2014 Mercedes S-Class front

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class has always been the pinnacle in automotive technology ever since its launch. The most revolutionary technology, safety features and toys always made their debut in this flagship Mercedes-Benz sedan before they are used in any other car, ages later. This was the first car ever to have crumple zones (1959 W111), ABS (1979 W116), SRS Airbags (1981 W126) and Night View Assist System (2005 W221) and the list goes on.

So as the launch of the latest W222 Mercedes S-Class comes closer, in 2014, we have some information on what the latest innovative technology and features are incorporated in this version. The Mercedes-Benz board member, Thomas Weber stated that the latest intelligent assistance systems have a capacity to analyse all the complex driving situations and recognize dangers very accurately and the car almost has a 360-degree vision! This S-Class will be the first car in the world to have full LED lights as standard, with not a single conventional bulb.

Many systems work together simultaneously to keep the car in its lane with steering assistance as well as keep the car following the car in front automatically even in slow traffic! All this new technology along with all the older ones makes this car most comfortable and safe in the world.

2014 Mercedes S-Class Technology –

1) Adaptive High Beam Assist Plus – This camera based system automatically adjusts the intensity and direction of the high beam when it detects oncoming vehicles to prevent dazzling eyes of the driver.

2) Active seat-belt buckle – The tension and slack of the seat belts are automatically adjusted during a collision, moving the occupant away from the collision site, minimizing the injury to the occupants.

3) Active Parking Assist – This system automatically parks the car as well as takes it out of parking position without steering or brake input from driver.

4) Active Lane Keeping Assist – This system automatically maneuvers the car to prevent unintentional lane changing even when there is broken line if there is risk of collision.

5) Active Blind Spot Assist – This system alerts the driver and even self maneuvers the car out of harm’s way if a car is spotted in a blind spot during lane changing.

6) BAS-Plus with Cross-Traffic Assist – This system alerts driver and also offers braking assistance if there is a chance of rear-ending car in front as well as colliding with a crossing car at a junction.

7) BAS PLUS And PRE-SAFE Brake – This system alerts driver and offers braking assistance in a chance of colliding with a car or pedestrians in front of the car.

8) Beltbag – The strap of the seat belt is inflatable during collision minimizing injury to the occupant due to the seat belt itself

9) Data Fusion – The data from all the various sensors, radars and cameras are amalgamated by the system to give a more predictable and reliable analysis of dangers.

10) DISTRONIC PLUS With Steering Assist – This system automatically keeps a desired distance from the vehicle in front as well keeps the car centered in the lane, away from cars in other lanes by providing active steering inputs.

11) Infrared Headlamps – Used for Night View Assist Plus, where two invisible infrared lights light up the road ahead

12) Far Infrared Camera – Detects pedestrians and animals at a distance up to 160 metres and shows on screen plus alerts driver.

13) Multi-Level Functionality – Adjusts intensity of tail light to prevent dazzling eyes of following drivers.

14) Night View Assist Plus – This system detects pedestrians and animals in front of the car and shows on screen plus alerts driver.

15) Infrared Headlamps – Long range and short range Infrared cameras and spotlight function that are used by various systems.

16) Near Infrared Camera – Shows a sharp grayscale image of the road in front

17) PRE-SAFE Impulse – In the initial phase of a collision, the occupants are automatically pulled away by their seat belt away from the site of collision and then pressure is slowly released depending on severity of accident

18) PRE-SAFE Plus – Protects the occupants in case of or in a chance of rear-end collision.

19) Radar – This is a sensor that picks up obstacles in front, at the sides and behind the vehicle.

20) Spotlight Function – Flashes the headlamps at pedestrians detected in front of the car.

21) Stereo Multi Purpose Camera – This camera produces a 3D image of the area in front up to 50 metres while monitoring the road upto 500 metres.

22) Traffic Sign Assist – Detects traffic signs on the road and alerts the driver of the various instructions related to speed limits, no-overtaking zones, no entry’s etc.

2014 Mercedes S-Class testing

2014 Mercedes S-Class side

2014 Mercedes S-Class testing side