Biking and responsibility don’t seem to be going hand in hand. With higher performance bikes hitting our shores, are motorcycle enthusiasts lacking road sense? Stunt biking is a sport which should be played with caution but a few people seem to be mis-using their skills. Many stunt bikers in Delhi do stunts on public roads while also troubling the common public. This is wrong, terribly wrong. Puneet Sharma is accused to be one of them who was caught by the cops. However the incident went the wrong way.

The Delhi police is trying to crack down on the gang of bikers who do stunts on the roads and misbehave with citizens. This is definitely a good move by the authorities but what is not is the way they tried to stamp their authority recently. In the early hours of Sunday morning, Puneet was riding his modified Pulsar when the cops tried to stop him. He had a pillion on-board with him, his friend Karan Pandey. When the cops weren’t able to stop Puneet, they fired a gun shot to puncture his tyre.

Now the Delhi police (or any police man in India) is not James Bond. So expecting them to hit their target is a far fetched dream. The bullet hit Karan instead, killing him. Now this is extremely sad. Firstly we don’t support Puneet but Karan wasn’t riding and he can’t be put at fault for anything here. Secondly it is unlikely that Puneet was stunting with Karan sitting behind. Lastly, the police could have noted the bike’s registration number, got the details from the RTO and located the biker. However the police showed irresponsibility, blurring the gap between themselves and the irresponsible bikers.

Now the mother of the deceased is asking for justice. The cop who shot the 19-year old defends himself saying the aim wasn’t to kill anyone but to curb this menace. The cops even justify their actions, which is even more shocking. On what basis did the Delhi police shoot Karan is still unknown and will continue to remain so. Puneet has been charged with driving under the influence, although he was having a valid license and was wearing a helmet too.

At times, it’s difficult (even impossible) to understand the law enforcers. At one side, they take no action against rapists while on the other side, they do things which is a total shame for our country. Agreed the bikers are immature but considering their age (18-19 years), one can’t expect much from them. There is a more sensible way of making them understand and shooting is definitely not one of them.

Let’s Pledge To Be Safe