Post its divorce with Mahindra, Renault in India entered as an autonomous carmaker. The company first launched the premium sedan Fluence followed by the Koleos, Pulse, Duster and Scala. Though it stepped into the market in 2011, the sales for that cannot be considered as it had only one vehicle; in 2012, the other 4 vehicles were launched and the company posted 35,157 units on its sales charts. In 2013 the thirst for French cars grew by 83 percent as sales neared to 65,000 units grabbing a market share of 2.6 percent. 2014 has been a good year for many companies but the trends suggest that Renault is not on the list. In the current calendar year, Renault is holding 1.9 percent of market share with 24,129 units sold.

Fluence – For its price tag, the Fluence is certainly an eye catchy car. The car did fail to impress the sub continent population as the sales figures do the talking. Astonishingly, the Fluence registered its peak in the first month itself with 290 units and since launch the car has been trading in just two and three digit number a month. Recently it was noticed that the two digit numbers have been dominating the three digit figure; the least reported sold units were just 2 in the first month of this year.

Pulse – The twin Micra failed to state its presence in the premium hatchback segment. The Pulse never actually kicked off as the highest selling figures summed to just 746 units (January and March 2012). The sales figure could hardly reach 50 percent that of the Micra and not even 4 percent volume of the Swift. The car has been selling at an average of 421 units a month; 30 months into the industry and 12,625 units have been sold.

Duster – The only trending vehicle from Renault that has tasted some success for a while, the Duster is the only vehicle that has been selling way better compared to its counterparts. The vehicle when launched was an instant hit, the one that changed the orientation of the compact SUV segment. Muscular looks with good fuel economy, the SUV did grab many young souls as the charts climbed a steep gradient for four consecutive months. The car crossed the 6000 unit mark in October 2012 and since then the sales have been fluctuating between 3000 and 4000 units a month. Post the launch of Ford’s EcoSport in June 2013, the car sales went down by 32 percent in the first month. Since then, the Duster managed to grab the segment leader post just once. Two years since it was launched on our soil and 96,270 units is the role count.

Scala – Another product from the badged design, the Scala never seemed greedy to eat out the market. Though more or less similar to the Sunny, the Scala was noted trading with just one third volume to that of its Nissan brother. The sales chart narrates that the Scala hit the 1000 units just once and averaged to just 482 units a month. Though the sales have not hit dead bottom but it has been maintaining a very low profile when it comes to volumes. Renault managed to push just 11,096 units since its inception.

Koleos – The solid premium French SUV has been good in performance but has lagged in sales. Just like most of the other Renaults, the highest sales was achieved in the very first month which was 91 units, since then the SUV never impacted the sales chart as it is being sold at very low volumes. Trading at an average of 30 units a month, just 1021 Koleos have hit our street with help from Salman Khan not working at all.