BMW Vision Future Luxury Concept

BMW has lifted the veils off the Vision Future Luxury Concept at the 2014 Beijing Auto Show. This vehicle is aimed at providing the best of luxuries that an owner can ask for. The styling is minimalist and the vehicle has a a very premium appeal. The front fascia though carries a weird design and we feel BMW designers could have surely come up with something better. There is nothing to complain about the side profile while the rear looks excellent. The front kidney grilles are extra-large and the bumper has a not-so-ordinary design. The alloy wheels look beautiful.

BMW has added ample equipment inside this Vision Future Luxury Concept. The doors have a suicide opening and both the rear passengers get separate tablets to play around with. The rear consists of two single seats which are designed to provide ultimate comfort. Both the rear passengers also get a folding table. The dashboard carries a futuristic design and the displays look very snazzy. BMW has also incorporated the new i-Drive controller in this concept. This 7-Series replacement is also equipped with a Laserlight system whose light beam is ten times more powerful than a conventional LED lighting system.

This concept gives a glimpse at the next generation 7-Series which in the current generation itself is quite an amazing vehicle. BMW has ruled out the possibility of the 9-Series entering the markets anytime soon. The German automaker has not put out any specific time-frame about this vehicle’s launch and nor have they given out engine specifications. This concept from BMW has really excited us and we can say that the Mercedes S-Class and Audi A8L will surely have a big reason to worry whenever the BMW Vision Future Luxury goes into production.

BMW Vision Future Luxury Concept Dashboard

BMW Vision Future Luxury Concept Unveil

BMW Vision Future Luxury Concept Showcase

BMW Vision Future Luxury Concept Wallpaper

BMW Vision Future Luxury Concept Beijing