2012 Volkswagen Beetle Production

Volkswagen recently started production of the 2012 Beetle at its facility in Puebla, Mexico. The German automaker’s plant in Mexico also manufactured the old Beetle. Employing over 15,000 workers and being the production base for the new Jetta and Golf, the Mexico plant manufactured 4.35 lakh vehicles last year. The production of the Volkswagen Beetle started at the aforementioned plant way back in 1955. Today, the Mexico plant is the sole manufacturer of the Beetle and with the old Beetle now discontinued, the plant only churns out the 2012 model.

Volkswagen Mexico Manufacturing Plant

The above Volkswagen facility is the largest automotive plant in the world. With all Beetle’s being produced at Mexico, its just a matter of time before we get the new model in India. Volkswagen brings the Beetle as CBU to India and has exhausted all Beetle units allocated to the country. Volkswagen does not plan to locally manufacture or assemble the Beetle in India and will price it around Rs. 25 lakhs. The retro car will compete with the Fiat 500 and the upcoming Mercedes A-Class, B-Class and BMW 1-Series.

Red Volkswagen Beetle


2012 Volkswagen Beetle Seats

2012 Volkswagen Beetle