Ford Figo Facelift Picture

Here is another series of shots of the upcoming Ford Figo, this time spotted in Mumbai. The test vehicle was painted in a new bright yellow colour. The variant badge is partially visible and suggests it is a Titanium variant. So blue and yellow seem to be the two new colours this machine is going to get. It is evident from these pictures that nothing has been changed as far as the overall body of the Figo is considered. It seems to be the same sheet metal die of the previous version. Reason enough why Ford hasn’t camouflaged the body of the car.

It is just the front of the Ford Figo that has been heavily camouflaged, which even extends to the fog-lamps. So we can expect some changes in the design of the bumper, headlight profile, and the fog-lamps. At the rear, only the tail-light will get some changes. Another notable change are the new alloy wheels, which look very trendy and young. Looking at the front door handle there is no visible key-hole. Could the new Figo be getting a keyless entry ? Well, these questions will be answered only when the company launches Figo facelift this festive season.

The updated Ford Figo will carry the same mechanicals of the old model. The engines are going to be the same 1.2-litre petrol and 1.4-litre diesel, mated to a 5-speed automatic gearbox. Even the interiors will remain more or less the same with minor changes. The Figo facelift is Ford’s way of keeping the vehicle fresh as competition gets intense in the small car segment. Ford might also hike prices marginally (roughly Rs. 10,000/-).

Ford Figo Facelift Uncamouflaged

Ford Figo Facelift Front

The new Figo (up) and the old Figo (below). Notice the new bumper and head lights.

Pictures Source – Team-BHP