Tata Motors is all set to manufacture 1,000 Nanos at its Pune plant. Tata plan to launch the Nano in October and the recent developments at Singur has already delayed production. If production does not start in Singur in a fortnight, Tata will have to make some arrangements to roll out the Nano from any of its other plants.

Incidentally, Tata Motors had informed its 55 odd vendors of Nano to supply components for 1,000 Nanos by September 8 to the Pune factory. This was also confirmed by a leading vendor, who had invested in the Singur vendor park, and will be supplying sheet metal for Nano chassis.

Incidentally, nearly 3,000 components are required to manufacture a Nano. However, the vendors also feel that the Pune plant will not be able to meet the volumes that Tatas are looking at for Nano in the next two to three years time. After tension escalated at Singur, Tata Motors had issued technical approvals to vendors which will enable them to supply components for Nano, if the car is produced at the company’s Pantnagar, Pune and Lucknow plants.