable),cheap quality parts. lot more are there.

    • Lovehater

      Haaa “Tons Better”,,,MY FOOT

    • Pradeep

      U call this is a bike neo

  • kp

    this doesnt luks like one for race track or street use…god save hero motocorp…still confused to call it tourer also..@faisal any idea?? :P

  • superman

    okay…. nice.

  • Rajesh

    Dear Faisal, Why do we repeatedly see a bias in your post? the vehicle hardly looks as bad as compared to the way you seem to be projecting? As a reporter would you not ideally want to report & let the discussion take place over your reporting?

    You may want to think it over…I find these snaps way better to the ones posted across the net 10 days ago!

    You also seem to pan the bike for being only 20bhp and ten go on to cite that there may be a 250 on the cards! a conflict in what you report is what i see…try to be neutral…world seems much better when a reporter doesnt have to push an opinion!

    • Faisal Khan

      Rajesh, I don’t understand what you are interpreting.

      1) I have mentioned the bike looks way better in our pics then what we saw a few days back.
      2) It still doesn’t look well proportioned.
      3) Hero hasn’t revealed the power figure but going by the torque figures, “we” expect output to be around 20 BHP.
      4) This bike will cost Rs. 1.10 lakhs ex-showroom, which is Rs. 1.20 lakhs on-road. Pulsar 200 NS boasts of 23.5 BHP and comes with a perimeter frame. It costs Rs. 1.02 lakhs on-road.
      5) Hero is working on an all new Karizma with a new engine which will come next year and will produce around 25 BHP of power – THIS IS A FACT, WHERE IS THERE A CONFLICT IN THIS?

    • kp

      sach to kadwa hua ta hai…look at tachometer showing peak 8000 rpm only…i dont see much increase in power too…some other site is reporting tht torque is 19.7 on zmr and 19.35 on zma…

    • Faisal Khan

      KP, we have added the torque figures, we are uploading the brochure as well.

    • Pramod

      Faisal..most of comments poster here reveal majority’s perception of the so called refreshed machine. I think last time we had these type of negative comments when TVS have refreshing treat to RTRs..

    • Faisal Khan

      Pramod, agreed. But everyone is entitled to an opinion and I am sure companies are reading these comments and hopefully they learn from their mistakes.

  • sidd

    really the bikes does look better than in the image posted earlier.may be the design grows on you

  • Rajesh

    “heavy changes in the styling department although not really in a good way” for a starter I wouldnt call it a neutral reporting when you start off writing on an article. To have mono susp the entire assembly & swing arm needs to be modified, which would be most parts of the bike being rebuilt from the scratch! For someone who writes on the subject so extensively you are to know this better. Now it makes me wonder why would they remod the bike from the scratch when you say they want to launch ebr

    If you have seen the ebr1190 the front faring, Drl’s & proj. lights take lot of influence from them, although you seem to want to pan hero for having it ripped off competition.

    About the lines where you list of the power of the engine you may want to compare your previous article where you panned the bike yet again.

    Agreed, the vehicle may not look appealing to you, but for readers like us, it would be better off you if push your opinions to the last that kicking it off with it.

    My suggestion is its easy to be an armchair critic & scrutinize, but it would be much appreciated with little more fairness and not pushing down opinions!

    • Faisal Khan

      Rajesh, the EBR bikes don’t have the day time running lights and the twin headlights on them is slightly different although I agree Hero has taken influence from them but for those who are more into Indian bikes, the headlight is indeed very GT250R like.

      That said, your point is taken and well appreciated, we will see what can be done.

    • aneesh


    • Cajesh Mistry

      Dear Rajesh,
      Hope u dont work for Hero – this bike is H O R R I D…thats it….maybe you will lose ur job, but hey accept it! Hero has screwed it beyond what words can describe!

    • sahil

      i dont think the bike is that bad we have way uglier bikes in the market guys for example the apache rtr etc

  • Yes

    ZMR got Projector headlamp??

    • Shashank


  • Pravin

    hihihi… its really funny to see you guys so disappointed!!

    You expected a worse looking upgrade and youve got a better looker….

    Jump, jump and jump to conclusions even before the product is here!! uff…

  • Vijay

    223 cc of raw power.. Whats that supposed to mean…??? :p

    • Tarun

      It means that the engineers at Hero have no idea about PS (Pferdestarke), BHP(Brake Horse Power) & kW (kilo-Watt). They measure it in centimeter cube. But on a postivie note, this bike is going to be a good touring-bike as the torque is increased to 19.7 Nm & if they’re stuck with the 5-speed gearbox (which I’m pretty sure they are), then it will have taller gearing which will be boon to touring. Let’s wait for a review from the leading auto-magazines & Motorbeam of course. If only, they could fix that ugly front fairing.

  • Chet

    The rear seat reminds me of bicycle helmets, and possibly they are trying to fit two guys in there!!!!
    The front is more from the 70’s and 80’s, fitted with new headlamps. Possibly trying to gain more from aerodynamics. And someone mentioned its been copied from ebr 1190rs, yes of course it is, unlike bajaj, hero has not copied it properly, therefore this baby.

