2014 Hero Pleasure Official

Hero MotoCorp has updated the Pleasure along with unveiling a special edition of the scooter. The Hero Pleasure Special Edition gets body graphics and is finished in two-tone white and blue. Mechanically the special edition Pleasure remains the same as the regular Hero Pleasure but the company wants to lure scooter buyers by offering this limited edition model which also gets Integrated Braking System (IBS). IBS is similar to Honda’s CBS and applies both front and rear brakes when you apply pressure on either of the levers. Thus IBS is a linked braking system and a boon for scooter users.

Hero Pleasure Special Edition Brochure

2014 Hero Pleasure Special Edition

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The updated 2014 Hero Pleasure is being called all new but still there are no telescopic front forks on offer. The regular non-special edition model also gets integrated braking system. The company is targeting female buyers and feels the updates to the front will be appreciated by them. The Pleasure gets new features including lockable glove box, light in luggage box, mobile charger socket, side stand indicator and combination ignition lock with seat opening. The Hero Pleasure competes with the TVS Scooty.

Although Hero MotoCorp has updated the exteriors of the Pleasure and added more features, the mechanicals remain untouched and the 102cc engine continues to produce 6.74 HP of power at 7000 RPM and 7.85 Nm of torque at 5000 RPM. Hero MotoCorp has applied patents for IBS and plans to offer this feature on the Maestro as well. The company will give all its future scooters this braking system, as part of standard equipment. Hero has been doing good numbers in the scooter segment, selling 55,000 units every month.

2014 Hero Pleasure Brochure

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