Yamaha Tricity Concept Wallpaper

Yamaha has showcased the Tricity at the 2013 EICMA Motorcycle Show, which is a distinct three-wheel scooter concept. It has multi-leaning wheel mechanism, which is designed for a wide range of people but specifically for those who have never ridden 2-wheelers before. It has a compact and light design with clever arrangement of wheels for agility and easy manoeuvrability. The Yamaha Tricity is powered by a 125cc, 4-stroke, liquid-cooled engine, coupled to an automatic transmission.

The Yamaha Tricity is light, weighing around 150 kgs (dry). The concept has futuristic design tone, keeping practicality in mind. There is a huge headlamp at the front with a big windshield. The multi leaning wheels neatly integrate into the body and don’t look absurd. The side profile reveals a sportsbike like stance. The seats are wide and there is a compartment underneath that can accommodate a full-face helmet. So unlike any other concepts, the Yamaha Tricity looks attractive yet practical.

Yamaha will introduce the Tricity under €4000 (Rs. 3.36 lakhs), which is very expensive but they believe it is much lower than the current 3-wheel scooters in the market. The production version of the Yamaha Tricity is expected to hit international markets by mid-2014. We don’t expect Yamaha to launch the Tricity scooter in India any time soon because the 3-wheel scooter concept is doubtful to be accepted by our audience and with that hefty price tag, Yamaha will find very few buyers. However, it is a smart concept for those who don’t have any prior riding experience of a 2-wheeler.

Yamaha Tricity Concept Action

Yamaha Tricity Concept

Yamaha Tricity Concept Studio

Yamaha Tricity Concept Side