    • Neo

      This is what going to happen when this bike will be launched. Its goona fire the competiton. Already we can see lot of post with burning As**** ;D

    • Chet

      But under the fuel tank and the redundant glitz, its a honda, managed and tuned by ebr!!!. It was probably designed by more than.X people…I don’t know, this baby really is a “child of many fathers”.
      Well you may even call this a bastard of Indian motorcycles.

    • Kedar

      Thats too harsh Chet. lol

      But liked your comment.

    • nuts

      Faisal khan : pls give feedback to bajaj. I cant see bajaj loosing market share and some one without thr own rnd firing out…..pls bajaj do something

    • Faisal Khan

      Nuts, Bajaj is already working on many things.

  • Sushrut

    Somehow the fairing reminds me of some Police bikes in foreign countries. I am happy they have done more than just stickering job and changes for once are comprehensive. The tail lamp adds lot of character, although its not in sync with the front fairing which looks like a tourer bike while tail says am sporty. They should have taken this as opportunity to introduce Petal disc brakes at both ends.


    this guy NEO is definately an blind hero fan … And he definately knows hero’s bikes are not upmarket haven’t got any sporty looks nor powerful engine …most pathetic looking bike i’ve ever seen..we have many option why i’d buy a low powered bucket like looking bike .Faisal sir ignore this guy …you’re wasting you’re time

  • Ben

    Individual portions look, but when the entire bike is looked, it seems somewhat disproportionate. But its a good tourer. With power in the range of 22 bhp, it will overthrow others.

  • Pranay Ghosh

    Hey Faisal,
    I feel the previous ZMR looks better than this. Howeverl, I think these pics look much better than the ones we had seen a few days back. Although, its still not that good, its good enough considering its just an interim model, with the all new ZMR coming out next year. The torque if as stated is 19.7, I’d expect the power output to increase to about 21 bhp. They surely know the NS is out there burning the street and anything below 20 bhp would spell disaster. Could you tell me anything about the head lamps? Are they projectors?

    • Faisal Khan

      Pranay, the headlights aren’t projectors.

    • Neo

      Ok… wanna look road or wanna look inside someons ass****le

  • ToRqUe

    THUMBS down to the headlight assembly…. the dual Circular vertical assembly has been done to death by the pulsar & Hyosung GT… it would have been a lot better with a split headlight setup like the Fireblade
    WIndshield is TOO upright & it protrudes like an exam writing pad
    if it wanted to b a tourer it should have continued it front to rear end…
    rear looks very sporty for the front & they could have changed the entire look by using a slim LED tail light instead of the BOXER or Royal enfield type bulky light

    STILL rest looks quite manageable considering its Hero!!!
    it will still sell
    considering bad designs of post 2012-13 i would say that the 2012 RTR looks better than this !!
    at least the styling is original & aggressive throughout the bike & doesnt look like borrowed parts & a confused personality like the 2013 karizma series
    like R15 is an outright racer & it follows the theme in everything design & engg very well

  • Pradeep

    Did anyone notice that the tail lamp also sucks

  • Sumit

    Faisal when are you people getting hands on the new Karizmas, i mean media would be the first to test ride and get first impressions right.

    • Faisal Khan

      Mostly next month Sumit.

  • Manish kumar

    Ok guys please dont fight here with each other regarding the looks of hero 2 wheeler or any company bike, everyone has own choice , thinking and opinion, any kind if bias reports or reviews wont stop hero bikes scooter lovers or any company consumer to buy their bike or scooter, there arw lots of people in this world who want to buy every new product launched in market n they just want to be look different on road while riding, i m sure if someone buy this new zmr or scooter, everyone will stop and ask about it about its price mileage etc etc whether they just gave hatred comments on internet for their dislike, so its better write ur comment n discuss but not argue :)

  • Abhi

    Oh I see idiots comparing karizma’s with p220 and R15 v2.0!! Grow up! Grow up!! Everyone. stop comparing any bike with copeid bikes. grow your thinking. Some idiots heads are stuck under P220 and r15.
    Well that is the fact. owners of p220 think that there bikes are best in the world. stupid people with stupid thinking. :D :P

  • dinesh

    Super ..really a legend
    When it will reach in markets?

    Anyone please answer me

  • Maximum

    The bike needs a bigger tank and a different front and yes I would prefer a mono-shock suspension. People are saying it is a stop go measure till the an all new 250 cc karizma is launched but even if the new 250cc all new karizma is launched by march 2014 I don’t think this bike is going to see any changes to it and is going to continue without any changes for at least 2 more years and we would not have any different offering at that price point . if I were to buy it then i would put a bigger tank maybe the tank of the hero hunk and the p200 head lights.

  • kathik gowdru

    Till old bike rubs from mind we never accept new one this is fact

  • dark

    This bike looks stunning in real..its better than old zmr’p220,p200..and its better thn r15 too
    some fools say tht its dsign is flop by jst seeing some pics..and they support bajaj companys in looks . And i can prove tht the quality of bajaj bikes are fucking..totally flop..bajaj only have looks. Waste of money
    Hero is more better than bajaj and tvs.

