2012 Toyota Camry India

The Toyota Camry is not the most significant car for Toyota India but the same cannot be said for Toyota U.S. The Camry is THE most important car for the Japanese automaker in the States and the company will soon be unveiling the latest generation Camry. Toyota has till now only showcased the headlight of the new Toyota Camry officially but recently the car was snapped in all its glory while undergoing its advertisement shoot. The brochure of the 2012 Camry has been leaked too, giving us an insight of the styling of the new model.

The new Camry featured here is the Hybrid model and the regular version will not look much different. Toyota has used alot of chrome on the new Camry, which makes it eligible for being launched in India. Toyota will launch the new Camry in India next year as the company is currently using the CBU and once the new model goes on sale globally, they will be left with no option but to get the next generation Camry to India. However we can expect the Camry to be powered by the same petrol engine in a different state of tune and being priced astronomically. Toyota India is not bothered about selling Camry’s here and the high import duties does not help the cause of the car either.

2012 Toyota Camry

2012 Toyota Camry Rear

2012 New Toyota Camry

Pictures Source – AutoBlog.com and Noticias Automotivas