2014 Brabus S-Class Front

With the advent of the new S-Class from Mercedes-Benz, the pioneer of luxury car engineering from Stuttgart, world renowned performance tuner Brabus has unveiled an extensive program. The first step will host performance kits for the 8-cylinder V8 Bi-turbo engines that deliver up to 730 HP of power and 1065 Nm of torque, offering a top speed up to 325 km/hr. The tailor made wheels up to 22-inch in diameter, exclusive interiors and an aerodynamic-enhancement program offers the W222 more dynamic presence.

The 4.7-litre 8-cylinder Bi-turbo engine of the S500 sees the power output jump from 455 HP to 520 HP, while peak torque grows to 820 Nm. This is made possible with 520 PowerXtra CGI performance kit unleashing an extra 65 horsepower. The performance thrusts the luxury sedan to 100 km/hr in 4.2 seconds and the BRABUS Vmax engine conversion limits the top speed electronically to 250, 275 or 300 km/hr.

The power-house version, the S63 AMG is offering an ultra-powerful tuning level of 145 HP, which ex-factory produces 585 HP. Brabus B63 – 650 PowerXtra CGI version serves up a massive 650 HP with peak torque to 1000 Nm. More powerful is the Brabus B63S – 730 high-performance version, which churns out 730 HP of power, peak torque is limited electronically to 1065 Nm and top speed is limited electronically to 325 km/hr by the Brabus Vmax unit.

The unmistakable Brabus B63S – 730 is engineered with the distinctive Brabus Gold Heat Reflection system for the intake and charge-air pipes. The higher boost power is achieved by replacing the production turbo chargers with larger Brabus turbos. For even higher power from the engine, a low-temperature water radiator for the intercooling system, a free-flow exhaust system with metal catalysts and 75-mm thick downpipes, as well as special Brabus mapping are present.

At the push of a button on the steering wheel, drivers can choose whether to operate the V8 in a discrete “Coming Home” mode or to enjoy a markedly throaty exhaust note in the “Sport” position with controlled butterfly valve for the new S500 and S63 AMG models. The components for aero-dynamic stability at high speeds and to kill the lift are manufactured from PUR plastics and carbon fibre giving the luxury sedan a dynamic visual upgrade. The largest tire / wheel combination on offer features forged and mirror-polished Brabus “PLATINUM EDITION” Monoblock VI or Monoblock F cross-spoke wheels in size 9Jx21 on the front axle and in size 10.5Jx21 at the rear from Continental, Pirelli and Yokohama.

Lowering the ride height by 15 mm with AIRMATIC or Active Body Control suspension, Brabus has improved the dynamic handling of the high-performance luxury sedan. Ranging from scuff plates to Brabus logo to exclusive Brabus ‘fine Mastik leather interiors’, the 2014 Mercedes S-Class Brabus has everything to make the epitomical luxury sedan cruise through the horizons. Need More? Brabus says they also have a state-of-art multimedia system for the new Mercedes S-Class.

2014 Brabus S Class Engine

brabus s class 2014 Wheel

2014 Brabus S Class Rear