    • Arup

      I agree dark………..absolutely corrrect…..even im a owner of zmr from past 2 n half years… isues…but bajaj n tvs…..really wuakkkk…….it seems became KHATARA…..

    • Nana

      Hey! that was pretty aomwsee! I always say im not going to put it up a podcast on Lostcasts, but i always do. Just trying to get people to come to the website But I loved your comment on Claire, and If you like, i can add part of that comment to our podcast. and get some extra publicity.



  • Madhur

    Everyone has got his own perception and fancies for looks As far as a machine’s engine performance is concerned one has to look at the factsheet. One of the guys commented above that ZMR and Karizma R have fine engines. Its absolutely correct in case of smoothness while riding and engine’s age. Although, none of these has got the top speed more than P220, R15 but both of these accelerate more quickly to the top speeds than the two mentioned rivals. Yamaha and Honda are legends in terms of quality. Either you consider body parts or engine parts, Yamaha and Honda are far better than our indigenous companies like TVS, BAJAJ and HERO. TVS and BAJAJ bikes are better at producing top speeds but not at producing long lasting engines. Its true that Hero has not revised the frontal looks the way Yamaha did in the past. Karizma R really needed a rear disc but still its absent. So, one can say that if Hero wanted to revamp the bikes atleast one of the things must have been improved much better than what they did. The engine power really needed some increment from the previous 17ps to 20 for Karizma R and for ZMR the existing 18ps should be taken to 22 ps since its branded as sports bike they can compromize with fuel efficiency to produce more revs at highways. If ZMR comes with 21-22 ps with the recently revealed loiks it can withstand the competition much better. In case of Karizma, hero must look to increase the power to 19 ps with some more RnD to keeping the fuel consumption same. Faisal is right, both ZMR and Karizma R are excellent tourers.

  • Sachin

    Mr. Dark for ur kind information,this is the story of old days,that bajaj has only looks not long lasting engines.Dear,take the test drive of pulsar 200 ns,and then give ur consent.

  • Sachin

    I think the designer who design first Karizma,has left the company…….

    • Ali

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  • Rahul

    I think this bike is not at all bad-looking. Its individual subjective matter. Although I’ve one request to Hero- KINDLY CHANGE THE HEADLIGHT ASSEMBLY TO SPLIT ONES. Everything else is just awesomeeee.
    Also, maybe the design will grow on us, who knows. In the beginning, I didn’t like even a single of the new cars like Swift, Elantra, Verna, i10, etc. They all had some awkward korean designs, rather than the free-flowing/angled designs of the europeans & americans. But, with time it seems to grow on you. Now they seem to be the best-selling cars in the market. Reason is reliability. They don’t employ fancy electronics like the europeans & as such don’t have to worry about more parts getting damaged. & the thing is they give equal if not more pleasure in every dimension. I think Indian players like Bajaj, TVS should learn from them. For eg. I would never buy a Bajaj ever again after a horrible experience with one of their models. Same is the case with their supposedly race-ready brand. & the thing is Bajaj never learned & is continuing with the same thing.
    P.S.: A ZMR owner & loving every moment of riding on it.

  • gokul

    When it will reach in markets in all over india?

    • Faisal Khan


  • Jeet

    Just an updated for those who says that New Karizma ZMR is a copy of Pulsar 220 . PLease be informed that Hero has become a partner with EBR bike company .

    The Head light of EBR 1199RS has been attached to the current . This is not a copy of Pulsar 220 , however you can say that Pulsar 220 had copied the Head light of Sports of EBR 1199RS . I knwo that the new Karizma is not at all as good as old versions , however the truth is truth .

    Please stop comparing Karizma and Pulsar . Pulsar is good enough for Race only , however the current Karizma is good enough for Race , speed , comfort and long ride also . More then that the Engine of Karizma is more reliable then any of the Bajaj Bikes … The life of Hero bikes is much better then Bajaj.

  • nishchal




  • Rizwan

    the 1st indian sport bike zmr rise abv all, respect

  • zia ghazi

    I have old zmr zmr …I don’t like …

  • Naresh

    I want to krizma zmr new so plz reply me +918888622555

    • Nadezda

      در 4:20 pmelaheh میگوید:salam mtikasham bedunam ke agar khanevadeyi barkhordeshun ba bachehashun gheire manteghie va dar kol kheili baham dg msohkel daran ba anjame in testha mishe moshkel ro hal kard?

  • santhosh ks

    wtvr all says negetive rspns in hero kariza bike ,bt im still waiting my drlng new kariza version whn u cmng

  • Ashish dahale

    I see the video of this bike he saying in video this bike have a28 bhp power god of bike.not joking you can see this promo on you tube

  • Muneer

    Looks Awesome
    But whats the Launch date and Expected price????

    • Faisal Khan

      Launch next month. Price is not disclosed.

  • abhilash dj

    cycle tyre.

  • yogesh

    super bike new zmr 2014….awesome looks….its my dream bike

  • Hardinata

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  • mohit gawande

    Seriously guys this bike has got looks! Watch it in real and then judge!

  • sanket soni jee

    My bike is RTR 180 new no interest ZMR

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