2012 Fiat Linea Ground Clearance

FIAT is offering owners of the pre-2012 Grande Punto and Linea an option to upgrade their cars ground clearance to that of the recently launched 2012 models. The company has commenced this exercise at the dealer for a nominal cost. The Italian automaker has made kits, wherein you can also update features of the 2012 FIATs on your old Punto or Linea. FIAT says this is part of their efforts to remember old customers and give them good service. Remember, FIAT forgot Uno customer when they launched Palio, then they forgot Palio customers when they launched Linea but hopefully they don’t forget any of their customers anymore.

FIAT India upgraded the ground clearance of the 2012 Linea and Grande Punto to 185 mm. The Punto 1.2 petrol has an even higher ground clearance of 195 mm. The old Grande Punto Diesel variants have a ground clearance of 171 mm, while the petrol variants have a ground clearance of 173 mm. The Linea has a ground clearance of 170 mm. Many FIAT owners have complained that their cars scrape speed-breakers and hence the ground clearance was raised by the company factoring in customer feedback.

Thanks Mohit Soni for the tip.

Fiat Punto 2012 Ground Clerance