Taking the iconic Discovery brand forward, Land Rover unveiled the Discovery Vision Concept aboard the USS Intrepid in Manhattan, New York. Also showcased at the unveil was a scale model of the Virgin Galactic Spacecraft to commemorate the global partnership between Land Rover and the Richard Branson owned Virgin Galactic. The partnership will see Land Rover vehicles become a part of the daily life of the Virgin Galactic team and its future astronauts. The new Discovery Vision concept showcases a new line of family leisure vehicles from Land Rover. Moreover, the concept emphasizes on the user experience of the passengers and the car.

Land Rover states that the new Vision concept establishes the design themes, versatile high-tech interiors and off-road prowess of the Discovery family. The concept also marks the rebirth of the Discovery name. The concept previews a whole new array of features that will be seen on the next generation of Jaguar Land Rover vehicles including the ability to control the car remotely (James Bond is happy somewhere).

The Discovery vision concept incorporates some of the futuristic features including the next-generation Human-Machine Interface (HMI) technology that creates a rich and involving multimedia experience for all occupants, including video calls between passengers through the seat-back infotainment screens. The other very impressive Smart Glass feature doubles the entire glasshouse area of the car converting it into a computer screen, which otherwise would be transparent.

The Remote Control Drive feature enables the driver to manoeuvre the car at very low speeds while not actually seated inside it. The feature employs various useful applications both on and off-road, from external spotting during extreme off-roading to coupling a trailer. For improved visibility, the day-like light of laser headlamps feature intelligent object tracking and beam-dipping to improve driver safety.

Navigating tight gaps is made easy with the visual assistance of Laser Referencing, which utilises visible lasers to project markings, symbols and imagery onto ground surfaces. The concept also boasts of a futuristic interior with a 2+3+2 seating layout, with folding electric-powered seats along with a convert into six-seat, five-seat or a limousine like four-seat layout.

Certainly the Discovery Concept envisions the future of Land Rover vehicles. The company states that its efforts are to compile practicality, configurability and Land Rover’s capability to seamlessly blend and create a highly desirable vehicle that connects on an emotional level. The concept also employs the all-new Transparent Bonnet virtual imaging concept that projects images sourced from the underbody with the help of front-end cameras onto the windscreen; making the hood appear transparent, thereby providing full visibility to the driver.