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The latest car to receive a maximum 5-star Euro NCAP rating is Suzuki’s C-segment crossover, the SX4 S–Cross after being crash tested for overall safety. The test vehicle had to run through a series of tests including frontal impact, pole side impact, car to car impact, speed assistance systems, whiplash, safety assistance and so on. The model on test was the 1.6 litre G+, left-hand drive. The 2014 Suzuki SX4 received an above average result among the 5-star vehicles tested by Euro NCAP in 2013. This is the second time Suzuki has managed to achieve a 5-star rating, the first one was with the European Swift in 2010 (the old SX4 got a 4-star rating when it was tested in 2006).

Euro NCAP is considered to be one of the most stringent tests for vehicle safety performance. The four areas of assessment comprise of adult occupant, child occupant, pedestrian and safety assist on the basis of which the stars are rated. The data received from the tests conclude good protection for the driver and the passenger with adequate safety to the knees and femurs and minimal whiplash to the neck, thus managing to score 33 points in adult occupant protection. The child occupant protection scored 40 points, while pedestrian safety scored 26 points with the bumper scoring maximum protection for pedestrian’s head and leg and lastly the Safety Assist scoring a healthy 7 points.

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Suzuki has introduced its new impact absorbing TECT (Total Effective Control Technology) body on the SX4 S-Cross, which incorporates crush-able zones for impact absorption, thus keeping the occupants safe within the cabin while the frame disperses the energy impact. Suzuki has also managed to reduce the weight of the SX4 with extensive use of high tensile steel and ultra high tensile steel to make the body light and safe.

The Suzuki SX4 S-Cross is being manufactured at Hungary for the European markets. With a new SX4 being India bound, expect the sedan variant to come to the market much like the current SX4 on sale. The vehicle is known for its SUV like ground clearance and value for money proposition, even though it still lags behind when compared to the competition. With a high safety rating, decent design, good performance, generous levels of equipment and a good fuel economy on offer, the SX4 might just claim the top spot in the C-segment.

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