Renault Lodgy Stepway Price
The engine is a good performer on the highways but the 110 PS has some lag

The tyres have decent grip for regular usage and you won’t have a reason to complain unless you would want to push your car across every corner you see. The suspension is extremely well tuned and hence the ride is fantastic. Even the handling characteristics are good by MPV standards. In fact, the Lodgy is one of those few MPVs which doesn’t drive like one. The brakes are again pretty decent and there shouldn’t be a reason to complain on that front as well.

Renault Lodgy Stepway Road Test
From certain angles, the MPV does look a bit quirky

The Lodgy has the ability to perform better in terms of sales in our market

On the safety front, the Lodgy Stepway comes equipped with dual front airbags, ABS with EBD, and cruise control with speed limiter. An area where Renault lacks behind is the dealership network. The automaker has few showrooms and service centres in even major cities and that is a major negative. However, looking at the insane success which the Kwid has earned, Renault is definitely expanding its reach across the country.

Renault Lodgy Stepway Test Drive
The dynamics are well-sorted and it doesn’t drive like a typical MPV

The Renault Lodgy is one of the most under-rated cars in the mass-market segment. It is priced reasonable and offers excellent practicality, comfort and driveability. While the base variants of the car are popular in the fleet market, Renault is now targeting private buyers and with the launch of the Stepway variant, the Lodgy gets a premium touch as well, which makes it one of the stronger offerings in the MPV segment.

Renault Lodgy Stepway Experience
This image very aptly showcases the lively environment of a city like Mumbai

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